Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Dog Returns To Her Vomit: Axis Sally Ditches The White Nationalist Movement, Resumes BDSM Career

By now, most regular readers of this blog know that Axis Sally (Corinna Burt) not only left the Northwest Front, but has chosen to sever all ties with the organized white nationalist movement. Her formal announcement was published on January 13th, 2013 on her reorganized Axis Sally Raw blog in the form of a podcast entitled "Sally Comes Clean". It appeared that she maintains pro-White sentiments and is not turning anti-racist. Since that time, Sally has produce two other related podcasts, "Sally Goes Into Detail" and "Sally Speaks To The Tinfoil Hat Crowd", which may be of interest

Axis Sally gives a number of legitimate reasons for her change of heart. She says she's now moved from a dump over a storefront into a secure upscale complex. She can now associate more freely with her extended family again and spend more time with her kids. Her parents had previously barred her from visiting them because of her associates; Sally says that most of her WN associates had posed a threat to her and her kids. She also claims that most of the guys she associated with in the white nationalist movement were basically misfits who used white nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism. Sally also held forth at length about Harold Covington; while she doesn't necessarily dump on him or smear him, she says the turning point in the NF came when Covington kept asking her why she never brought her kids around to the NF office. Covington did not want to accept her explanation that she didn't want to expose her kids to WN activists. Sally also claimed that Covington could be hard on those NF activists who couldn't keep up with his pace.

All well and good; the Gaede twins and Derek Black also decided they needed a time out from white racial activism. But there's a segment on the January 13th podcast that, the more I think about it, the more my blood just literally boils. From the 5:25 mark to the 7:00 minute mark, Axis Sally describes how she has arranged to give a man a "beatdown" for pay. She says she's taken precautions; she checked the man's references, obtained a written liability waiver from him, and yes, he will pay her. Sally even says the man wants his face beaten "absolutely bloody". You can listen at her website or via the audio embed provided below:

Do you know what a "beatdown" is in this context? This means a RECREATIONAL beating. The man gets his jollies from getting beat up, and is willing to pay for it. That is know as BDSM -- Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-Masochism.

Axis Sally is back in the BDSM business, although this may merely be a sidelight for her as she does have a real-world job.

Note that I said "back in the business". Before she got involved with the Northwest Front, Sally, under her real name of Corinna Burt, was involved in professional porn. Burt's pornographic career included five adult DVDs produced in 2006-2007, as well as numerous online appearances. Her most recent pornographic shoot appeared online in October 2009, while Burt was still a member of the National Socialist Movement. Sally says she voluntarily resigned from the NSM sometime afterwards.

I was willing to give her a pass on the porn after she got involved with the Northwest Front, which is why I never discussed it on this blog. She was an effective propagandist, and anyone deserves forgiveness from "sin", so long as they forsake it. But now she apparently is returning to her roots. How dare Axis Sally criticize anyone within the white nationalist movement for their behavior when she's returning to BDSM? BDSM is about as unnatural as it gets; only bestiality and snuff porn are more depraved.

The old adage is true in this case. A dog can indeed return to its vomit.

[Ed. Note: Pastor Martin Lindstedt will be discussing this in detail on the January 27th edition of the Movement Turd, which begins at 9:30 P.M. EST]


Anonymous said...

Dog returning to vomit indeed.

I have to say though, that this story vividly illustrated what a pitifully sorry state this WN "movement" is in.

Why would any real, serious, sincere cause allow a sick creature like this anywhere near it? We all know the answer. There is HARDLY ANY real, serious and sincere acitivsm going on today.

She was in the "NSM" while doing "porn." WOW, theres a surprise. Par for the course with that gang of freaks. Yet, HC still lets her into his group despite knowing she is a porn performer.
HELLO? Quality control????

Then we have some "pastor" discussing this on his "movement turd" show. The foul mouthed "pastor" slamming the sadistic porn whore. And they're both WN (?!) What hollywood jew is writing this script?

My God, how much time does this movement spend wallowing in the pigsty of infighting, always ready to discuss the latest outrage (seems to be a new one about every 2 weeks)by some creep that claims to be pro-White? When does it reach the point where the garbage element is a small minority, and can be left to twist in the wind, ignored by the real activists?

I guess it does have to get a lot WORSE before more people start taking this struggle seriously, and act accordingly. Until then there will be a lot more "dogs and vomit."

Folk Reich said...

This is precisely what I was talking about in my previous posting regarding "The Movement".

And her description regarding "protective cover for hooliganism", I concur with.

The way I see it, the only hope (though small as it IS)"we" have, being proud white racially conscience people, of ever making things different is to raise our kids the White way. IN TRUTH. NOT on words alone. But on actions. AND the actions of associations.

I'm disappointed in MANY of the White Race. I'm talking about the ones that act like niggers but with white skin. Or want to be involved in porn like the Jewish Masters.

Anonymous said...

Its a wonder Schoep didn't marry her. lol

Anonymous said...

Gee, your all starting to sound like Rocky, whats going on here? Hey, what about the news story down in KY. where three NSM members killed a 19 year old white kid, and chopped him up into little pieces with a knife and a hatchet?

Anonymous said...

I noticed you failed to mention how all the genuine CI pastors rebuked this whore ages ago while Marty was begging her to post at his forum.

Seeing as you support a convicted pedophile who violates God's Law nonstop I'm not shocked at all.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous (Pisser Possum) 6:44 A.M. -- Obviously, English is your second language. "Convicted" means "found guilty" by either a jury or a judge. Nolle prosequi is NOT a guilty finding.

Consequently, Lindstedt is NOT a convicted pedophile. But I suspect you already knew that. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Whats the story about the NSMer's chopping up the white kid into little pieces? I saw it at both the ARA website and on SPLC news. Thats pretty gruesome, someone willing to do that to a dead body. Gonna have to check out Bowles's site, he usually picks up on stuff like that done by NSM members.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful as she is, I can't blame her for not wanting her kids around leering old Tubby. What in hell would he want them hanging around either is pretty questionable.

Anonymous said...

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda discuss's this topic (who else does?) both on the latest ANP Talkshoe radio show, as well as in his newly posted ANPReport. Its overdue to put some Draino to this bowel-"movement" of ours! 88!

Anonymous said...

People look at yourself and then judge others.Harold is the best we have and hes a fake.Corinnas better then the fakes out there also.She said alot of truth about the movement in the radio podcast.Shes not a monster also.Shes some one mother,daughter,(exwife) and more.Its sad she is selling her self short to the porn scum paying her.When she could be much more.Shes a very smart women that has a good head on her shoulders.The road shes on is short lived,and so shall she be if the chnge isnt soon.She forgot to add her self when talking about others.I knew her when she first came out as a racialist.I seen the stickers on her car.The one thing she didnt want to talk about was God.Corinna if you read this,We love you and want you to come out of the porn industry And get right with God and your people.If theres christians out there,please say a prayor for her and us right now.88

Anonymous said...

Everytime I hear that statement "Movement Turd" & Dik-Dik show, hosted by a so-called reverend, it makes me cringe. And he's gonna discuss a pornstar? These creatures shouldn't even be in the WN cause.

Anonymous said...

Posted. I called her out when she made that comment about my religion being "stupid" in her trashy view.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:13: That's why I decided to take issue with her intended "beatdown" of a client. Perhaps it will give her the resolve to leave that stuff behind FOREVER.

A respectable racially-conscious White lady has no business getting involved in kinky sex. While sex is enjoyable, it's enjoyable as an incentive to get White men and women together to get married and develop healthy White families. Creating White families is the most foolproof and lasting form of White activism. This does not mean all White activists are necessarily suitable for marriage, but most are or can make themselves suitable with minimal effort.

Anonymous said...

A twisted porno-SDSM bitch as a Unit Leader for the NSM. Why am I not surprised. I'm kinda surprised that Jeff Schoep didn't hit up on her, and made her his new squeeze. Jeff can sure collect societies rejects as his membership.

Anonymous said...

8:13AM I'm disgusted that you seem to take such a weak, pathetic position when it comes to this woman. What is she? She's into inter-racial PORNOGRAPHY, the worst crime against our race, by one of our womenfolk. She's a PHONY, herself stating that she spoke not what she believed, but what the listeners wanted to hear on her silly talkshow. So she was stupid enough to cover her car with stickers, and yet you say that she's smart, really? She sounds like a WHORE to me, blowing with the wind ( pun intended ) and surely NOT an example for our Folks women to emulate! So she's a "mother", that was easy enough to "do" wasn't it, with her facination towards sex? Where's the FATHER/HUSBAND in her life? Same with all these "fathers" out there in "movementland" who are POOR examples of Aryan males. I think you must be one of these pathetic womanless "males" that infest this movement, who are so desperate to see a featherless biped in a skirt that you accept ANYTHING with ANY kind of behavior, simply to have one hanging around. The mere FACT that both Jeff Schoep and his so-called "nsm" freakshow, and Fat Harold of celebate fame BOTH accepted this degenerate with open arms - clearly speaks volumes about either one. In any DECENT movement, she would be BANNED and SHUNNED from the Folk, for behavior unbecoming an Aryan Lady! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky you should chill out and listen to the movement turd show, its hilarious! If I didn't know any better I'd say that it was produced in a loony bin with the warders on break.

Anonymous said...

Happy hate and love for your people,Rocky.We like to point at others.When first we should look at ourselves first.She said something on stormfront about porn and people watching it along time back.And you know what, we've all double clicked and seen thing that are not good for our people.Try love,this person is hurt.Its alot messed up that the world looks down at her for being a nazi,but doesnt say a word about her being in porn of the worst kind.This sick person of our folk is silking from trash on both sides,Nazi garbage and jew scum.Let build up.You want happy hate..ok.Theres to much negitive hate out there.Try smiling more.Rocky,tell her you love her and not what shes into and theres hope and not to give up.Your the leader.88

Anonymous said...

This white reference blog says it all the current white nationalist movement is made up of misfits and it has been the most discouraging last few years of my life it is hard to remain in it but I keep plugging on but why waste my personal wealth and time to help a movement as misguided and self destructive as this movement has become in America I am sure I am not alone , the people of Volksfront were right when they said they gave up on the failed white nationalist organizations and just make it quiet and local by job and housing network

Chaplain Bill said...

AA, actually Nolle Prosequi is not exactly a finding of not guilty either. It is usually filed when I prosecutor decides the case is no longer worth his time and effort. In Lindstedt's case he had a complete mental breakdown in open court and when examined by a shrink started ranting about how he was going to torture and murder the children of those he held responsible for his arrest so of course the shrink declared him unfit to stand trial. It took Marty over 2 1/2 years to figure out that he had to stop ranting to the shrinks about how he wanted to torture and murder white children in order to be let out of the booby hatch. By the time Marty got back to court he had already served more time than he would have if convicted since he was only accused of kissing the little boy's wee wee two times, nothing else and was looking at no more then a couple years if convicted, in fact as a first offender he would have most likley recieved probation under Mo. law

The bottom line is that Marty was not railroaded or set up by cops, in fact they had been investigating the mother of the boy that accused Marty of molesting him of years for neglect and abuse and they did finally terminate her parental rights.

The only thing that ever made me think that Lindstedt may have did it is the fact that he rants and raves about how much he wants to torture and murder children, anyone can go to his forum to see that for themselves.

Finally, don't assume that the person that made the post that you objected to is a Visser supporter, literally EVERYONE in CI has denounced Lindstedt, those that have heard of him, that is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 8:26PM, but Rocky is right here, this slut is NOT 'one of us', and why should we love and forgive her? As AA points out, she's still living that un-Aryan lifestyle openly and proudly! I too am tired of the human garbage polluting our Cause, and it seems that they're still here pretty much because of people like you tolerating them. Thank God that there is someone like Rocky willing to tell it like it is! Kitty Klaws 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest, its because of us, the fact that we allow these degenerates to infest our Cause instead of purging them like they deserve, that the movement is in the state that it is. Why are we so afraid to discard that which is harmful?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:00 PM: Trouble is that "degenerates" are pretty much all the WN/racialist movement has (with a very few exceptions). Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

This is why you don't put women in positions of trust, they can't keep focused on the mission or the big picture and will go soft headed over time.

I've listened to some of Burt's podcast just to find out why she left the NF. She has no overall theme for her site, no mission or no purpose, other than talking about herself which gets old quick. I suspect those hits she brags about are racketeers at the $PLC, porn junkies, and NFers who are curious about what happened.

While in the NSM sally bragged that she was the only one who had a college degree and who could read and write. She fondly recounted the stupidity of her associate NSers. I suspect that her reason for being in such a dysfunctional group was to build her esteem by associating with those she thought her inferiors.

She also bragged that she doesn't have a record. Well, animal cruelty (stomping cats) is something the sheriff would act on if he knew about it. And, felonious assault is a crime as well, even if the poor sap asks for it and signs a waiver.

That "Sally" has sexual issues is not in doubt. Beyond making porn movies, she seems to hate many things that are associated with femininity; cats, a trim thin body, sexy clothes, and female friends. I draw my own conclusions. Her pumped up body is a really hideous turnoff.

Fat ugly HAC is not the ideal leader, but at least he has a plan. WN have tried it all from street protests to running for office. Nothing worked. Maybe HC is on to something.

I disagree with the article that said Sally didn't dump on Harold. Well she did, in a number of ways. One of the most serious is that she hinted that Harold used funds intended for the "movement" for other purposes. Harold needs to answer all her charges.

A possible explanation for Sally's treachery is that she is getting paid to "expose" the NF. Although at present, the NF is not even a pimple of a threat to anyone, she could have been an infiltrator on a mission to become a snitch for the purpose of discrediting Harold and his efforts. It is a game that is played.

Harold exercised extreme poor judgment in taking on a person with such blackmail potential. A young "woman" with two kids is a prime target for child protection snoops.

This is what can happen to girls that grow up in a leftist home. They are provided no fixed sign posts clear enough to guide away from serious trouble.

Part of her flirtation with racism was likely her rebellion against her properly liberal family and the garbage they taught her. Now her ditching of racism is a rebellion against her other family, NS and NF associates. Her rebellion in extremes gives momentary highs and attention. When that burns out, it's on to something else to build up and tear down.

Tille said...

Hmm, good job! This is really something!