Saturday, December 22, 2012

Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok Wonders If Derek Black Is Giving Up On White Racialism, But Doesn't Explain Hiring One Of The Jena Six Thugs

On December 18th, 2012, SPLC Intelligence Director Mark Potok decided to take a shot at Derek Black, the son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black. In his post entitled "Derek Black: Have Stormfront Founder’s Son’s Politics Changed?", Potok insinuates that Black's commitment to white racialism may be wavering.

Prompting Potok's interest is the fact that Derek Black has taken heat for his politics from a few students at the New College of Florida, a liberal arts honors college in Sarasota with an average student population of 850, where he's in his third year. To mitigate concerns, Black recently published a statement on a students-only Web forum (which I was unable to find) in which he said he is not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman and does not hold such views. He also stated he doesn’t dislike anyone on account of their race, religion, or anything similar. Specifically, he wrote “I do not believe people of any race, religion, or otherwise should have to leave their homes or be segregated or lose any freedom or whatever other terrifying similar-vein ideas have been posted in threads about me”.

In addition, Black also allegedly said that he's pro-choice on abortion, pro-gay marriage, and anti-death penalty, but embraces the libertarian principle that each state should be allowed to determine such laws for their states. He also believes that government should not define marriage, period.

After publication of Potok's piece, Derek Black confirmed that he made the statements, but added that he had not abandoned his view that white assimilation in a multicultural society is harmful to whites. In his e-mail response to Potok, Black specifically wrote, “Everything I said is true, and I also believe in White Nationalism. My post and my racial ideology are not mutually exclusive concepts, and people can believe both. WN [white nationalism] doesn’t dictate specific creeds so much as my concern about white assimilation, which I still think is very much a problem.”

But Mark Potok is trying to spin this to lead the public to believe that Derek Black is following the example of Lamb and Lynx Gaede, who chose to retire from all white racialist activism. However, there are no signs that Derek Black is retiring from activism; he continues to participate in the daily Don & Derek Black Show which airs on WPBR 1340 AM on weekdays at 9:00 A.M. ET. The issue is being discussed on a Stormfront thread entitled "Mark Potok's Propaganda Corner: Have Stormfront founder's son's politics changed?", and most people are supportive of Derek, rejecting the notion that Derek is flirting with race treason. Although neither Don nor Derek Black have commented on the thread yet, Stormfront Chief of Staff Jack Boot, who is pretty close to the "throne", so to speak, wrote "...clearly Derek intended this for the public audience or he would not have written it. I'd be surprised if Derek did not think expansively about the critical and complex issues and it is for him to clarify, if he cares to, which he is more than capable of. The young man may just go down a completely apolitical path. It's his life, and no one is standing over him".

So long as Derek Black continues to believe that white assimilation in a multicultural society is harmful to whites, and publicly articulates that viewpoint, I'm willing to consider him an asset to the Cause, even though he's migrating from racial nationalism to racial populism. Each white racial activist is entitled to determine the scope and direction of his or her racial activism. Before you judge Derek Black, take stock of what you're doing for the Cause; Derek Black paid dues in the past when Sid Dinerstein arbitrarily overruled Black's election as a local Republican committeeman.

As for the SPLC, perhaps Mark Potok would care to explain why they're employing one of the infamous Jena Six thugs, Theodore Shaw, as a "community advocate".


Anonymous said...

Marky Mark needs to give some air time to his good buddy, and federal informant, Jim Giles. The poor bastard needs the press. He's living in a trailer and sucking on cow udders for breakfast for christ's sake!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Derek Black got into such an upscale and expensive university in the first place, seeing as how is dad is an infamous racist with no job?

Anonymous said...

Derek sounds like he's in line with the ANP and Rockys political stance. You don't have to be a 'race hater' to be a sincere white nationalist. If the entire WN movement would give up on this "supremicist" crap, which has gotten it nowhere, and took a more reasonable attitude, I think it would find more acceptance from the average Jill & Joe white person. Looking at Potoks remarks, its easy to see that he fears this progressive thinking, and would prefer that WN remained the loud mouthed bigots and haters that he claims we all are. I commend Chairman Suhayda for having the courage and intelligence to challenge this line of thinking and to offer for once some common sense. WN LOVE our own kind - PERIOD. Very few people would disagree with PRO-WHITE, without all this ANTI-EVERYTHING thats dragged the movement down the path of failure. Maurice K.

Anonymous said...

10:52 is right on, the ANP is leading the way, we are not race haters, nor are we homophobic, we have non-white Division, we have proud Gays, we have all different people standing with our and supporting our Chairman through work and through pledges. The ANP is the future of multicultural nationalism and stands against mindless white hate.
Purchase the ANP Newsletter through our web site and learn more. If you are not with the ANP, you are not real.

Anonymous said...

7:35PM is apparently trying to make a parody of the ANP and its policies. Anyone with a working brain understands that the ANP is not for "multi-cultural nationalism", nor does it accept "proud gays", and the fact that it does have non-Aryans who SYMPATHIZE with our National Socialist agenda and finacially donate to our efforts, in a special section outside our membership/official supporters seems to offend some mindless haters and buffoonish bigots. 7:35PM has posted earlier on this forum, making incorrect statements about ANP policy, (such as we intend on "selling state franchises" - we sell no positions, ever! ) pretending to be a supporter of the ANP. Please allow me to state this - UNLESS you see ANP policy stated OFFICIALLY in an ANPReport on our website - disregard it! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Stop the Genocide said...

It's funny how the SPLC leads the way for "Tolerance". Meanwhile, just visit any Jewish neighborhood, and there's no minorities to be found. You can't even find a place to rent. Also, Jewish-Owned Businesses have a chain-of-command which keeps all management Jewish. I doubt that SPLC would ever target against these racist Jewish Corporations.