Sunday, December 16, 2012

White Software Engineer Michael Dunn Fatally Shoots Black Teen Over Loud Rap Music After Teen Displays Shotgun, Charged With First Degree Murder

Here's a guy who most likely will end up like Jerome Ersland in Oklahoma, and Ersland was thought to have a more solid defense. Michael Dunn, a white software engineer, has been indicted for first degree murder over the fatal shooting of a Black teen, Jordan Davis, which resulted from a confrontation over loud rap music being played by Davis. Dunn believed Davis and his accomplices had a gun and were threatening him with it. This will be the latest test of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which is also being spotlighted in the Trayvon Martin shooting. While the Daily Mail story reflects international interest, links to more local sources are embedded throughout the post.

Jordan Davis at left, Michael Dunn at right

The incident occurred in Jacksonville on November 23rd, 2012. Dunn and his fianceƩ, Rhonda Rouer, were in town to attend a wedding when they stopped at a Gate gas station in Baymeadows to pick up a bottle of wine before returning to their hotel. Around 7:40 P.M., they parked their Jetta next to a red Dodge Durango SUV containing Davis and his three friends - Tevin Thompson, Leland Brunson and Tommie Stornes - who were listening to rap music on their way home after shopping at Black Friday sales at a mall. Dunn asked the teens to turn down the volume of the music; in response, the teens turned up the volume, threatened Dunn and brandished a shotgun; the other three teens allegedly were shouting "Kill that motherfucker, that motherfucker is dead". Logically concluding that his life was in immediate danger, Dunn, who has a concealed weapons permit, grabbed a pistol from the glove compartment of his car and opened fire, reportedly shooting eight bullets at the teens, with four of them hitting the back door and the other four being released as Dunn left the gas station. Jordan Davis was hit by two bullets.

Dunn and his girlfriend left the scene after the shooting, fearing that they had encountered gang members and that more would follow. They stayed overnight at a local hotel, and then found out the next morning via broadcast news that Davis had died. Instead of protecting his interests by first calling a lawyer and then contacting police, they returned to Dunn's home in Satellite Beach in Brevard County. This could be held against him at trial because it will be spun by the prosecution as a "hit-and-run" type situation.

Police say no weapon was found on the teens, and so Dunn was arrested at his oceanfront townhouse in Satellite Beach the day after the shooting. Initially, Dunn was charged with second degree murder, but on December 14th, a grand jury returned an indictment for first degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle; if convicted, he'll face life in prison without parole. This is obviously intended to increase the range of choices for prospective jurors and minimize the chance of a hung jury. Prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty.

Dunn is being held at the Duval County Jail without bail, and his next court appearance is December 18th. Dunn has already swapped out attorneys, having replaced Robin Lemonidis and Mitch Stone with West Palm Beach attorney Cory Strolla. Strolla has experience in capital murder cases, and is considered to be among the top two percent of criminal defense trial lawyers in the U.S.. I'm sure his bill will reflect that experience.

Surprisingly, Jordan Davis comes from a two-parent family with BOTH parents in residence AND married to each other. “He always had a stable environment at home,” said Jordan's father Ron Davis, who added that his son had no criminal record. At home, there were ground rules, he said: No tattoos. No shrugging off goals for the future. And no guns. The rent-a-mobs are already crawling out of the woodwork demanding "justice" for Jordan Davis, just like they did with Trayvon Martin.

Analysis: Michael Dunn is a White man who's been slowly and systemically radicalized by Black misbehavior and endless anti-White measures imposed from the top down by America's multicultural rulers in the name of "equality". With no healthy outlet to express his frustrations, since the elite do not permit Whites the racial representation afforded to other races, it all came to a head on November 23rd; the ominous tribal thumping of the rap music was the last straw that pushed him over the edge.

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law permits you to defend yourself wherever you're physically threatened, and does not require you to be fired upon first before you fire a weapon at a suspected assailant. But if Michael Dunn invokes Stand Your ground in this case, he'll be asked why it was so important to him to get the teens to turn their music down when he was only going to be at the gas station for a few moments. Now if this had happened outside his home, he might have a stronger case, because no one has an obligation to put up with being blasted by second-hand music at their own home.

The fact that Dunn left the scene, returned home, and waited to be arrested rather than coming forward immediately will also be held against him in court. So while Michael Dunn displayed great courage in defending himself, he's likely to end up like Jerome Ersland. And that's too bad -- that's a loss for our side.


Mighty Whitey said...

If he left the scene it shows a smart move. If he would have stayed at the scene he would have been attacked. He saved the life of his companion as well as his own.

Anchorage Activist said...

Yes, leaving the scene itself was smart. But he's going to be raked over the coals in court for leaving town altogether.

Anonymous said...

If you see a carload of niggers at a store,why the fuck would you pull up next to them??? Go to another store or wait for them to leave..very simple.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the supposed shotgun? All four nigs were there, but no shotgun. Nothing on the tape showing anyone fleeing the scene with a shotgun, or even fleeing the scene except Dunn. Are we jumping the gun and having a knee jerk reaction for a tard with a handgun who was trying to impress his girlfriend, or what? You know whats worse, a carload of WHITE kids playing this rap crap!

Anonymous said...

Thank you 8:39, the ANP is the way to go. Whits need to take a new approach, the vision that Rocky has put out there becuase of his 50years in the movement. Whites need to stop provoking these incidents with Non-Whites. The ANP has taken this step and now has a Non-White Support Division.
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Anonymous said...

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hey there :) said...

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Anonymous said...

"Mindless Haters?" Given the statistics, not to mention REAL LIFE experience that is not hard for ANY White person in the real world to get, it IS a good idea to avoid groups of blacks.

How does your ANP "different approach" keep Whites from being victimized by non Whites? You think handing a "non White supporter Division" flyer to some savage trying to assault you will change its mind?

Why dont you cut the self-righteous Miss Manners bullshit.

Anchorage Activist said...

To "Hey There": You're implying we're bigoted? Isn't it just as bigoted to suggest that all whites are equally in power?

I love it when you anti-racists expose your own duplicity and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Below is taken from an article when Bowles called attention to himself as a "Lobbyist".

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Anonymous said...


Next time you come in here and start lieing about the ANP you should make sure its a good lie that can't be substantiated.

In other words, YOUR BUSTED> lol

Hey, if every person that put on a NS uniform is gay then the NSM must be overloaded with em. I guess the next thing you will say anyone putting on a robe and hood is gay. haha

Anonymous said...

Bowles can write on his web site anything he wants, BUT there is NOT a single Disclosure Form filed with the Feds as required. Sure, he can say he spoke Vet issues while he was at a VA Clinic, BUT that is Bull Shit, just like the VA. Bowles has NOT been doing real lobby work.

Anonymous said...

How do you know 9:34PM? Did you ask him? Or are you guessing? I would go guessing. I think you are jealous of him. He might be meeting with Congressman and having talks and dinner with them and you don't know probably he doesn't BLAB all his business like the rest of the movement. Keep on guessing nitwit. You make us all luagh. Go take your meds.

Anonymous said...

9:34 whats your problem? Taylor Bowles, like Rocky Suhayda have done more for the White Nationalist struggle in a year, than 99% of the people posting here have done in their lifetimes including myself. Lets give them the respect that they deserve. Your only showing your own immaturity.

Anonymous said...

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