Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Barack Obama Already Getting Revenge On White Males For Supporting Mitt Romney? Whites And Males Not Included On Constituency Group List

While an average of 80 percent of non-White voters voted Democratic in the November 6th election, 59 percent of White voters voted Republican. CNSNews has presented information which may mean the Barack Obama is getting payback -- by omission. They link to a supporter feedback page on BarackObama.com which asks respondents to enter the constituency groups they identify with.

Guess which two constituency groups are missing? Here's the screenshot:

African-Americans? Check. Arab-Americans? Check. Asian-Americans? Check. Jewish-Americans? Check. Latinos? Check. Native Americans? Check.

European-Americans? HEL-LO? Nowhere to be found on the list. Whites? Nowhere to be found on the list? Men? Not listed as a constituency group, even though women are.

Wonder if Barack Obama thought about how that makes his Vice-President feel? Last time I saw his picture, Joe Biden was still white. Of course, Biden's been bought off and probably doesn't mind his role of playing the designated court jester for the Obama Administration. He's a rich and pampered slave for ZOG.

I don't believe this is accidental. This is our future, Whitey. We're being screened out of America's future. BTW, CNSNews was unsuccessful in getting a response from the Administration when they contacted the White House.

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