Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Southern Poverty Law Center Tries To Link Suspected Alaska Serial Killer Israel Keyes To Dual-Seedline Christian Identity

Israel Keyes being interrogated
The case of suspected Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes, who committed suicide in his Anchorage jail cell on December despite being housed in a segregation unit 23 hours a day where a corrections officer checks on them every 30 minutes, has attracted national and international attention. Information pouring out portrays Keyes as a split personality who could become a cold-blooded killer at the drop of a hat; the Alaska connection is because Keyes kidnapped, raped, and murdered an Anchorage barista, Samantha Koenig.

And the case has also attracted the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to Salon Magazine. According to Salon, Keyes was born in Utah to Mormon parents who purchased rural property in Stevens County, Washington near the U.S.-Canadian border, when he was a child. But while living in Stevens County, Keyes became exposed to Christian Identity theology, considered racist and anti-Semitic by the establishment.

They disclose that Keyes was a childhood friend and neighbor of two brothers, Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe, who are now serving lengthy prison sentences for murder and attempted murder. The kids in both families were home-schooled and they sometimes attended a Christian Identity church once called The Ark but now called Our Place Fellowship, just up the road from their homes. The Ark is pastored by 83-year-old Pastor Dan Henry, a Christian Identist who preaches that white people are the superior, chosen race and that the Bible is their story. DSCI adherents generally believe that modern-day Jews are not the real descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible, and many say that Jews are biologically descended from Satan through a physical union between Satan and Eve. Those unfamiliar with DSCI can read the "five-minute tour" on the Christian Nationalist Forum, maintained by Pastor Martin Lindstedt.

In response to a query by the SPLC, Pastor Henry acknowledged that Keyes could have attended services their, but could not remember him specifically. Henry said his church, which he founded in 1975 after moving from Nevada, doesn’t keep a membership roster. However, an examination of the Our Place fellowship website reveals that they may espouse British Israelism rather than Dual Seedline theology, so it's mystifying as to why the SPLC would want to immediately play the Dual Seedline card. That is, unless you're familiar with the SPLC's tactics, in which case the mystery becomes instantly resolved. $$$$$$$$$

Certainly, nothing in Israel Keyes' behavior would link him to DSCI. His three known victims, Samantha Koenig and a Vermont couple, Vermont couple, Bill and Lorraine Currier. All three are White, as is Keyes, which would not square with someone responsive to DSCI. Keyes confessed to five other murders before his suicide, but the victims have not been identified. It seems like the SPLC has seen an opportunity to stir up more hatred against Christian Identists.

The Anchorage Daily News published an FBI statement which gives an absolutely chilling account of how the psychopathic Keyes targeted, kidnapped, raped and murdered Samantha Koenig on February 1st, 2012. After killing her in a shed at his home in Anchorage, he then left her body there while he took a trip to New Orleans. Upon his return on February 17th, he dismembered Koenig's body, then cut a hole in the ice at Matanuska Lake just 40 miles north of Anchorage and stuffed her remains through the ice; the body was not recovered until April 2nd. Keyes was apprehended in Lufkin, Texas on a related charge on March 13th.

Those who are interested in the details of the Israel Keyes case can read this series of posts on Alaska Pride.


Anonymous said...

I think that "Our Place" Ministry is more of a non-seedliner Israel identity church. They do have this essay up on their site.

Anonymous said...

The government is way scared of CI to begin with. It was listed as number two I believe as threats to the federal government awhile back in the meggido report issued by the feds. ZOG will try to find any reason to disband an Identity church or persecute its adherents.

Anonymous said...

Marty is CI?

Could've fooled CI!

Anonymous said...

If his parents were Mormon, as nobody is denying, then the supposed evil effect that Dual Seedline Christian Identity is alleged to have had on him is miniscule or in fact, non-existent. And as it was said above, it doesn't appear that The Ark/Our Place Fellowship teaches the Two Seed Doctrine, and even then, I can't find where Christian Identity teaches to go murder random people for no apparent reason, and White people at that.

I don't find anything truly "hateful" in what they teach about Jews. See link: http://www.sonplace.com/Xulon/Who_are_the_Jews.htm

For instance, their belief that: "Today the word 'Jew' refers to a religion, not a race. The Jews of today are a mixture of races who practice a religion based on the Babylonian Talmud. This religion bears only a passing resemblance to the Old Testament religion of the Israelites."

And also: "The Jewish peoples of today may be great folks, it’s just that they are not the true descendants of ancient Israel. The religion of the ancient Israelites was based on “the law of Moses and the prophets.” According to a parable given by Jesus, those who originally heard the law of Moses and the prophets would later became Christians. The Jewish peoples of today came to Judaism only after ancient Israel had been conquered and disbanded by Assyria and Babylon. By that time the law of Moses had been superceded by the Talmud. These late-comers to Judaism never believed Moses and the prophets, and thus cannot be persuaded by Christianity today."

They do label "Jews" imposters however, believing that today's Jews are called that because of their religion, not because their race, because Jews aren't a race, there are Jews of every race united in their religion of Judaism.

I don't see how supposedly attending a Christian Identity church a few times with "fringe Mormons" will make somebody go out and kill random people, especially seeing that Wonder Russell in the group picture, closer than Israel Keyes probably ever got, went on to be a movie star! Awesome for her! :) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0751517/
Group picture located here: http://www.sonplace.com/Our_Place/

wendel said...

now they are even calling some Ethiopian sand niggers jews so only us white , blushing Israelites are the truly lost tribe of Israel and it is time to rid this country of the heathen

Anonymous said...

All this seedline talk is goofy for most Americans.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is. This White man was named "Israel?" Weird.

I do my best to respect the various ideologies that fall under the WN banner. The CI stuff gets pretty strange, very complex and bogged down in many biblical details.

I think most Whites would have trouble understanding it and get put off by it. When you have these "pastors" all foul mouthed and gross with their "Dik Dik" and "Movement Turd" and "Obagenderbender," you're gonna turn off most folks.

Anonymous said...

Lindstedt is just the CI version of Rocky and taylor Clown show we also call the ANP.

Anonymous said...

2:37AM Rocky was never mentioned in this entire thread, until the homo with the Rocky/ANP man-crush felt the need to interject his petty nonsense. What are you, jealous that the ANP are actively doing some positive good? I'll say this, Rocky must be pretty important, what with all the constant focus on him. Even his detractors can't seem to come up with one proven flaw in this mans character or personal lifestyle, much less his leading the ANP as Party Chairman. Pretty damn impressive in this movement! Paula

Anonymous said...

This CI stuff is pretty wierd. I can't imagine wanting to be an 'origional jew', no matter what the supposed reasons are. Yeah, the bible is opened to anyones 'interpretations' I suppose, but WANTING to claim to be a JEW is pretty far out. I mean, we White-Aryans origonated in EUROPE right? And this stuff all takes place in that semitic sand-box. How can you work that out to an intelligent, thinking person?

Chaplain Bill said...

CI is a religion of love for one's own race and anyone trying to claim differently is a fool.