Thursday, May 31, 2012

White Nationalist "Victim" Steven Speers Exposed By Stormfront As A Possible Antifa Mole In The ARA Terrorist Attack In Tinley Park

Screenshot of Cook County booking photo of Steven Speers
As a result of the ARA terrorist attack on the Illinois European Heritage Association group meeting at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, five antifa were charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. But two member of the heritage group, Francis John Gilroy Jr. and Steven Eugene Speers, were also arrested. Gilroy was charged with unlawful possession of weapons by a felon, while Speers was wanted on a warrant from Dallas County, TX, for possession of child pornography.

However, strong circumstantial evidence has now emerged indicating that Steven Speers, who currently hails from Grand Forks, ND, may have been an antifa mole specifically tasked to infiltrate the heritage group and orchestrate the ARA attack. The evidence is first alluded to in this Stormfront post. But it is on page 20 of the thread entitled "Five charged in Chicago attack! Here are their names" that the bulk of the evidence is presented.

Steven Speers is now verified to have posted on Stormfront as "Steven the Viking", and masqueraded as a white nationalist. A poster named Dark Sorrow has compiled considerable evidence against Speers, and documents links in this post. Dark Sorrow postulates that Steven Speers had access to the computer and the email account of Beckie Williams at some point, which would explain how antifa were able to hack it and publish the contents on One Peoples Project and other antifa sites.

Speers gets around. Although currently from Grand Forks, his child pornography warrant originates from Texas. Further research uncovered his Inmate Release Information Detail from the Northwest Florida Reception Center (NWFRC) Annex in 2009, where he was serving time for felony battery. His release address was given as DeFuniak Springs, FL. So in the space of three years, Speers has jumped from Florida to Texas to North Dakota. But even more significantly, Speers is described as having the "circle A" anarchy tattoo on the right side of his chest, along with a neck tattoo saying "Who's Next" and a "circle A" tattoo on the left arm. Had he appeared shirtless before the heritage group, that would have been a dead giveaway.

A photo referenced HERE, represented to be Speers' chest but omitting his head, shows two of the tattoos. Apparently the terms "left" and "right" are with respect to the reader's viewpoint. The anarchy tattoo on the right side is to the reader's right rather than the right side of his body.

Antifa sources are not acknowledging their ownership of Speers. One People's Project continues to cover his ass by representing him as one of us. However, thanks to some Stormfront researchers, the cat is out of the bag. Of course, the fact that Speers is wanted for child pornography does not exactly encourage ARA to claim him.

White Nationalist Reaction: On Stormfront, Merk0331 writes in part, "That sick POS! I spent time emailing him about how to fix his brothers artificial leg. Probably either wanted to worm his way in with that story or wanted us to give him money. Parts of his story didn't quite add up... but I'm suspicious about everybody online"...

On VNN Forum, Angel Ramsey writes, "This person contacted me on SF [Stormfront]. He was spreading lies about the Kelso's [Jamie Kelso, webmaster of White News Now]. They were kind enough to help him move to N. Dakota. This is obviously a very sick individual. He had a lot of people fooled".

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FBI Arrests White Activist Douglas Story, Charge Him With Illegally Possessing Fully Automatic AK-47; Interest Triggered By Story's Anti-Obama Posts

A white racial activist who expressed sentiments against Barack Obama and Eric Holder on various online forums was arrested by the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) on May 30th, 2012 and is charged with illegally possessing a fully-automatic AK-47. Douglas Howard Story, 48, was charged with making a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Media sources include MyFoxDC and WUSA Channel 9 and NBC Washington; very little difference between these stories.

From the FBI's official press release:

According to court records, Story came to the attention of law enforcement through a confidential source who saw information Story had posted on an Aryan Nation website indicating that Story was preparing to buy an AK-47 and have it modified to become fully automatic. Story allegedly stated that he is planning on ambushing and murdering any law enforcement officer that stops him on the street if and when martial law is enacted in the United States. In addition, Story has allegedly made numerous statements on various white supremacy online forums, using the screen name “Confederate Brother”, where he continually rants about his hatred of minorities, including his desire that President Obama and Attorney General Holder be removed from office with a 30.06.

Court records allege that Story provided a semi-automatic AK-47, along with $120, to undercover law enforcement with the intent that it be modified to become fully automatic. He was arrested this afternoon by members of FBI Washington Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force after allegedly receiving the modified weapon from an undercover agent.

Because Obama Administration officials were allegedly targeted, the Secret Service got involved in the investigation. A search of Stormfront reveals only one post by someone named Confederate Brother way back in 2005; Stormfronters are skeptical that it is the same person. The Aryan Nations Forum is accessible only by registered members. According to the 11-page official complaint, the information was posted on the forum of the now-defunct American National Socialist Party (ANSP), which has since been merged with Aryan Nations. Story was eventually banned from the Aryan Nations forum for discussing illegal activity. Story's also said to have posted on Tightrope and New Saxon.

Note that the snitch saw the postings on the Internet and alerted law enforcement, which then sent an undercover agent to offer Story the opportunity to actually modify a weapon. This is a reminder that one needs to be circumspect about what one posts on the Web. It explains why Stormfront maintains a rigorous moderation program, even if it is executed a bit arbitrarily at times.

According to the Washington Examiner, Story, a Virginia Department of Transportation employee, previously made news in April 2010, when a purportedly anti-Islam decal on his pickup truck went viral online. The decal showed a photograph of the burning World Trade Center towers along with the phrase, "Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11." After the image garnered attention, he contacted the Washington Post to say the decal wasn't racist. In addition, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles rescinded his custom license plate number which read "14CV88."

Gilbert Police Issue Final Report On The Gilbert Massacre Involving J.T. Ready

On May 29th, the Gilbert (AZ) Police Department released its final report on the Gilbert Massacre, and there are no real surprises. No information emerged which rebutted the original report that the massacre was perpetrated by J.T. Ready himself. There's no apparent evidence of any Mexican drug cartel involvement. KSAZ Channel 10 news video embedded below:

-- Read the 152-page report as a Scribd document HERE.

KPHO Channel 5 has links to their version of the report posted HERE, but it takes much longer to download.

The report reveals that 36 different police officers and detectives were involved in the case. Each one provided a narrative describing what was seen at the crime location. In addition, there are reports of property impounded at the scene, to include bullet fragments.

The report of a witness statement from page 26 of the report is of interest. This witness said she heard three loud cracks, two cars speeding away, and then two more loud cracks. Since both J.T. Ready and Jim Hiott were found outside the home dead, and the black Chevy Impala was still in the driveway, one has to wonder who was in those two vehicles said to have been speeding away. The report does not address this issue further. Here's the pertinent portion of page 26:

Some of the witness statements in the report also corroborate previous reports that J.T. Ready had moved in six months prior.

Monday, May 28, 2012

OnePoll Survey Reveals That One Of Every Three Britons Admits To "Racist" Feelings, But Effects Of "Positive Discrimination" Against Whites Ignored

On May 28th, 2012, the Daily Mail reports that a national poll shows that one out of every three Britons surveyed admits to "racist" feelings. A group called OnePoll surveyed 2,000 adults who were asked to honestly express their feelings about foreign nationals living and working in the U.K., and 88 per cent of the respondents identified themselves as "White British".

A spokesman for OnePoll admitted that the definition of racism could be subjective, saying "What one person deems inappropriate the next person may not". In the past, some British agencies have put forth absolutely ludicrous definitions of racism; in 2008, the National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year in public funding, suggested that white toddlers who display an aversion to spicy foods could be considered "racist". More recently, ITV was forced to apologize after it allowed reporter Richard Pallot to refer to black players as "coloured" twice during a report on an anti-racism summit.

Highlights: While no detailed crosstabs are provided, here are the more significant findings.

-- One in three admitted regularly making comments or being involved in discussions which could be considered racist.

-- One in ten admitted they had been accused of being a racist by someone close to them.

-- Around 40 per cent confessed to using the phrase "I’m not a racist, but..." when discussing race issues facing Britain today.

-- One in five accept the fact people around them make disparaging remarks about different ethnic groups - and are not bothered by it.

-- Those over 55 were found to have the highest degree of race consciousness, followed by the 18-24 age demographic. Note that the Daily Mail shows media bias by describing them as having "a chip on their shoulder".

The government's policy of mass immigration was cited as a leading factor. The poll revealed that 71 percent said they felt the open doors approach to foreign nationals was fueling racist feelings, while one in six respondents demanded Britain close its doors to anyone who is not a UK national. But another factor fueling an increase in white race consciousness is completely ignored. The U.K. actually practices what's called "positive discrimination"; it positively discriminates against Whites, particularly in public sector employment. This means that in a tie between a White and a non-White to fill a job vacancy, the non-White gets picked, because it is presumed that the non-White is a permanent victim of "historical racism".

British National Party Reaction: The BNP, which is still the leading nationalist political force in the U.K., has not reacted specifically to this story. However, on May 23rd, they published a story about how ex-England footballer John Barnes attacked traditional British culture by claiming that classical authors such as Agatha Christie, Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling, and Edgar Rice Burroughs have made Britain a nation of "passive racists" by depicting the white British imperialists as superior and native people as barbarians. But undermining Barnes' credibility is the fact that he was not born in the U.K., but in Kingston, Jamaica, so one cannot be precisely sure where Barnes' loyalty really lies. In a separate article, the BNP also noted that although the present government promised to cut net migration to under 100,000, it hit 252,000 this week. They add that under the previous Labour government, 5.2 million foreign immigrants arrived in the UK while 2 million left.

It should be noted that dissident BNP members have broken away and formed the British Freedom Party because of lack of transparency regarding BNP accounting returns, and growing misgivings about the conduct of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin. The BFP has formed a de facto alliance with the English Defence League, which is patriotic but not nationalist.

White Nationalist Reaction: Discussion has just begin on Stormfront Britain and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Civil Rights Activists Report Receiving Physical Threats From Antifa Terrorists Because Of Condemnation Of Antifa Terrorist Attack In Tinley Park

Antifa Nicholas Koehler, who's posted physical threats against white activists
A number of White civil rights activists who've taken a public stand against the antifa terrorist attack on the Restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois are now reporting that they've been the recipient of a number of physical threats from antifa terrorists around the country. This includes threats against their children. Furthermore, WhiteRabbitRadio is being targeted for a prospective takedown during one of their broadcasts.

The information has been published by Scott K. Ernest, who posts as Mjodr on this Stormfront thread. Mjodr writes:

Sadly, I have no article to go with this, because we are actually living it. Plus, the only links I have give out personal information of several of us. I am going to put as little info in this as possible.. for safety reasons, but it needs to be said in the open.

Due to the outrage many of us have at the Tinley Park Terrorism incident, those of us speaking up are now being targeted.

Several victims have had accounts hacked, including a specific threat towards anyone associated with her that was in her hacked items. (Including myself)

Another victim has received death threats by phone.

The last I checked, that is witness intimidation.

Also, due to my efforts to get their blogs shut down, as well as the site they are trying to raise money for legal defense... I am now receiving them as well on Facebook.

This is what happens when we speak out against violence. Funny how that goes.

Because of safety considerations, Mjodr must be somewhat circumspect. One of the reasons Mjodr has been specifically targeted by antifa is because the online accounts of one of the White activists at Tinley Park was hacked by antifa, and Mjodr's personal information was in that account. Southside ARA brags about the hacking and posts the personal info of some of the White activists HERE.

Mjodr has been discussing the threats with the FBI and the Flathead County Sheriff's Department. He's also called the Polk County (FL) Sheriff's Department and will be calling a prosecutor in Illinois. The primary reason he's consulting with the FBI is not so much for his personal benefit; the Montana Human Rights Network is all bark and no bite. It is for the benefit of those in much greater danger, particularly those who live in states that impose greater restrictions upon Second Amendment freedoms. Some hobbyists are advising Mjodr to back down, but he's having none of it.

Another Stormfront regular, Boy Howdy, also reported receiving e-mail threats; he forwarded the e-mails to the respective hosts.

Mjodr identifies two sources of the threats by name; Michael Haley of Vallejo, CA (who has a GhettoHash page HERE), and Nicholas Koehler of San Francisco. Koehler posted a number of threats on his RoamingRadical Twitter account; here are some of the more pertinent Tweets (after the jump):