Thursday, November 08, 2012

Latin American Coalition To Counter-Protest National Socialist Movement Rally In Charlotte

Update November 10th: Report on the NSM Charlotte Rally now available HERE.

As the November 10th date for the proposed National Socialist Movement rally in Charlotte, NC approaches, Charlotte-area media are picking up the story. WSOC Channel 9 reports that a Latino-supremacist group called the Latin American Coalition plans to stage a counter-protest. Jess George, a spokesman for the Coalition, says they'll wear clown masks to show how absurd the demonstration is. Creative Loafing says some people associated with the Occupy movement will also be there. Of course, it is normal for antis to wear masks while the NSM activists keep their faces uncovered; it shows who has the real courage.

Lacey Williams, another organizer for the Latin American Coalition, is shooting for as many as 100 counter-protestors, and says they can’t let folks like the NSM come to town without addressing it. “Groups like these are fringe groups,” she said. “If we hit them back seriously, it gives them more credence. Groups who have ideologies like they have, there are fringe people who subscribe to that but they don’t have a space in true civic discourse. What we have to be able to do is show these people for what they are. They are clowns and they make a mockery of civic discourse. They have no place in civilized society. Groups that uphold white supremacy as a core part of who they are, they are outdated. They were wrong back then and they are wrong now.”

In other words, Lacey Williams thinks only people who think like her have "a space in true civic discourse". Her understanding of and regard for the First Amendment leave much to be desired. If people like her come to power, Whites will definitely be second-class citizens.

The Charlotte Observer reports that NSM organizer SS SSgt. Frederick Cook of Gastonia said that up to 40 NSM members and supporters will assemble in their all-black battle dress uniforms and plan to march from the government center to the Old City Hall across from the police station starting around 3 p.m. Saturday. One of the attendees will be NSM Arizona Leader Harry Hughes. Cook also told WSOC that they're protesting illegal immigrants and the poor economy, saying "Right now Charlotte's most growing population is the Latino population, and the illegal immigrants are greatly contributing to that." A media “meet-and-greet” and private party for supporters will follow the rally.

By the way, the 41-page NSM Magazine Summer/Fall 2012 edition is now available online. A quick look through it indicates it's worth the read.

WSOC is running a poll on their main page asking the question, "Do you think the National Socialist Movement should be allowed to march?" I don't give a rat's ass what you think about the NSM -- spam that freaking poll and vote Yes. It's a propaganda war, but it is yet another way for us to marshal and manifest our strength. As of this post, 65 percent of respondents have voted Yes. I also notice that WSOC has posted a hot link to the NSM site; I commend them for trying to appear fair and balanced.

Preliminary Public Reaction: There's a three-page thread on City-Data if anyone's interested. As of this post, 82 comments have been appended to the Observer story. Screening out the obvious anti-racist troll comments, here are some thoughtful comments from both sides (after the jump):

John Jeff Addy • 8 hours ago:
Who cares if their ancestors came here legally or not. If you are born here you are a citizen. There are millions of people who are white who are natives. The dumbest part about this group is that they are mixing race with immigration. If they have a problem with immigration policy, they need to form a group for immigration policy reform/enforcement. If they cloud the issue with their other racist agenda, they are only assuring that fair immigration reform/enforcement will be that much harder to achieve because a lot of people (rightly) believe that they will be treated differently based on their race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

John NC_Aggie • 7 hours ago:
I was born on the land I am a native american. Whether some or all of my ancestors are indigenous is another matter, Unfortunately the terms are used interchangeably (including by the government) even though they are not the same thing.
I have a human right to live on the land where I was born (I am a native of that land) regardless of indigenous status (where some or all of my ancestors set a precedent of inhabiting the land).

hopeandprogress • 10 hours ago:
If Bill James, Robert Pittenger, and Sue Myrick showed and supported the Nazis, would they be given a free pass by the Observer, like the the local Democratic politicians who showed up to support the Farrakhan hate cult? [Ed. Note: Local politicos Vilma Leake, Harold Cogdill, Lawanna Mayfield and Kim Ratliff recently showed up to a Farrakhan rally in the same location and were not condemned.]

amberg1 Tom Kerr • 7 hours ago:
Since the whites are being replaced as the racial majority (scary!!) and our Pres is not totally white (some say he is black, not even biracial), does it mean someone other than him will be masterminding the genocides and ethnic cleansing??? Or will it be the whites that will be sent to the concentration camps? lol


Anonymous said...

Yeah, all racially aware White people are just a "fringe" element. They're just a small minority who make the "good, respectable" Whites (Weaklings cowards, traitors) look bad.
They should not be taken seriously.

Putting aside all 10 tons of negative baggage the NSM carries, I still laugh at ZOG and the antifa toilet-lickers hypocrisy.
We WNs are so insignificant, yet we seem to be on the minds of the enemies A LOT. We know how ZOGs injustice system treats us, and the "anti-racist" jokers who see "White supremacy" under every rock but can't figure out the concept of personal hygiene.

Every radical wacko type under the sun can freely stroll the streets and get tenure teaching at universities. But that little "White racist" fringe movement "just aint right."
We are the real threat. All these antifa types are doing the systems work for it, while thinking they're rebels. One race, open borders, no nations, everyone equal? Well holy sh*t! That's what ZOG wants too you clueless leftist crud.
Since they are concerned with us, despite writing us off of insignificant, HOPEFULLY the day will come soon when we surprise ZOG and the red scum with a REAL FORCE that they have trouble laughing at.

Anonymous said...

Is Bowles still gonna expose some big secret about the NSM on Nov. 10?

He said he was going to in a blog post a little while back.

Im intrigued, but what could be left to uncover about this horrible quagmire of a group called the NSM?

Anonymous said...

I think Bowles did it ahead of time about the race-mixer in the NSM that married the negress.

Anonymous said...

The NSM is a creature of the past. The ANP has opened the way for all Pro Whites of all walks to step up.As a Gay White Nationalist, I can finally join a Pro-White Group that is not interested in my love life and is not running around shouting hate speech at sub groups. The real enemy is Banks and the ANP knows that. The ANP has embraced the future and moderation and the times and realizes that people have to be free to be themselves and be with who they want. Also the ANP understands that other races share simlar goals agaisnt the big banks, we can join with Comrades in the Black, and Latino, and Asian Community to form alliances for Workers. There are LGBT's who are sick of the current system and the ANP is the way to go. Comrades Rocky and Taylor are paving the way to a bright future.
Mark Cooper, Proud Gay ANP Supporter

Anonymous said...

Oh please mr proud and queer, if anything the ANP is dont ask dont tell. Some flaming fag would get booted in a minute. These infantile comments ring true of the NSM nigger lovers trying to deflact their own actions. I can proudly standby the ANP's choices to try new approaches while our adversaries bed mud repeatedly. Ian 88

Anonymous said...

The NSM is paving the way for a bright future and victory: having police controlled rallies where members are identified and photographed, marrying non-Whites to show they aren't hate-filled racists, shooting families and babies to show they can shoot a firearm, lay down and have have their children shoot them in the head for abuse they did to the children. Yep, The NSM is definitely one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

All you wining antis & wannabe WN's sitting at home on your computers while the NSM physically engaged illegal immigration once again, need to get out & stretch your legs for once. You have no place in the movement but you sure do online.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the NSM streched its legs all right. Got all its peoples faces in FBI computers, tried to speak and couldn't be heard, has a reputation of its Commander being a race-mixer. Yep, no wonder people stay home and stay on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

So the NSM went all-out nationwide to have their members attend this demonstration, and all they could get was 24 people? And they're supposed to be the 'biggest' group nationwide? They used to be huge before Jeff Schoep was exposed as a race traitor. I had to laugh at Schoep saying that the cops protect the anti's, otherwise NSM would kick their ass's! With what? There weren't any chairs there to throw.

Anonymous said...

"Physically engaged" from behind police lines and in a cage, while acting like costumed clowns alongside your rainbow bedsheet buddies? If it wasn't for the cops you wouldn't have been there. When was the last time these posers did anything in public that didn't have zog's protection and probably blessing. You do more to enforce the poor image of WN, than does the jewsmedia itself.

Anonymous said...

Supporting groups like the NSM, after what we all know about them and their race-mixing mini-fuhrer Jeff Schoep, is kind of like voting Romney rather than the Obama - it MIGHT be a 'lesser evil' - but, its STILL voting FOR EVIL. I myself demand that our representatives live a decent white lifestyle, something Jeff Schoep does not. The rest of the NSM leaves a lot to be desired as well. Imagine this - the NSM somehow came to power in America, would we really want to live under these people as our leaders? Sorry, it wouldn't be much of a change for the better. Our mighty leader would be a race-mixeing adulterer, and his flunkies would be assorted freaks and cretins... Lacy Cobb

Anonymous said...

Maybe NSM would have a Ministry of Racial-Mixing? Jeff wouldn't know what to do about the economy, after all he's been out of it unemployed, his entire lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Mini-fuhrer Jeff Schoep should have had his Arab wife, and NSM Chief of Staff Duke Schnieder his black wife, up on the podium alongside them. I wonder what the anti's would have said then? In reality the joke was on the protesters, NSM isn't one bit racist minded at all!