Monday, January 21, 2013

Career Criminal Martin Luther King Charged With Murder Of Andrew Stephens In Jacksonville; King's "Dream" Became Stephens' Nightmare

Screenshot of Martin Luther King
This is not The Onion or F2; this post is neither a parody nor a "Rex". It's true -- a man actually named Martin Luther King has been charged with murder in Jacksonville, Florida. And this King has a rap sheet longer than......well, never mind. Stormfronters appreciate the irony of this case.

This is related to a triple shooting that took place around 1:00 P.M. EST on January 9th, 2013 in the 1900 block of West 25th Street in Jacksonville. A group of individuals were playing cards or dominoes in an empty lot when the 33-year-old King, who was wearing a mask, allegedly walked up and shot at them numerous times with what was described as an "assault rifle" and then fled, leaving Andrew Lamon Stephens dead and Steveonte Stephens and Deangelo Bryan wounded. But the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was able to identify King through information provided by witnesses who came forward, including one witness who saw King remove his mask briefly and thus was able to identify him from a photo lineup. King was arrested on January 16th.

King's intended target in the shooting may have been Steveonte Stephens, who King supposedly suspected of shooting into his wife's grandmother's house on Christmas Day. King is not only charged with second-degree murder, but also faces two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for wounding the other two men. He's being held without bail in Duval County Jail as of this post.

King's parents say they deliberately named him Martin Luther as an expression of their high hopes for him. The family disavows any connection to the late civil rights leader. But apparently this Martin Luther King related more to MLK III the plagiarist and womanizer rather than MLK III the civil rights leader; this King has been arrested 12 times in Duval County since 2004, most recently for a probation violation in September 2012, according to jail records.


Anonymous said...

You know, I spent part of the day on monday, watching some "documentaries" on tv, about MLK and the blacks civil-rights struggles in the 60's. It struck home to me, the big DIFFERENCE between those blacks, who were willing to face ALL the opposition that they did - and OUR "White Movement" today. IF our movement and its adherents were only HALF as dedicated as those blacks were to THEIR struggle, can you imagine how powerful we would be? I'm not talking here about the "big wig" black leaders, I'm talking about the rank and file - who DIDN'T have the high-powered attorneys, and big bucks backing them up and giving them protection. I'm talking about the average black men and women, who faced up to the 'klan', the system and its cops and courts, the whole nine yards. If its "wrong" to admire your enemies COURAGE and DEDICATION to their fight - well, I guess I'm GUILTY! If only the "SUPERIOR" White race, could come up with some EQUALLY dedicated individuals today, who would put their "ALL" on the line for those 14Words! I know that there ARE a few of us, willing to put "ourselves" - OUT THERE - all on the line. BUT, WHERE ARE THOSE - who HAVE money, and who ARE willing to INVEST IT in achieving those 14Words, before its too late. Those who AREN'T afraid of putting their NAMES and FACES out there, if need be to achieve real progress. Those who ARE willing to DO MORE than type anonymously on a keyboard. Those who are WILLING to WORK for the 14Words, instead of having "something better to do". LOOK in the MIRROR tonight, and ask yourself - are those "NIGGERS" - MORE couragous, dedicated, and self-sacrificing than YOU are? Kind of EMBARASSING isn't it... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

You need to remember that the blacks had the jews backing them. The "Civil Rights Movement" was jewish created and controlled. MLK was surrounded by jew-communist advisors that wrote his speeches. ZOG simply disposed of King when they were done with him. James Earl Ray was just another "Oswald."

The Civil Rights movement had support from ZOG, from jew run academia, and of course, lots of support from the jew controlled media.

These "rank and file" regular blacks had "public opinion" shaped by jews on their side. The blacks were the "good guys." Those rank and file blacks DID have those elites and big bucks backing them up. Look at all the lawyers and non-black "civil rights" workers (mostly jews) who went down south to help- like the whole "Mississippi Burning" thing. Nowadays, if a White person defends themselves from an attack by non-Whites, they are assumed to be "racist" by the popular culture.

I agree that the vast majority of White people today are sad excuses for "Aryans" and this whole "movement" is in sorry shape because of it. But, any expression of pro-White sentiment nowadays is usually viewed as heresy in the eyes of the mutlicult universalist culture. That intimidates a lot of White people. Im just stating the reality of the situation.

If you are "Communist," "Black Power" "Pro Homosexual" you can get tenure at an elite university. Being even mildly pro-White? Well, we all know how it works.

Anonymous said...

Rocky stoking up for blacks and MLK now. Quick, Taylor Bowles! Explain to us what Rocky really meant to say or completely deny it!

In all seriousness, you can't expect any better out of that traitor nor can you expect him to have a hint of a clue about what he is talking about. The problem with the white race is lack of leadership. That is kind of ironic since both Rocky and Taylor Bowles claim to be some sort of white super leaders. Blaming the race instead of putting the blame on its traitorous or inadequate leadership is a cop out. It is kind of funny how Rocky constantly praises and appeases to the enemy but doesn't understand why he doesn't have followers to speak of. We've had a 100 mile long string of people like Rocky since WW2. No thanks, we don't need one more.

And Rocky before you come back anonymously whinning and praising yourself, be on notice that your blaming of white people isn't going to be tolerated here. Whites fight wars all over the world, still hold the world in awe with their technology and creativity. We don't need to hear how pathetic we are from a warehouse worker sucking on the union's teat. Ever fought in a war? Ever invented anything? Ever wrote a book? Ever actually risked your life for anything? Nope. But you claim to be a leader. Leaders are our single biggest problem. If a young man will volunteer to go fight and die in a foreign land, then why wouldn't he do the same for his own race and home with the right leadership? It is squarely the fault of twits like you and Bowles who have strutted around in costumes for years instea of accomplishing a even the smallest thing.

Anonymous said...

What Rocky said was the brutal truth, "IF our movement and its adherents were only HALF as dedicated as those blacks were to THEIR struggle, can you imagine how powerful we would be?"

Really quite sad how cowardly Whites have become and even MORE sad that clowns like at 5:32 waste time causing dissent and attacking front-line activists like the ANP instead of getting involved...

Anonymous said...

Oh, here we go again! "DON'T BLAME OLD WHITEY!" You pathetic pale-faced, anonymous excuses of the once great Aryan race - YOUR lack of RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions, is comical. "Back then"? YOU weren't even BORN then, and I doubt you ever study ANYTHING beyond comic-books. In the 60's SEGREGATION - ie legal RACE-LAWS - WERE the LAW of the land, and added to those were "popular race awareness" amongst the masses. The MAJOR places of White resistence were even UP NORTH, not in the south - Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston... Oh those "JOOOS" - they compose what - 2 to 3 percent of the population, and back then Whites were NINTY-PLUS? Yet, those JOOOS were more "powerful" than all these battle-hardened WWII White vets? LOL Give credit where credit is DUE! YOUR just ashamed of WHITE COWARDACE, and JEALOUS that those "niggers" had more courage and spirit of sacrifice than YOU do. Even TODAY - at the eleventh and a half hour - you still are too COWARDLY to SIGN YOUR NAME to your beliefs! So the blacks had Fed "support" - they STILL faced the all the powers of the SOUTHERN STATES, along with the "klan" type opposition. This "movement" shits its pants, at the THOUGHT of a handful of "ARA" punks - yet, these blacks faced REAL opposition from the state/local COPS and COURTS and "KKK" bombings and beatings and still came back again and again for more. As for another MR. ANONYMOUS - IF you don't like the "leadership" - BECOME ONE YOURSELF. Or, aren't you ready to handle ALL that comes with putting YOUR - NAME and FACE out there? Of course not! Your afraid to even SIGN your post on a forum! LOL Always the pathetic, pitiful EXCUSES... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Kurt said...

Hmm 5:32PM. Bowles managed the first NS candidate to run for office in U.S. and win a primary election. Hmm. Bowles has run several NS candidates campaigns over the years that have did good (like Shaun Stuarts in Montana) and been on the ballot himself twice. Hmm. Bowles was the first NS lobbyist to Congress. Nope. Bowles hasn't done anything for National Socialism!

PS. This is all listed on his biograghy.

Rocky has been on the ballot. Led demonstrations and confrontations with the Reds in Michigan (on actual VCR tape). Been Chairman of the ANP. Nope. Rocky hasn't did anything either.

Now, 5:32PM has run his mouth on this Blog and lied and twisted facts and sits on his demented ass and bitches and whines when actual people do things. He writes things without having facts and uses hearsay and gossip to preach anti-NS sermons. He acts like someone gives a shit about what he says (maybe the FBI and ARA likes his writings). He'll probably even respond that its Bowles or Rocky writing this. lol

P.S. Adolf Hitler strutted around in a uniform. Commander Rockwell strutted in a uniform. I guess thay were wrong according to 5:42PM. George Washington even had a uniform. I guess he was a bad leader too. See what an ASSHOLE 5:42pm is?

Anonymous said...

5:49, thanks for listing some of Taylor's dismal failures. The only thing is, recent history has proven that Bowles filling out a form is considered by him to be some major accomplishment. This isn't tee ball where you get a participation trophy. Either you win or you are worthless.

Rocky continues his racially treason rant, much to the delight of everyone ivolved. Now it is more like the antics of a clown than a source of anger.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bowles and Suhayda have accomplished more for the White racialist movement and all they have to do is stand still to do it. Least they aren't race-mixing and getting those ridiculous tattoos, and jumping up and down dancing to that crazy niggerized looking skinhead music, gambling peoples money away (Hint-Duke), and costume rallying.

Tim said...

7:03AM. Then you are worthless according to your own standards. Easy for you to attack and not list any of your achievements. That's an old political tactic. Attack others and take the eye off yourself. Boring! Is that the best you have. Kinda pathetic.