Thursday, December 20, 2012

Four White South African Patriots Arrested For High Treason In Association With Alleged Nationwide Plot To Bomb President Jacob Zuma

Some within the White nationalist movement believe we should write off South Africa and leave White South Africans to fend for themselves because their leader, De Klerk, quietly handed over the country to the black supremacist African National Congress (ANC) in 1994 with barely a whimper.

However, this attitude would disrespect the activism of those few remaining White South African patriots who think they can save the country -- or at least carve out an Afrikaner-dominated state in the Cape Province. And four White South African patriots were arrested on December 16th, 2012 and accused of plotting to bomb an ANC conference in Mangaung attended by President Jacob Zuma and dozens of top government officials. The conference is expected to be the first step towards Zuma's renomination and his anticipated re-election to another five-year presidential term. However, a police spokesman claimed the four detainees were planning additional acts of terrorism around the whole country, and the Federal Freedom Party (Federale Vryheidsparty) is now under scrutiny because two of the men were members of that organization.

The suspects are said to be in their 40s and 50s. The Mail & Guardian reveals that one of the detainees is the Federal Freedom Party's president, identified from their website as Hein Boonzaaier, while another detainee was not identified by name but was said to be a member of the party's executive council. Francois Cloete, the party's national secretary, said that the two arrested men had been denied access to their legal teams. "There are also rumours circulating that the government seeks to create a second Boeremag case to once again impose fear in [the minds of] the conservative whites, while their rights are already being trampled on a daily basis...This is just another clear sign to try and derail freedom-seekers to obtain self-determination", Cloete wrote.

On December 19th, IOL confirmed that the four detainees are the party's president Hein Boonzaaier, who was arrested in Centurion; the party's operational manager Johan Prinsloo, who was arrested in Springs; Mark Trollip, who was arrested on the road between Kimberley and Douglas in the Northern Cape; and Martin Keevy, who was arrested at a guesthouse in Bloemfontein. The four made their first court appearance at Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on December 18th; their case has been postponed until January 8th, and they remain in custody. The Federal Freedom Party also announced that they have suspended Boonzaaier and Prinsloo from the party until further notice, and that the party will still contest the 2014 general election in a bid to get a mandate for self-determination for the Afrikaner people.

Analysis: On Mike Smith's Commentary, Mike Smith, a former contributor to the now-defunct South Africa Sucks blog, thinks that the whole thing is being blown out of proportion to distract South Africans from the ill effects of ANC misrule. He notes that in the run-up to the Manguang conference, Zuma had some stiff opposition as the ANC has lost a lot of support due to corruption and misrule. Smith points out that the tactics of the Marxists is to create an enemy where none exists, being that it is an ideology of hatred towards a minority. Without a scapegoat to blame for all their self-created mess, nobody will support them. So who else to blame than the usual villains; White Afrikaners. He reminds readers that every time the ANC loses support, they scratch out some “White Afrikaner rightwing plot” and parade the “villains” in front of the Proles so they can again appear as the “saviours of the nation”. This, of course, is quite similar to what the US government did with the Hutaree militia and the Schaeffer Cox militia.

Censorbugbear posts several additional media stories that show hypocrisy and confusion amongst the authorities, and also notes that the arrests took place on the anniversary of the Battle of Blood River in 1838, where a handful of Boers defeated an army of 15,000 Zulus.


Jeff Huxton said...

White South Africans willingly turned over their country to negro rule. They had the power to stop it - and yet didn't. So why should white nationalists care about what happens to them when THEY didn't care?

No, it's over for white South Africa. All the rapings, all the robbing, all the murders will continue to go on and on and on - without end. And the white South Africans have no one to blame but themselves.

What white South Africans can do NOW is to dig deep into their pockets and help white nationalists in America with THEIR struggle. To help us is to help the true heroes of the white race, standing tall and jut-jawed against the negroid hordes.

Anonymous said...

"...anniversary of the Battle of Blood River in 1838, where a handful of Boers defeated an army of 15,000 Zulus."

And this is not some isolated incident in history. There have been many times where we were greatly outnumbered but still triumphed. White people CAN do great things, and still could- IF they could only get their (stuff) together!

But this weekend many groups of modern day American "White men" will come together- to get drunk and stuff themselves with junk food while they watch negroes play ball games.

I like Chairman Suhayda's description: the endangered (through its own action/inaction)American White Headed Dodo, "Boobus Americanus." LOL.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps after they screw our gun rights in the US, Obama should send Biden to head a commission for the ANC on how to screw the white South Africans a little bit better.

Anonymous said...

If this is what you americans believe then please DO leave us alone. I would like nothing more than for americans to stay out of our lives.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff Huxton"-

Its so damn easy to say the hell with the White South Africans. SO, if you had been born in SA, you would have been "waging war" when the blacks took over, fight to the death, right? So easy to talk big.

Here in the USA, Whites have been doing "White flight" for decades now. We are just lucky for the different circumstances- Whites not minority yet, and lots more land/space.

Look at Detroit, USA. The nigs took over a while ago, Whites did nothing, just fled.

You SERIOUSLY think Whites in SA should "dig deep into their pockets" to help WNs in the USA? How ridiculous can you get? You just threw them under the bus and now you say they should support us financially?

Also, WHO are these "true heroes of the white race" "tall and jut- jawed"(?) "against the negroes" Here in the USA? I see mostly profiteers, hobbyists,con-men, publicity hounds, etc.

You have to be an anti trying to stir up crap, or just crazy-off in fantasy land- to say this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Todays whites love to wallow in self sympathy, its so damn disgusting. Oh, this bad thing happened, please feel sorry for me! Oh, a big bad boogyman did this or that to me, please feel sorry for me even thought I did nothing to stop him doing it to me! DISGUSTING people! 2:20PM, while it may burst your bubble of the heroic white man, those days are apparently long gone. TODAY, whitey goes on forums like this and whine about their problems, instead of doing something to correct them. They haven't even the guts to campaign for pyblic office like Chairman Suhayda and the ANP advocate, to get some power to be able to effect these problems. No they read and get all excited about silly novels where the white man "fights back", successfully, ahem. Before the blacks were handed power by the whites, they had a 1st world military, including the nuclear option. THEY GAVE IT UP for christs sake! What is it about a LOST CAUSE that you don't get, per the SA whites? They weren't like NS Germany that had to be beaten into the ground and fought to the very end, for their peoples survival. Perhaps thier fate is poetic justice for helping to destroy Hitlers dream of an Aryan state? Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Whites around the globe have been guilty of turning their country over to savages, need I remind everyone that the U.S has a negro president, so anyone that says true South Afrikans ( Whites) deserve what they are getting is a fool.

Before any country or our people can claim back their land/country America has to fall. I have known and talked to some S.A's and they have been stock pilled with weapons and many would be ready in a heartbeat to wage a race war on the kaffirs and take back their country, however the problem lies with the U.S and the U.N.

A well trained and well supplied and armed Division could take back Afrika from CapeTown to Victoria Falls in less then 6 months but the Bolsheviks that control the media,the U.S and the U.N would never allow that, they would scream bloody murder about the evil White racist killing innocent loving smart negroes for no reason and how they must be stopped. It would only be a matter of time before the U.S under the guise of the U.N and saving democracy would land 500,000 men and 4 carrier groups of the southern coast and slaughter all Whites that are fighting for what is theirs.

So the Whites down there know this and are bidding their time, and it is running out, but they have very few options left. America as we know it is a controled bulley boy for International Jewry and what ever the Bolsheviks want the U.S enforces. South Afrika was the Last Dommino, start with the fall of the Congo in 1960 then go to Northern Rhodesia in 1963 Rhodesia in the 1970's, Angola in the 1980's and you will see SA's doom was only a matter of time unless something drastic happened. They killed Veorwoerd in 1966 and he was the last of the real S.A leaders.

Anonymous said...

4:07 (Rocky) are we supposed to forget you're and idiot because you quit signing your own name? Guts? You???

Anonymous said...

The Afrikaners failed to produce the leadership to fight the Negro communist takeover, they gave up without a fight - even now their sites still brag about fighting Germany in WWII !! Idiots. Not that American Whites are any better, they're at least as cowardly and the SA whites.

Anonymous said...

I think this whole "Blood River" myth is like something out of the Northwest novels, entertaining, but overblown fiction and daydreaming.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if they would have leadership like the ANP?? Rocky would be welcoming in blacks while back peddling on every position imaginable.

Anonymous said...

You Americans are such a bleeding joke! While in europe, white nationalists hold demo's in the thousands, your proud of a couple dozen motley losers parading around in your latest homemade finery like a bunch of loonies. We have nationalists elected all across europe, and are constantly contsting elections as a prime political weapon. You clueless dorks chastise the only organization that is attempting to follow our lead, the American Nazi Party, because they are doing something you all should have been doing years ago. Why? They're right you know. All these fine words over whats lost in SA, yet you won't even learn from their example and quit wasting time with your stupid theatrics. Its overdue that you yanks, yank your heads out of your ass's and quit 'playing nazis' and become National Socialists. And like Chairman Suhayda says, that involves getting involved in real politics, not prancing around dressed like an extra for some jew hollywood screenplay. Cheers! Joey Wardall