Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Australian Multiculturalists Want To Drop Union Jack From Flag, Propose Hideous New South African-Style Rainbow Flag

Present Australian flag
Australian multiculturalists are ashamed of Australia's British heritage. So they want to drop the Union Jack from their flag, and replace it with a hideous-looking South African-style rainbow flag. According to the Daily Mail, here's their proposed replacement:

Proposed flag

Compare with South Africa's rainbow flag:

To no one's surprise, some faggy college poofter is pushing the idea. Military historian Dr. John Blaxland of the Australian National University came up with the idea because he says the current flag does not embrace all aspects of Australian culture. Rather than just a straightforward nod to the country's British heritage, he says he wants a flag that acknowledge Australia's Aboriginal communities as well as its growing multiculturalism. A video interview with Blaxland is available HERE, and the Canberra Times published his opinion column. No surprise that he's kissing Abo ass -- on January 26th, a group of Abos were spitting on the Australian flag and setting it alight outside Parliament in Canberra as the rest of the nation celebrated Australia Day.

Sounds like some stout lads need to give these Abos the Cronulla Beach treatment. Australia's 460,000 Aborigines make up a mere two per cent of the 21 million population, most living in remote communities or towns.

So what's the meaning of the new symbology?

-- The 250 dots to the left represent the many Aboriginal dialects as well as the immigrant languages spoken on the streets of Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and other towns and cities across the nation.

-- A red section in the shape of a traditional Australian boomerang.

-- A traditional representation in green and yellow of the Southern Cross constellation, made up of five stars – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.

-- One lonely white stripe and the blue field to reflect Australia's British roots.

The flag campaign is being accompanied by a renewed push to change Australia into a full-blown republic in which the British monarch, represented by a governor-general, would no longer be the country's ceremonial head of state. Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan reignited the debate, saying the 80-year-old Bodyline cricket scandal had shown that the British could be ruthless and self serving, further noting that the English cricket team's life-threatening bowling tactics during the 1932 Bodyline series woke Australians up to renounce Britain's self-serving gentlemanly values.

Popular support for a new flag among the masses is almost non-existent. A 2010 Morgan Poll that asked "Do you think Australia should have a new design for our National Flag?" was supported by only 29 per cent of respondents and opposed by 66 percent, with 5 per cent uncommitted. Most comments to the Daily Mail story are also critical.


Anonymous said...

Since Down-Under was created as a White penal colony, I suggest a White flag, covered with chains! Maybe throw in some red too, for all the blood lost by those White men and women forced to go there. Instead of 'stars' they could have British 'pound signs', for the obvious reason of the whole damn thing!

Anonymous said...

This is not a big deal. The flag should look like the whole country and people. This is what the ANP's new direction under our Chairman is showing and leading, no mindless hate, just a country for all races. The flag is not just for one group. Listen to the real party and join our Chairman No more costumes or wirdos, just real activism. You can learn more by buying a ANP Info Pack from our National HQ for a $5 donation. All our ANP mailings are done in an unmarked, brown, security envelope. Our monthly White Worker is just $20 a year. Send Cash or money order to the ANP, P.O. Box 85942, Westland, MI 48185.

Zane Wheeler said...

Nobody gives a shit what two chickenshits who hide behind anonymous think. Have some pride in your background. And if you want a flag that represents the country as a whole, make the union jack bigger!

Libby scum should stop trying to make up to the people who were brought under British rule, we brought them civilisation. We brought them technology. If it wasn't for us, they'd still be living under slabs of bark propped up with twigs.

And sure, Australia started as a prison, but the majority of people who moved there did so willingly.

Anonymous said...


Exactly. Aborogines and the current ever increasing population of colored invaders have nothing to do with the nation of Australia. Without the British, like you said, the abo's would be living in the stone age, and Asian, Muslim, Negro etc invaders wouldnt have much interest in flocking there. Dont see anyone in a rush to move to Haiti, for example.

Not sure what 5:02s problem is.

It's one thing to want to be a fully independent republic, but if that means embracing the cultural rot and changing the flag to that ugly "rainbow" rag... well, if you want a South Africa style flag,im guessing you want a situation in Australia that remsembles the current state of South Africa today. The majority of Australians arent going to be in agreement with the jews and White liberal traitors.

Anchorage Activist said...

If Aussies really want to declare themselves a republic and come up with a new flag, that's their business. But to suck up to the Abos, and devise a flag that looks like a six-year-old child slapped it together is ridiculous. It looks more like political correctness than patriotism. Australia has been one of the most prosperous and orderly nations in the Eastern Hemisphere -- they have nothing to apologize for.

Surely the Aussies can come up with something more respectable and inspiring than that piece of rubbish depicted in this post.