Saturday, January 12, 2013

Austrian Patriot Gottfried Küssel Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison In Austria For Propagating National Socialist Ideology On The Internet

On January 11th, 2013, Austria proved that it's not really a free country. An Austrian court sentenced three Austrian patriots to prison for propagating national socialist ideology on the Internet after a jury convicted them by a 5-3 vote. A discussion thread has been launched on Stormfront

Gottfried Küssel, former leader of the now-banned neo-Nazi group VAPO (Volkstreuen Außerparlamentarischen Opposition or Extra-parliamentary Opposition Faithful to the Nation), was sentenced to nine years in prison, while two others, identified as Felix Binder and Wilhelm Anderle, received terms of seven years and four and a half years respectively. All three posted information on the neo-Nazi website, which was shut down in March 2011. Since the servers for the site were based in the United States, Austrian authorities had to get American cooperation. All three individuals were first arrested in April 2011.

Küssel was convicted despite the fact that he denied any wrongdoing and told the court he had abandoned neo-Nazi ideology after serving a six-year jail term in the 1990s for spreading Nazi propaganda. In 1993, he was imprisoned for disputing the official account of the Holocaust and questioning the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank, and in February 2005, he was fined €360 for possessing illegal weapons after he was found to won a number of daggers and bayonets, which contravened a weapons ban placed on him in 1982. Küssel's attorney, Michael Dohr, said he would appeal against his latest conviction. "I had expected an acquittal because of the very thin evidence. There was only circumstantial evidence, not more," he said.

According to, the Verbotsgesetz 1947 provides the legal framework for denazification in Austria and suppression of any potential revival of national socialism. In 1992, it was amended to prohibit the denial or gross minimisation of the Holocaust. Anyone who publicly declares sympathy with national socialists will be punished by prison from 1 year to 20 years.

A pundit at questions whether the convictions will hold up on appeal. A baton used as state's evidence of a "prohibited weapon" turned out to be a tourist souvenir. The pundit also notes that one official from the prosecutor's office basically admitted there was little direct proof that Küssel owned the website, since Küssel never admitted to it. Public comments appended to the article do not indicate much support for the long sentence; one person says that while it would have made sense immediately after WWII, such punishment is no longer necessary.

The harsh sentence pronounced upon Küssel most likely was because of his long-term activism. Gottfried Küssel has been active in nationalist politics since 1976, and formed close ties with German nationalists. He also sought to improve his international contacts, holding meetings with the likes of Gary Lauck and Michael Kühnen and in 1992 attending a conference of historical revisionists in Munich at which the likes of David Irving, Fred Leuchter, Mark Weber and Udo Walendy were leading speakers.


Anonymous said...

I would think that the Germans are smart enough to do their own thing, without having to follow the lead of American hollywierd nutzi's. Its not the symbolism that counts, its the NS worldview no matter what the trappings are. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Germans will not look to the ANP as a model. The queers already have enough power in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Germans will not look to the NSM or David Duke as a model. The clowns already have enough power in Germany.

Anonymous said...

This Kussle guy is NOT a serious activist. He should follow the brave leadership of the ANP. The Germans need to WISE UP and get behind OUR Chairman. This hollywierd nutzi crap is NOT the way of the future. Dump the clowns like Duke, Black, Schoep,and ALL these other garbage can groups of bonehead skinheads, and Ku Klux Klowns. Our progressive leadership is the ONLY answer. For White Worker Power!

Tammy said...

I think the ANP is right in thisd matter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they ought to get some real LEADERS like DUKE, BLACK and SCHOEP - who are ALL convicted criminal FELONS! Duke for pleading guilty to using supporters donations for gambling and other non-Aryan lifestyles. Black for wanting to INVADE a NIGGER island with less than a dozen tards, and take it over, for what purpose no one knows. And Schoep for burglarizing another white man, along with race-mixing, adultery, and being a low-life white nigger piece of shit. That old Rocky certainly doesn't fit in amongst great Aryan hero's like them!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Did you even READ the article? He got screwed by a country with Commie "hate speech" laws, and because of his long time involvement in Pro-White activism. And here's you, sitting at your computer in the USA, saying this man is not a real acitivist? What the hell do you know? Even more comically, you tell Germans to support the ANP? How ridiculous.

Europe is WAY ahead of US in terms of REAL activism and organization. They probably wonder what the hell is happening here, we have freedom of speech they dont have (as this story illustrates) yet we get NOTHING done.

You're telling Germans to follow the "brave leadership" of the ANP and get behind the chairman. HOW? They are in another country, another continent. What is allowed here ISNT always ok there, as this article shows. (Again, did you read it?) You want them to send Deutsche marks or Euros or whatever to the PO Box in Michigan?

All the ANP does is paper throwing (lit. dist.) bashing everyone who is not them for doing things the "wrong way," and constantly bringing up the idiotic joker gang NSM to show how much better the ANP looks in comparison. Yeah, we get it! NSM makes the Muppets look like serious WN activists by comparison.

Your post sounds like some ANP fanboy tard.

Anonymous said...

This whole so called movement is becoming a joke thanks to the idiotic shit I have been trying to read on these comments , this guy is paying the ultimate sacrifice of his freedom anyone hiding behind a computer talking shit about him is a coward and a disgrace to this movement , if this is what white nationalism has become then forget it because we aint got a chance .