Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Free America Rally Joins Boycott Django Unchained Movement, Mounts Protest Outside Theater In Scappoose, Oregon

Another Quentin Tarantino "Blaxploitation" movie is under fire. Black film director Spike Lee is boycotting the new movie "Django Unchained" because he thinks it's disrespectful to his ancestors, and the word "nigger" is excessively used. The movie is about a black slave who goes on a murderous rampage in an attempt to find his wife who had been taken from him by white slave-traders.

But while Spike Lee's protest is attracting considerable media interest, another protest against the movie has attracted no media interest so far. Representatives of a group called Free America Rally mounted their own street protest near the Cinema 7 in Scappoose, Oregon on December 25th, 2012, but for a different reason. The tone of the movie is overtly anti-white, even aggressive against whites. And Tarantino has a history of producing anti-White films, most notably "Machete". Below is a photo of the three activists standing in front of the adjacent McDonalds; to the right as you're facing it is an Xpress Lube, then further to the right, the theater. Additional photos published on this Stormfront thread. The movie will be playing in the theater from Dec. 26-28.

Protestors in front of the McD's; to the right, Xpress Lube, then the Cinema 7

Here's a video just put up:

Public Reaction: On Stormfront, one of the participants wrote "The overall public reaction was encouraging, with several thumbs up! The police seemed to be good guys making initial contact, then just keeping an eye on things. Oregon seems pretty promising when you get out of Portland".

Free America Rally lays out the case for their objections on this post on their website. The most important excerpt:

Tarantino has a history of producing anti-white films, most notably the reconqista-themed Machete, released in 2010, a movie glorifying the murder of whites by illegal aliens. In both Django and Machete, negative stereotypes of whites are pushed to their fullest, whites being portrayed as greedy and hateful villains who by their evil justify the bloody vengeance taken by those they have “oppressed.” In the trailer to Django, the lead character, when asked to join in a bounty-hunt, proclaims: “Kill white folks and get paid for it, what’s not to like?” The role played by Fox must have come quite natural to him. Opening for Saturday Night Live a few weeks before the release of Django Unchained, Fox stated: “I kill all the white people in the movie, how great is that?”

The recent movies produced by Tarantino are only the most blatant expressions of an anti-white theme that permeates much of our establishment. At best, white history and culture are portrayed by popular media, and even by our educational and political establishment, as the product and inheritance of a generic humanity or, as is usually the case, our heritage, like in Django, is made out to be something shameful. We are made to be the bad guys of our own history.

This constant demonization of our past has real world consequences. Racial identity plays an enormous role in the way individuals and societies view themselves. Just as children connect themselves with the behaviors and attitudes of their parents, whole societies shape themselves based on their view of the accomplishments of previous generations.

Not only have non-White Americans acquired a negative view of Whites because of these types of movies, but many young, impressionable Whites have adopted self-hating, anti-racist attitudes which motivate them to bash Whites the loudest in a quest for "social credibility". It is an updated version of "Stockholm Syndrome" or the infamous "Patty Hearst Syndrome".

The Council of Conservative Citizens also reports that there is a Boycott Django Facebook page. They characterize the movie as a race war fantasy slasher film, and note that even some liberal publications are shocked by the explicit anti-White message.

This rally could also be viewed as a dress rehearsal for a much larger protest against illegal immigration to be mounted nationwide by Free America Rally on February 23rd, 2013. Rallies are projected for Central California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington, Idaho, West Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Free America Rally is to encourage ordinary Americans to understand the reality that we must begin thinking in terms of political unity, with united interests, much like other racial groups do. Their goal is to generate the momentum and support necessary to eventually compete with the establishment for the hearts and minds of our people by offering them a form of representation that has previously been unavailable. Contact information is available on their website and their Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with an openly ANTI-WHITE movie? I think its GREAT! Perhaps if we had MORE of this kind of trash, more White people just MIGHT get offended and woken up? Which would you prefer? This "kill whitey", OR "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"? While we have white people who are so damned AFRAID to support their views that they adopt silly looking costumes, hence severely lowering their credibility, its better to "DO" nothing, but sit back and enjoy. Its this simple - IF YOU WON'T DO IT RIGHT, DON'T DO IT! I hope that they continue putting out "kill whitey" propaganda - I'm tired of all the propaganda that portrays them as "just want'in to get along"... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Henry Cooper said...

"it's better to "DO" nothing..." like you guys. American Nazi Party, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Rock is correct. It IS better to do nothing, than to do it all wrong. And obviously from what the movement is today, we've been doing it wrong for a very long time. The jokes on us I'm afraid, and so few have apparently learned anything from it.

Anonymous said...

The ANP writes and says more Anti-White stuff than this Movie. So whats the issue?

Anonymous said...

Clueless, these people don't even have a contact-point on their signs, for observers to follow up upon if they wanted to know more. I didn't notice any explanitory literature being distributed either. Rocky IS right, this was rather pathetically done, and is another movement embarrassment rather than anything else. They made it look like a prank, or a joke rediculing WN.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the StockHolme Syndrome thing.

Anonymous said...

AA, have you ever considered shutting down the comment section of this section altogether? All it is now is Rocky ranting about stuff he knows nothing about or some other nonsense, then congradulating himself. If you like the ANP, that's great. But Rocky's ramblings aren't doing anything but making them look like complete idiots. Like this latest one, it is some nonsense you'd get from a 16 year old skinhead who barely knows anything outside the classroom and local hangout. There have been anti-white movies for 50 years and those have done more damage to our people than anything else. But Rocky wants to offer a dissenting opinion so he can try to convince people that the ideas of a partially senile 60+ year old are fresh and exciting.

Jim Harting said...

Three demonstrators in embarassing disguises--four if you count the one who took the photos--with amateurish signs. I guess that it is superior to nothing, although not by much.

Still, it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness!

Anonymous said...

6:30AM if you would ever get off of your Rocky-bashing crusade, you mignt think that all those white people who went to anti-white movies, not only went volutarally, but actually paid money to see this trash.Perhaps seeing some movies where whites are butchered, might open the eyes of a few of them. Especially if the blacks get uppity after viewing them too. I think that if Rocky said the sky was blue, or that you are a moron, you would still disagree with him!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a high school spoof or parody of WN. Yeah, they 'did something', but it was pretty sill and half assed. They could use a lot of guidance before they jump out next time. Why not just dress nicely, and hand out leaflets in front of the theater promoting their views. Why is it that WN feel the need to play costume time, all the time?

Anonymous said...

White Nationalist 'activism' is mostly costumed street theater of various shades of silliness, not actually getting involved in real world political activity. These four people could get involved in actually campainging for some local public office, like Chairman Suhayda of the ANP suggests. Now THAT would be REAL, worthwhile activity. www.ANP14.com 88!

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