Sunday, December 30, 2012

Al-Jazeera Article Critical Of Israeli Veto Power Over U.S. Cabinet Attracts An Explosion Of "Jew-Wise" Comments On Reddit

Rep. Eliott Engel (D-Tel Aviv)
A growing number of people are wising up to the extensive degree to which the Jewish lobbies control the U.S. government and, in particular, its foreign policy in the Middle East. On December 30th, 2012, Al-Jazeera published an article entitled "Israel lobby should not have veto over US president's cabinet". In the article, Michael Brün, who is a visiting assistant professor of Economics at Illinois State University, claims that the Israel lobby is effectively teaming up with the neocon right to control President Barack Obama's selection of a replacement for the outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Brün takes issue with the demonization of one of the candidates, former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. The neocons were already on Hagel's case because Hagel was an early critic of the Iraq war, wants us to get out of Afghanistan, does not want a war with Iran, and he has supported cuts in military spending. But because Hagel himself is a military veteran, the neocons sought Jewish assistance to finish the job. In response, the Israeli lobby then jumped in to object to previous remarks by Hagel insisting that he was a US senator and not a senator in the Israeli government, as well as Hagel's previous usage of the term "Jewish lobby" instead of "Israel lobby". All of this threatens to torpedo the proposed nomination of Hagel as Secretary of Defense and make the less-qualified Susan Rice the replacement for Panetta.

Identified by Brün as the Congressional point man in the campaign against Hagel is Congressman Eliott Engel (D-NY16), included on my list of 33 Jews in the incoming 113th Congress. What's ironic is that Engel's commitment to the foreign policy of Israel is not the result of Jewish voters in New York's 17th Congressional district that he once represented (he now represents the 16th District due to reapportionment). Jews are less than 14 percent of the 17th District, which is majority Black and Latino. And many American Jews do not agree with the extremist policies of the Israeli government, which Engel represents. This is a problem of an ideological and political commitment of someone working with a powerful lobby to influence US foreign policy.

Of the 1174 comments posted to the story on Reddit, many are supportive of Brün's position. Some are a bit fanciful and attempt to use humor to convey the message, as illustrated in the screenshot of this exchange:

But other comments are a bit more serious-minded, as this exchange shows:

Nevertheless, many of the responses show that people are wising up to the real agenda in the Middle East, and the centrality of not only Israel, but also the Jewish lobbies, to the persistent problems there. Too bad that most of those who are anti-Zionist are progressives who are also anti-White, and the conservatives who are less anti-White are pro-Zionist.


Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda answers questions from Russian WN's, in his current ANPReport just posted, very blunt and provacative reading! 88!

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda stages Q & A with fake "Russian Nationalists, more ANP bullshit

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With the constant anp spam here and the typical yiddish begging for money coming from them while they do nothing productive only online whining and crying and attacking other NS groups, and their open support of homosexuals which is just fitting. The group they spend so much time bashing was in the news again.
At least some NS are doing something, while the anp online whinefest drama continues lol.

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Oh yea, the NSM is going to do something and do a POLICE CONTROLLED RALLY again and have everyone ID'ed and photographed for ZOG and have their race-mixing Commander speak like a retard. That will be impressive.

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8:38PM Anybody can get on the jew-news if they are willing to act crazy enough. How many times have racial activists been on the news, a hundred thousand, half a million? And what good has come of it? Time to re-think our strategy.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the attacks on Chuck Hagel coming up. Yeah, he's a systemite politician, but he is unique on that he is one of the few that has dared to criticize the jews. I gotta give him some credit for that. Also, he sticks out like a sore thumb being an actual combat veteran. Unlike the rest of the chickenhawks of BOTH parties, jew and shabbos goy. Lest we forget the GW Bush administration. Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz Feith etc. All chickenhawks. The one combat vet in that whole scene, Powell, was the only one against the Iraq war, at least for awhile.

Now, if I was more new to this whole thing, I might say the attacks on Hagel could open some White peoples eyes in regards to jew power and our "greatest ally" Israhell. Issues like "America First" or "is this in our interest?" with regards to foreign policy.

But I know better. The average white lemming doesnt care a bit, and wont be paying attention. After all, its nigger ball "playoffs" time!