Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jezebel Roundly Criticized For Ratting Out "Racist" Teens To Their High School Principals; Violation Of Journalistic Integrity And Ethics

The editors of the Jezebel website have taken some sharp and justified criticism for ratting out high school students who published "racist" post about Barack Obama online to their high school principals. In addition, Jezebel identified the students by name on their website.

The post in question was entitled "Racist Teens Forced to Answer for Tweets About the ‘Nigger’ President", published on November 9th, 2012. Jezebel found out that a number of people posting "racist" Tweets about Obama after his re-election were teenagers whose public Twitter accounts featured their real names and advertised their participation in the sports programs at their respective high schools. Consequently, Jezebel placed calls to the principals and superintendents of those schools to find out how calling Obama a "nigger" and a "monkey" jibes with their student conduct code of ethics. Jezebel's stated premise was that if educators were made aware of their students' attitudes, perhaps they could indoctrinate them about racial sensitivity and let them know that while the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, it doesn't necessarily protect against the resultant consequences from exercising that freedom.

Of course, Jezebel either didn't care about negative consequences or was actually hoping that negative consequences would occur, otherwise they wouldn't have gone out of their way to rat the students out. Jezebel named the 12 students they targeted; 11 are high school students, and one was believed to be a college student, but proved not to be. Some of the Tweets were explicit:

-- "No nigger should lead this country!!! #Romney"

-- "About time we get this monkey out of office #GoBackToTheZoo"

-- "I hope the world does end in December so we won't have to suffer another four years with that monkey in office #Fuck Obama"

-- "If you going for the monkey, shoot yourself, seriously."

Of the 12 schools contacted, seven of them decided they had no reason to hold themselves accountable to some unheralded muckraking website, and so they didn't respond to Jezebel. While most of the targeted individuals took down their Twitter sites, one of Jezebel's victims, Demi Keely, who most recently competed in Miss Louisiana Prom Girl, showed courage and refused to cave in to political correctness. Not only has Keely NOT taken down her Twitter site, but she defiantly posted in response "KEEP YOUR FUCKING TWEETS TO YOURSELF! I can voice my opinion if I want to!"

Good girl, Demi! Amazing how despite being inundated with diversity propaganda every year at school, some people develop racial consciousness. Doesn't speak well of multiculturalism, does it? If it's so natural, why is enforcement so coercive?

While the comments section to Jezebel's story indicated considerable support for the website, there was also criticism forthcoming. On November 14th, accused Jezebel of violating journalistic standards by naming the students publicly. Gather noted that Jezebel attempted to justify their lack of journalistic integrity by claiming that the students were acting as representatives of their schools because there was mention of sporting events and activities on their Twitter pages. However, Gather says that isn't a valid argument because students rarely act as official representatives of their schools, and this is common knowledge. So it's not about the students being poor representatives of their school; it's about control and the suppression of expression.

ReadWriteWeb also accused Jezebel of violating standard codes of journalistic ethics and called it "harassing minors". They state that even though the students' names and schools were in the public realm, it was still wrong for Jezebel to name them in their piece because journalists have a duty to protect them from harm of coverage. This is why mainstream journalists will not name juvenile perpetrators in their stories unless the information is given to them by an official source or the juvenile is convicted of a crime. Because Tracie Egan Morrissey wanted to play God and teach these kids a "lesson", their names are now forever linked with racist epithets for the rest of their lives.

Stung by the criticism, Jezebel came back with a defense of their own on November 14th. In a post entitled "Unsurprisingly, Readers Incensed About Coverage of Racist Teens Are Also Racist. And Terrible Spellers", they acknowledged they received a considerable amount of critical e-mails, but they attempt to discredit the critics by claiming that almost all of the anti-Obama emails were filthy, vulgar, sexist, profane, grammatically incorrect and misspelled. They cherry-picked the "worst of the worst" and published them in order to portray all people who oppose Obama as illiterate rednecks. This is the customary practice of progressives; demonize, smear, and defame those who think differently than they do. Progressives are the most intolerant people in America today, and because their Obamessiah has been crowned again, will become absolutely insufferable for the next four years.

The Editor-In-Chief of Jezebel, which is part of the empire, is Jessica Coen, and......yep, you guessed it. She's one of the Chosen.


Michael Eden said...

Complete violation of ethics.

Anonymous said...

Once again, another fine example to watch what you say in public, in this PC States of America - all of this personal information and thoughts on these "personal sites" out there, for not ONLY the Zog and pals review, but FUTURE EMPLOYERS, etc, et al. WHAT is it going to TAKE - to make people wake up, and realize that racially aware White people are residing in an ENEMY OCCUPIED land? Going to "play tough and not care" about what others who dispise your views think? OK, then don't complain when YOUR OWN WORDS cost you a PROMOTION or even a JOB, or the likelyhood of obtaining one, as employers often check out these "Facebook" pages, etc. Enough said for intelligent people who have something to "lose"... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!