Friday, January 11, 2013

Dr. David Duke's Denunciation Of Jewish Supemacist Author Tzvi Fishman Draws A Jewish Supremacist Response From Fishman

From this Stormfront thread, we learn that on January 8th, 2013, Dr. David Duke published an article entitled "Leading Jewish Author Says Gentiles Who Do Not Support Jews are Cursed by God", in which he critiques a recent article by Jewish author Tzvi Fishman. Writing in an op-ed piece in The Jewish Press on December 31st, 2012, Fishman, who also writes for the Israeli news service Arutz 7, blames America’s current economic troubles on American Gentiles, saying that they are suffering because they no longer support Israel, regurgitating the tired old mantra “whoever blesses the Children of Abraham will be blessed, and whoever curses them will be cursed in return”. The implication is that in order to enjoy the blessings of God, we Gentiles are supposed to give the Jews a license to sin.

Specifically, Fishman wrote the following:

“The reason for America’s precarious economic situation is clear. At the beginning of our history, God informs Abraham that he will be a blessing to the world. The nations that are good to Abraham’s offspring will be blessed, and the nations that suppress Israel will be cursed,”

“In the past, the United States helped the State of Israel in many ways, but now, instead of helping Israelis settle all of the Land that God gave to the Jews, America has the gall to tell us where we can live in Jerusalem and our Biblical homeland, and where we cannot,”

”That certainly is not blessing the Jewish People. So it isn’t surprising that America is being threatened with economic collapse – along with Europe and the rest of the countries that are against our free and unlimited settlement in the Land of our Forefathers.”

Dr. Duke suggests that this illustrates that our real problem with Jews is not just Zionism, but rather Jewish supremacism, of which Zionism is merely one aspect.

Stung by Dr. Duke's incisive and pertinent critique, Fishman fired back. On January 10th, in an op-ed entitled "Who's Afraid Of David Dukes' Dukes", Fishman, who went out of his way to include a picture of Dr. Duke and Don Black during their Klan days 30 years ago, ritually denounced Dr. Duke as "one of the tens of millions of Jew haters who pollute cyberspace with their anti-Semitic dribble" (dribble? obviously should have used Tor Johnson's spellchecker). But his response also included a couple of statements which best epitomize Jewish supremacism at its core:

We don’t want to rule over the goyim. We are to be their teachers, that’s all. Just as we have been throughout the history of mankind, gradually weaning them away from their barbarous, idolatrous ways.

Really? Who ordained them to be our teachers? Millions of Catholics consider the Pope to be their teacher. Fourteen million Mormons worldwide consider President Thomas S. Monson to be their Prophet. One billion Muslims look to a variety of mullahs for spiritual guidance, while honoring their original prophet Mohammed. Then Fishman makes another statement that's even more outrageous:

This means that the Muslim abomination on top of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be razed, and the nations of the world will flock to Jerusalem to pray at the rebuilt Holy Temple of the Jews.

So it's to be an either-or proposition? Does the Dome of the Rock mosque need to be razed to make room for the Jews' Third Temple? Also note how Fishman deliberately disrespects Islam by referring to their mosque as an "abomination". According to Dr. Gavin Findley, the Third Temple could be built upon the Mount without removing or disrupting the mosque. Dr. Findley writes:

As we look now at the present situation we see that the Dome of the Rock occupies the center of the Temple Mount. The future third temple could therefore be rebuilt to the north of the Dome. It would be on the same site as the former temple. There would be room to provide an acceptable easement between the two buildings. There would, in fact, be a clearance of 150 feet. This would allow the Dome to actually co-exist with the Third Jewish Temple provided the Temple is rebuilt straight across from the Eastern Gate. According to scholars such as Asher Kauffman his is in fact the archaeologically correct position.

So there is considerable evidence that the Temple Mount is large enough to accommodate both structures. But Judaism is not a very inclusive religion, and the Jews, by their summary eviction of Palestinians from parts of the Occupied West Bank and Gaza, are not a very inclusive people. Of course, the Muslims are just as opposed to allowing a Third Temple on the mount, but perhaps if the Israelis were more tolerant of prospective Palestinian nationhood, the Muslims might be inclined to cooperate. But there needs to be an intercession by an honest broker, and thanks to Zionist influence, the United States has hardly been an honest broker. The ideal solution to the dilemma would be to "Vaticanize" the Temple Mount; allow equal access to pilgrims of all three of the world's great monotheistic faiths.

But this will not happen so long as the American elite allow the United States to function as a megaphone for Jewish supremacism. One again, Dr. Duke has identified and exposed Jewish supremacism at its very core, and induced a Jewish supremacist to respond with an affirmation of Jewish supremacism.


Anonymous said...

This kosher bile spewed by Fishman is just so indicative of the attitudes ingrained in the jewish people. This isnt some "anti-semitic" conspiracy theory stuff, no anti-semitic "canards" here, nothing taken out of context, this is pure chutzpah,straight from the source.

White liberals and White conservatives need to read this stuff. I Want to hear their "explanation." Whites of any mainstream politcal stripe should know about this. Even non-Whites should know, after all "goyim" means any non-chosen ones, of whatever race, ethnicity, etc. Though we know the White goyim are the most hated. White German goyim especially.

No need to have your local Judeo-Christian Zionist read this, since it is the foundation of their pathetic beliefs anyway.

That part about jews being teachers for the rest of us and keeping us from being barbarians is morbidly hilarious. The jews have caused more blood to be spilled on this planet than any other group of people, by a longshot. Nobody else comes close.

A court case to put the jews on trial for all their crimes against humanity could go on for years.

Duke is right about the problem being jewish supremacism, of which Zionism is one component. Modern Israel has only been around since 1948, and the so called anti-Zionist jews believe in the same jewish superiority. Just some different strageties among jewish factions, different "sales plans."

Im not a Christian myself, but I often refer to John 8:44 in the bible, where the jew Jesus calls out his own people for what they are.

Anonymous said...

I only wish white people were as dedicated to their own self interests as the jews are to theirs. Whereas even racially aware whites piss and moan, jews get involved, even if iys only funding their side. I never heard of a jewish effort that was short changed, like WN ones. And grouped together, whites certainly control more money and influence than non-whites all put together. Sad ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Jesus was not a jew. Don't be divisive.

Anonymous said...


Huh? How was Jesus not a jew? And if he wasnt, what was he then? Please explain. You say im being divisive, so please give proof for your claim that Jesus wasnt a jew.

Anonymous said...

Jesus couldn't be a jew, simply because Jesus wasn't a real person. He was a semetic fantasy, created by semites in the semetic middle-east.

Anonymous said...

Jesus was/is GOD who has existed way before there was such a thing as a Jew.

Anonymous said...

THE REAL NATIONAL SOCIALIST SAYS Since jesus was/is god, why would he want to make himself a big-nosed, money-grubbing JEW? He could have been a camel, or a goldfish, or even a nigger! WHY a JEW? Hell, he even could have been cast in the image of ME.