Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ian Jobling Turns Against Jared Taylor And American Renaissance, Denounces White Nationalism

Ian Jobling
The Southern Poverty Law Center has published their quarterly Winter 2012 Intelligence Report, and among their offerings is an article entitled "One-Time American Renaissance Writer Ian Jobling Repudiates Racist Editor Jared Taylor". From 2003 to 2006, Ian Jobling worked for prominent white nationalist Jared Taylor in Taylor’s home office in Oakton, VA, and is credited with turning into an intellectual powerhouse of white nationalism. Jobling also led the effort to revise The Color of Crime in 2005.

According to the article, Jobling was never comfortable with what he termed the "anti-Semitic" associations that Jared Taylor maintained with those who believe there is a Jewish Question. Jobling’s concerns about Taylor’s politics came to a head during the now-infamous American Renaissance Conference in 2006, when several prominent white nationalists, including Dr. David Duke, were in attendance. Pro-white Jews present, in particular Michael Hart, reacted explosively and profanely when Dr. Duke began to address the group about the Jewish Question. A full-throttle debate over "anti-Semitism" in the white nationalist scene ensued, and Jobling, who had never countenanced anti-Semitism, pushed for the expulsion of anti-Semites and Holocaust revisionists from Taylor’s conferences, helping draft an open letter to Taylor to that effect.

When asked when he started to question his commitment to white nationalism, Jobling first explained that he saw two different strands to white nationalism; the first relating to racial differences in intelligence and behavior, in particular the difference between black and white intelligence. Jobling then identified the second strand as ethnonationalism. He now considers both strands as flawed.

Jobling noted that he also differed with Jared Taylor on the Iraq War. Jobling believes it's America's duty to promote liberal democracy all over the world; he considers himself in agreement with liberal democratic ideas. After leaving Taylor's employ, Jobling established a website,, that was both pro-White and pro-Jew. It soon disappeared, and in 2009, he then established another similar website,, which was discussed more extensively on The Phora, but he shut it down in 2010 according to Occidental Dissent.

Jobling gives no indication that he will become an anti-racist activist like Tim Wise or T.J. Leyden. Instead, he wraps it up by saying "It may be that there are innate, biological differences among the races. There is a large body of academic research on these differences, and this research is credible, which doesn’t mean that it won’t be overturned in the future. Scholars should not be persecuted for publishing research on these matters. But this subject is so explosive that, in our daily lives, we should ignore it to the extent that this is possible. We should make an effort to treat people equally and not impose our stereotypes on them. That’s where most Americans are today, and I’ve come to accept the common wisdom".

Reaction: No reaction from Jared Taylor available yet, but the SPLC only released its report on November 27th. Those familiar with Ian Jobling will not find his denunciation of white nationalism surprising; there have been signs all along. There was some discussion on VNN Forum back in August 2008 about whether or not Jobling was a Jew; no supporting evidence was presented. Occidental Dissent has picked up the story, primarily in the comments section. Jobling's departure doesn't seem like a real loss for our side.


mary sullivan said...

jared taylor works for Jews against White race. he will attack any White person who mentions the word Jew. he has been exposed by Whites many times for his shabbos-goy activity, claiming to love Whites

Anonymous said...

You don't go out of the Jew, you are wasting your time in this.

Anonymous said...

"America's duty to promtoe liberal democracy all over the world..." WTF? This guy is no WN. Why was he involved with AR at all? As for "anti-semitism" by Taylor? Yeah right! Like the 2 above comments say, Taylor is notorious for not only NEVER calling out the jews, but he is a philo-semite who thinks jews are White.

His group is like a racialist version of the John Birch Society. You remember them, those big time "anti-communists" who were shown long ago to be a "smoke screen" front group for the jews.

I guess its not a surprise that this Jobling scumbag would be at AR. If Taylor is gonna run an org. that is half-assed when it comes to telling the truth, he's gonna end up with types like Jobling.

Anonymous said...

Spoiled rich kid, no charisme and troubled. So, seeking his way back to the mainstream.

libertarian said...

Ian Jobling is a screwball that dwells on matters of little consequence and is happiest when he can concentrate all his efforts on things like counting the hairs on a gnat's ass then reporting on his findings in great detail.

Everything he writes about puts anyone unlike him sound asleep from absolute boredom.

We're lucky to be rid of him.