Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Stormfront Poll Indicates Over 80 Percent Of Respondents Support Mitt Romney Over Barack Obama; A3P Candidate Merlin Miller Ignored

NOTE: The New York Daily News is listing the totals of ALL presidential candidates, including Merlin Miller.

A presidential poll currently in progress on Stormfront indicates that over 80 percent of respondents are consistently choosing Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. Unfortunately, there are no other choices, which leaves out American Third Position Party candidate Merlin C. Miller, who's openly pro-White. Here's a screenshot of the results through 4:20 A.M. EST on November 6th, 2012:

Note that the poll question is not "Who do you THINK will win the presidential race", but "Who do you WANT to win the presidential race"? That one word makes all the difference in the world, and considering that Stormfront is a White Nationalist discussion forum, could be considered an insult to Merlin Miller, who has run as an openly pro-White candidate. It's true that Miller has no chance to win, but he actually got on the ballot in a few states, and anyone can write his name in elsewhere. What incentive do our people have to run for office if our own people won't even acknowledge them, never mind vote for them?

Many Stormfronters defend their support of Romney by stating that a vote for a third party candidate will facilitate the re-election of Obama. They understandably find Obama's presence in the White House nauseating. But a number of posters also decry the omission of other candidates. Some indicate they will write in Ron Paul's name, and others will write in Miller's name. Two prominent pro-White leaders consider Romney vs. Obama to be little more than Tweedledee vs. Tweedledum. In the October 13th, 2012 ANP report, American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda expounded on the futility of choosing either Romney or Obama, although he failed to express any support for Miller:

Now of course, IF you ARE lucky enough to have a REAL, Pro-White advocate campaigning in your area - NS or otherwise - I strongly urge you to get out there and cast a VOTE for them! No, it’s NOT "wasting your vote" - Comrades, its MAKING a STATEMENT! Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is STILL supporting EVIL.

The REAL "WASTING your VOTE" would be - voting for - either a mullato who is the standard bearer of the systems "status quo”, OR a beady-eyed MULTI-MULTI-MILLIONAIRE who is determined to RAPE this nation and its citizens as much as he and his party can, for the BENEFIT of the already, grossly obscene 1% of the population who control 90% of this nation’s wealth.

And PLEASE - DON'T tell me - that you’re voting for the beady-eyed, PALE-FACED scumbag, simply BECAUSE you "want that negro out of the white house". Isn't it BETTER that as our people suffer under the corruptness of the Judeo-Capitalists - that this anti-White system has a PROPER "FACE" ( ie a NON-White one ) put upon it?

IF Romney gets elected - too many reactionary White folks - are going to sigh with relief, thinking "Oh, one of us is back in charge" - conveniently IGNORING that up until Obama, it’s ALWAYS been a White STOOGE in the Oval Office - giving US the SHAFT!

Yep, ALL of WHAT we are suffering under TODAY - was brought to YOU in the first place - by a POLITICAL WHORE race-traitor wearing a PALE-FACE. DON'T YOU GET IT YET?

Folks, no matter if George Washington was re-elected in November - UNLESS - he CHANGED this Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity, and implemented a decent, wholesome one - one FOR the PEOPLE - NOTHING would/will CHANGE for the BETTER.

The point that Rocky Suhayda makes is that either Obama or Romney will lead to a crash landing -- it's just that the landing will take longer and be a bit softer under Romney. Dr. David Duke is also concerned about the groundswell of support for Romney on Stormfront, believing that Romney diverts Whites from focusing on the real problem. In an essay published on this other Stormfront thread, Dr. Duke suggests that Romney would do far more damage to White people, and, for that matter, all the peoples of the world than would Obama, because although Whites know that Obama is evil, they could be suckered into going along with the Jewish extremist evil that Romney will promote because he is presented as a "real alternative". Whites would be more likely to tolerate anti-White measures such as affirmative action from Romney, who looks like them, than from Obama, who doesn't look like them. Whites would be more likely to tolerate going to war for Israel from Romney, who looks like them, than from Obama, who doesn't look like them. Whites would be more likely to tolerate amnesty for illegal immigrants from Romney than from Obama.

Read Dr. Duke's full essay after the jump:

My Dear Friends Who are Devoted to the Heritage and Freedom of European Americans!

When will our own adherents ever learn?

The Jewish Supremacist media is so omnipresent that they have sucked in millions of White activists into this Zio Election from Hell -- who should know better!

One set of Jewish Supremacist, anti-White, evil bastards supports Romney, the other set supports Obama.

Does anyone of us really think there is some sort of choice here?

If you do, you are being set up.

You are being played for a sucker.

They tell you how Obama is evil, but Romney is the White people's candidate.

In fact Romney will do far more damage to White people, and for that matter all the peoples of the world than would even Obama, and Obama is horrific.

Why is that? You might ask.

Because European Americans for the most part know what an evil S.O.B. Obama, but they will be far more willing to go along with the Jewish extremist evil that Romney will promote because he is presented as a real alternative.

You see, Whites have far less difficulty opposing the evil of Obama than they will against the fresh-faced Romney, "The Great White Hope!"

Romney is a White traitor, an American traitor, while Obama is a far more clear enemy.

The traitor is always more dangerous than the man beyond the walls. Because the traitor and his lies and influence behind our White walls can always do far more damage than any enemy outside of them.

Let me give you an example.

Under which President of the United States....

Did massive anti-White affirmative action programs ramp up? (even though he acted like he was against them)

Did a corrupt welfare system grow all out of proportion?

Which President essentially turned over American finances to the International Jewish banks and Jewish controlled Wall Street?

And finally, under which President was AMNESTY Granted?

None other than that star of the conservatism, Ronald Reagan!

When Romney promotes more hate crime laws and draconian removal of the last of your rights, he will have LESS White opposition than Whites did with Obama.

When Romney gets us into more insane Jewish wars, such as with Iran, more whites will go along with it than the would with Obama.

When Romney supports the massive discrimination against Whites called affirmative action, our own people won't look on it as they would from Obama, but it has the same effect.

In fact a White person pushing anti-White programs is much more effective in promoting such than is a non-White person.

When the Republican President supports such things as Amnesty, too many Republicans would be forced to go along with the Republican President or sacrifice their political careers.

If Obama goes back in, unrest against the government and the anti-White programs can only grow. Under Romney, most White Americans will be convinced their they are saved, when the truth is they are being oiled up for the skillet.

The only real reaction to this faux election is to boycott it or vote for any other candidate rather than the two Zio candidates, who are like the red and black choice on one of Adelson's roulette wheels. It's a rigged game.

The only way to win is not to play!

Best to you all!

Dr. David Duke
Rep. David Duke, P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, Louisiana
Call to order books: (985) 626-7714
DavidDuke.com European American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO)


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that the Stormfront crowd supports Romney. SF has been trying to "moderate" itself for awhile, trying to appeal to I dont know who.

Both Rocky and Duke are right. I would expect lots of con-servative patriot right wing reactionary types to want Romney to win because he's the "White guy." But NOT WNs who claim to be sincere and well educated about the situation we are in. Do you remember the last "White" president we had? Remember how that went?

Sure, it sucks having a black president, but there's about a million other things wrong with this country today. Also, what PROOF is there that the White candidate would do ANYTHING to help us? Romney and the GOP will NEVER speak directly to Whites as a group, despite the fact Whites give the GOP about 95% of its support.

Im sorry to see that many supposed WNs have not yet fully shed the tendencies of the old outdated ways of thinking.

Are we as a movement going to get SERIOUS about this whole struggle, or continue to play the systems games?

Anonymous said...

I think Duke is trying to sound like Rocky, he's even using some Rocky's favorite words and phrases!

Anonymous said...

Its sad so many racialists just want a white face back in office just to be placated. Romney has said repeatedly that he supports israel. The current system is broken beyond repair and in no way represents us. All romneys election will do is make most complacement. I truly cant help but feel the zionist powers that be put him in the race just for that reason. Ian 88

Joe Rebel said...

Thankfully, I am one of those voted for Merlin Miller. I wish that more white advocates would have rallied behind him. After all, he is one of our own.

Anonymous said...

Rocky as usual hit the nail right on the head. Unfortunately, SF is more of a right wing, reactionary waterng hole, than a Aryan revolutionary one. Most of these SF types are either "supremist" or "segregationist" types, rather than RACIAL SEPERATISTS. They look at the "whiteness", rather than, is the candidate PRO-WHITE. Like Rocky I see beyond the pale-face.

Anonymous said...

As always Chairman Suhayda makes a lot of sense. I suppose that many of these nigger haters will give a big sigh of relief if, and when millionaire jew stooge Romney gets elected. Then they can go back to beer, nigger ball and redneck round-up. Kind of funny that after all these years, Duke still hasn't educated his followers to understand the big picture. Maybe instead of constantly going on about the jews, he ought to wake them up to the PALE-FACED race traitors as Rocky does, they're the real problem. Bob Brown 88!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound like a jerk, but can we ditch the "dumb-ocracy" BS and concern ourselves with stuff that actually has meaning?
This "election" sham means less to me than Gilligans Island reruns.

A BIG part of "waking up" and being a part of this struggle is breaking free of all that systemite crap that is programmed into us from birth. Yeah, like the Matrix. Except were taking the WHITE pill.

Cant we get past "symbolism?" Or do we want to act as dumb as blacks who would vote for Obama even if he announced he was going to tax the oxygen we breathe?

Sure, its sad that the good ol USA doesnt exist anymore, and is just a shaky ILLUSION atop a fragile foundation of LIES. But that's just the way it is.

For that poll on Stormfront to ignore Miller, who I am not crazy about but at least he is pro-White, just shows that the crowd on that forum is having trouble shfting out of the old right wing gear. Which will keep you spinning in circles.

Anonymous said...

Well, the nigger won. No surprise there. In the next 4 years we can look forward to: "amnesty" for illegal aliens, stricter gun control, 1 or 2 more liberal anti-white supreme court justices, war war with Iran.... etc. And you know what? We deserve all tht shit. Not the children as its not their fault they were born into this mess. But we reap what we sow, and we deserve what we allow.
Can we put this "democracy" garbage behind us and start getting REAL?

Anonymous said...

AA, could you maybe delete some of the more disgusting ANP posts from here on out? Duke sounds like Rocky? That is almost as bad as President Bowles. The clowns do us as much harm and the thugs or race mixers.