Wednesday, December 05, 2012

White Civil Rights Activist Steve Smith Jousts With Nancy Kman And John Webster During WILK Radio Interview In Pennsylvania

Since being elected a Republican committeeman in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on May 11th, 2012, white civil rights activist Steve Smith, once active with Keystone United and now a part of the European American Action Coalition (EAAC), has attracted media interest. Recently he appeared on the Webster and Nancy Show on WILK radio, which was simulcast on FOX56 TV. You can see during the interview that Nancy Kman definitely wears the pants in this duo; she was shrill, self-righteous and sanctimonious, constantly interrupting both Smith and her tag team partner John Webster. Other people in the area also find her irritating. In contrast, Webster was considerably more restrained and factual. You can actually see Webster smirking and rolling his eyes while Kman goes into one of her rants:

WILK's archives indicate this interview was done back on June 4th. The WILK segment is only four minutes long, though, but the audio quality is a bit better.

Post-game analysis was published on Stormfront and White News Now. Kman tried to characterize the EAAC as an "AARP for white supremacists". But Kman was also caught in a lie late in the interview when she completely turned the story around and denied that Steve Smith said what he actually said earlier (he had explained that he was not a skinhead or a white supremacist, but an advocate for White people), and then tried to put her own words into his mouth. Smith promptly called her on it, and she didn't like it.

Steve Smith says that John Webster is basically a good guy who knows the score, even if he is not a White nationalist:

Nancy Kman's co-host John Webster is a good guy. He may not be completely on our side, but he does recognize the double standards in racial issues. Note the smile on his face when I asked Nancy Kman to name one majority Black and/or Hispanic neighborhood that she wanted herself and her family to move to.

Also, I sent him a link to Craig Bodeker's documentary A Conversation About Race and he said it was a good film.

Overall, Steve Smith made a favorable impression on those of us who listened to the interview. The message was constructive and on-topic.


WP said...

With all the garbage coming from talking heads on tv, this was actually worthwhile. I have had situations where I have gotten into arguments with White liberal ladies that not only look like this one but have the same tone and everything. Steve did a good job, and I give this a thumbs up.

James said...

What a typically irritating bitch....