Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wagonburners More Welcome At The Vanguard News Network Forum Than White Racialist Christians

It is well-known within the White racialist community that Vanguard News Network Forum webmaster Alex Linder has always been, to put it mildly, skeptical about Christianity. While his main ire has been directed against overt Judeo-Christianity and Christian Identity, he believes that Christianity as a whole is a net loss for the White race, having feminized and deracinated too many White men.

But on December 24th, 2012, Linder decided to cross the Rubicon. In a thread entitled "The Jebus Complex: Toward a Colder, More Sophisticated Race", Linder announced that he will no longer allow Christians of any denomination to register on VNN Forum effective January 1st, although he will grandfather existing forum members who are Christian. Here's the applicable part of his initial post:

I think that as of 2013, we will no longer allow christians to sign up at VNNForum. If they truly have WN sentiment, they need to be working on their churches, not bothering us here. I will grandfather existing cultists, since they signed up under different rules.

Of course, the non-Southern minority here capable of paying attention might say, alert to inconsistency, don't you make a big point of allowing anyone who follows the rules to post, since, as you say, correctly, you cannot verify who is white/non-white/fag/whatever?

I respond, that is correct. We will have to rely on christ cultists not breaking the ninth commandment. I won't deny I feel as good about that as I would crossing one of those third-world rope bridges over a rushing river, but, you know, that's how it's gotta be. I don't care enough to track problems to their lair, just to lop off such problem-people as stick their heads above our carefully considered rules.

So that will be the new rule, as of 2013. No christians at VNNForum. You're not welcome here. If you have any White sentiment, your job is changing your church, not special-pleading for your science-fiction hero among White men.

Of course, Linder acknowledges that he has no way of ferreting out Christians in advance, so if a Christian wanted to register, he or she would have to remain in the religious closet to avoid being banned. On the other hand, Linder's counsel to Christians to re-direct their racial outreach towards their own churches is not only wise, but is badly needed; for example, the LDS Church seems to be compromising more and more on racial issues, and are now cozying up to homosexuals under the radar, although it is unlikely they'll ever solemnize gay marriages in their temples.

Certainly I respect Alex Linder's right to run his forum as he wishes. In addition, I continue to respect his fundamental activism; his chosen path has not exactly made him a millionaire, and he did shed blood for the Cause in Knoxville in May 2007. Furthermore, Linder has struggled with a persistent and debilitating medical problem now diagnosed as ulcerative colitis; being an occasional sufferer of IBS, I can relate to how debilitating that can be. So I was originally inclined not to take notice of Linder's new policy.

But then I encountered this VNN Forum thread entitled "Gaede Swastika Brand Honey", in which April Gaede is pushing homemade honey. In this thread, a self-identified American Indian known as N.M. Valdez deliberately insults Gaede:

The latter was in response to a post from April Gaede in a different thread:

Look at the dichotomy. Linder doesn't want White racialist Christians on his forum, yet he's willing to tolerate non-White filth who not only rampage throughout the entire forum insulting White racialists, but also proven activists like April Gaede. On Stormfront, someone like Valdez who identified as non-White would be confined to the Open Forums; if he snuck onto one of the activist forums and pulled this crap, Jack Boot would nuke his ass in a heartbeat.

I realize that Alex Linder doesn't care about public opinion, but there is a matter of credibility involved here. Since when do you ban White racialists from a WN forum, but allow non-Whites to troll to their heart's content? This policy will backfire on Linder and marginalize him unless he stiffens the rules of engagement for non-White posters. Already he's taking some hits from Pastor Martin Lindstedt, while a poster on Covenant People's Ministry noted that this is "contrary to teachings of Dr. Pierce, who clearly established a rule that every White man and woman, Christian as well as non-Christian is welcome in National Alliance as long as they support liberation, self-determination, autonomy, self-government and independence of White nations, that is good and proper to be followed by WN organizations". In July 2012, Obagenderbender predicted on the Christian Identity Forum this would happen in about six months. Either Linder needs to ban Valdez altogether, or else confine him to the Tard Corral or Opposing Views.

The smart approach would be to maintain a wall of separation between activism and religion, and insist that when White racialists come together for activism, religion is checked at the door. It is stupid to drive Christians away when only the NSM can manage to attract as many as 50 to a rally; we cannot win this battle without them. We need all the bodies we can get.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "AA" is correct, that is WHY in the ANP there is ZERO discussion of ANYONE'S "religious views" or lack of. It is a matter of personal-choice - period. Ours is a political Struggle after all. I myself suggest that it would be better for Mr. Linder, if he simply forbad any discussion of "religious views" rather than outright banning. I guess when you have creatures like Traitor Glenn Miller as a VNN "star poster", and openly anti-Whites like "Valdes" or whomever running loose, its his forum... I wonder if its sincere, normal Christian racialists, or just these "I'm a real, original jew", Dik-Dik, Movement-Turd, Obergenderbender types that he dislikes? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

It only takes a few minutes of engagement with Alex Linder to recognize that he is a mental health case, his ramblings and profanity, a sign of limited intellectual ability to debate in a broad sense, RFM w/ Hunter Wallace does not count, and his calls for violence, which he himself lacks the testicles to ever engage in. Linder neither understands true Christianity nor National Socialism, both of which he has attacked. Linder has never been able to articulate anything cohesive as a solution other than screaming about the problem or problems. We know what the problem is.

The fact is modern, emphasis on modern, Christianity has allowed itself to be usurped by Jews and self hating white and wannabee Jews, i.e Christian Zionists, also modern Christians have long lost the likes of Luther and other Greats who were unafraid to name the Jew for what they are, Satan's handimen on Earth, now the Jew is allowed to both trash Christianity and tell Christians what their theology should be, they now usurp our Political, Education, Cultural, and Religious Institutions. Why are we surprised? Linder has no grasp of the overall picture, he simply attacks the Institution, whithout thought of the void that would be left and the fact that an overwelming majority of the populace beleive in the institution in some form, thus Linder looses credibility on every issue he talks about. Hitler understood thus and thus made the Church in Germany a supporter, both Catholic and German Evangelical.
The goal should be another great Reformation with the purging of the Jew from Christianity, the removal of the OT and finally the purging of the Jew from Secular Life as well. If the Jew is exposed as a contaminate in the people's Religion, they will also view the Jew as a contaminent in everything else.

The Old Man said...

This sort of thing is why I no longer bother with either VNN or Stormfront. These vBulletin boards allow for the creation of little personal empires where personalities such as Linder can play King of the Hill, only there's really no hill to be king of.

We need to get off the internet and re-emphasize physical, real-world interaction between live human beings.

I understand how difficult that is, with the internet being not only our main means of communication but the only mass medium we have access to at all. The Northwest Front is having a hell of a time doing it, so we're not perfect by any means, but we're trying and we are beginning to form local communities of real, live people. It can be done.


Anonymous said...

I see where Gaede said she was not leaving White Nationalism, but leaving the "sludge" at VNN. Makes sense to me. I dont care about WNs and their religion. I wish everyone would just keep their religion to themselves and focus on the 14 Words, first and foremost.

More WNs should follow Gaedes lead and ditch the dead end do nothing forums. Yes, I respect that Linder went to Knoxville. But, he has mainly "made his name" by facilitating one of the better known "White Nationalist BS Hot-Air Hangout Spots" aka forums. Where he invited pathetic traitor Glenn Miller to be the resident "WN elder."

VNN is a waste of time. Just a very negative place inhabited by keyboard commando types with too much time on their hands. People who get self worth from their 20,000 posts and "senior member" status. Yeah, that's awesome.

Like Stormfront, only with less censorship. There is a big world out there beyond the internet, with a lot of work to be done.

Harlan Markwalder said...
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Anonymous said...

The ANP has the best forum and does not ban people because of what they white or because they are non white or gay. We only make sure people do not white mindless hate and mindless profanity which is typical of a lot of whites today.
You can purchase our newsletter at the ANP web site and also make a donation too. If you are not with the ANP you are not real. Heil the ANP.

Passionate Pragmatist said...

I am not surprised because Alex Linder is a Jew, which is the main reason I've never endorsed either VNN or Stormfront on my own blog, and also is the reason I have not allied myself with typical 'white nationalist' groups. Jews have infiltrated and subverted every aspect of American society, so there is no reason not to suspect that will make every attempt to undermine white society's mission to save their race and heritage.

Anonymous said...

The ANP doesn't even have a forum Jeff.

Anonymous said...

FORUM = a program (as on radio or television or internet) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities.

Yes, the ANP has a forum through its TALKSHOE radio program according to that definition 12:20PM moron. DUH!

ETA said...

Screw Linder and his 30-40 followers.

Anonymous said...

Linder is a retarded sociopath. He's a wannabe-cult leader, but because of his extremely limited and dysfunctional mind, he can only manage a small online following of mentally ill sycophants. Furthermore he's not even fully White, he's partially Jewish himself. This isn't the first time a confused mischling hates their own people such as the Hungarian Csanad Szegedi.

If Linder is so insistent on people proving who they are and having standards then he should have his DNA analyzed and post it.

VS said...

Alex Linder is a faggot.

Anonymous said...

Alex Linder has some good ideas for white nationalist strategy and future plans, but the VNN forum is a sewer that is currently being trolled into oblivion by the "N.M. Valdez" character mentioned in the above blog post.

I know Alex is aware of Valdez's actions since he mentioned him in a white nationalist podcast with Carolyn Yeager, so it isn't as though Valdez's posts have gone unseen by Alex - so why is he allowing him to constantly derail threads, attack other forumers, abuse female members and drive contributing white nationalists off the forum?!

Either Alex gets off his ass and cleans his forum up, or VNN will continue to look like a forum toilet where the moderation staff just stopped caring and decided to let everything go to shit.

If he wants to support white nationalism, try NOT letting a non-white shit all over your forum. Geez Louise, guy.

Anonymous said...

April posted she was leaving long before she posted her honey thread. Linder told her he would keep Valdez out of any activism thread she wanted to start, but her pride at Valdez not being banned at her whim wouldn't allow that. She was able to overcome her pride when it came to making money though.

April Gaede said...

Yes I advertised my honey on VNN. Big deal. My father worked hard to get his honey business up and running, he is 80 years old and needs as many sales as possible to supplement his SS. I am not making the money, he is. So yes I swallowed my pride on that ONE thread to try to help my elderly father.

BTW, Linder had promised to stop Valdez and others from disrupting threads but he didnt keep his promise. I think he secretly hates many of us and enjoys seeing this mud mess with our legitimate threads on WN topics.

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