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Stormfront Webmaster Don Black Reacts To Arrest Of Four Italian Stormfront Members; Arrests May Presage More Repressive Restrictions On Free Speech

Screenshot from Italian HuffPo

The raids on 21 Italian members of Stormfront, shown in the screenshot above, and the arrest of four of them has now attracted comment from Stormfront webmaster Don Black. The four were arrested for allegedly inciting racial hatred and spreading anti-Semitism:

-- Daniel Scarpino, 24 years old, Milan
-- Mirko Violo, 42 years old, Como
-- Luke Ciampaglia, 23 years old, Pescara
-- Diego Masi, 30 years old, Frosinone

In this thread, Black deplores the arrests, expresses solidarity with the activists, and explains why Stormfront isn't equipped with SSL encryption. It should be noted that upgrading Stormfront to include SSL encryption would cost more money, and it has been occasionally difficult for Stormfront to meet its monthly donation goal of $7500, which is also used to support the Don & Derek Black Radio Show.

The first comment:

Encrypting content which is viewable by anyone visiting our site would be pointless and create technical problems.

Nor would it have made any difference in this case. The chief commissar has told the Italian press the Thought Police Inquisition had rooted out the heretics by tapping DAN14's phone and computer. Dani was apparently pretty open about his fight to save the Italian people from genocide. But we didn't know his or anyone else' real names. Daniele used a prepaid debit card to pay for others' Sustaining Membership.

Forum neonazista Stormfront, operazione di polizia postale e Digos: arresti e perquisizioni in tutta Italia [Machine translation to English HERE]

This is all insane, of course. No one should be forced to hide because they oppose White genocide. And I doubt the Italian people take kindly to the statement that they are not allowed the same freedom of expression protected in America, particularly when this censorship is gleefully applauded by these Jews [machine translation HERE].

We will do everything we can on this end to support our imprisoned Italian patriots and see the real criminals brought to trial.

The second comment, disclosing the status of the 21 Stormfront accounts:

All twenty-one accounts have been temporarily disabled.

However, no one has tried to access any of the accounts since the 15th. Perhaps the Italian police criminals realize that any such attempted break-in would be a criminal offense in this country. American law enforcement could do it legally, of course...but only with a court order.

Or maybe they just blocked their own access to Stormfront and can't figure out how to use a proxy.

One Stormfront member reports that one is forced to vote in Italy and penalized for not voting even if there is no candidate which is appealing. An Italian citizen can be fined a large sum for failing to vote, and if one does not vote in five consecutive elections, one can be tried and imprisoned under a variant of their treason law. An Australian member reports it's a $50 fine for not voting in Australia.

The arrests may also serve as a test bed to determine how the Italian public may react to more statutory limitations against free speech. Back on October 29th, the provincial council in Rome unanimously passed a motion voicing solidarity with Rome local official Carla Di Veroli and with the Rome Jewish community general criticism of Di Veroli that was posted the previous week on Stormfront; the criticism was deemed to be "anti-Semitic". This October 22nd article in La Reppublica Roma leads me to believe that it was the Stormfront thread entitled "Women’s group battles anti-Semitism in Italy" that is the source of the council's irritation.

Di Veroli, who is Jewish, has long been an anti-fascist and minority rights activist. But much more disturbingly, the motion also commits provincial officials to assume every appropriate initiative to urge the relevant authorities and institutions to block websites that allegedly spread ideas that instigate racial hatred, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and homophobia, and pushed for a law to brand online hate spread on websites as a criminal act. Of course, it will not always be predictable what the state might consider racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, or homophobic; the chances of innocent mistakes being criminalized would exist. And, like in Germany, truth would be no defense. This motion also generated discussion on Stormfront.

Two weeks later, on November 16th, the raids on 21 Italian Stormfront members with the arrest of four of them took place. Meanwhile, two of the personalities on the Stormfront "list of Italian delinquents", Minister for International Cooperation and Integration Andrea Riccardi and Rome city mayor Gianni Alemanno, lauded the arrests. Riccardi and Alemanno were among those to congratulate magistrates and the postal police on Friday's operation to shut down the Italian Stormfront website and arrest four alleged members of the group. "No one must hope to seek refuge and impunity in the internet," said Riccardi. "Now, as I have been saying for some time, it is necessary to refine the law to allow even more stringent controls to be carried out".

More repression appears to be on the way.

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