Monday, November 12, 2012

Dr. David Duke Unveils New "Dare To Think Free" Website, Provides A Protected Host For His Videos

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Dr. David Duke has unveiled a brand-new website that provides a clearinghouse for all of his published information. Because it's on his own server, it also provides a protected host for all of Dr. Duke’s record-making videos, including the ones which were censored off YouTube after Jewish supremacists and anti-racists pressured Google, the hosts of YouTube, to take down his YouTube channel at least three times. The website is entitled "Dare To Think Free".

The top line menu contains links to his traditional as well as to his radio archives from, his free online books, and his online store. While there's no master list of available videos, there's an embeddable video included with each story he publishes. The default embed dimensions are W=470 and H=320; I change them to W=450 and H=310 so the embed fits within the confines of the post area. Considering that Barack Obama just got re-elected President thanks in part to the combined total of 80 percent or so of non-White voters who chose him, I can think of no better video to test-embed than this 10-minute video entitled "Will The White Race Survive?"

Note to those who use Blogger: When embedding this video, do it in HTML mode. Do not go back into Compose mode after embedding, or you'll screw it up.

In addition to the new video channel, Dr. Duke has also established his own Facebook and Twitter pages, which can be found by going here and here. Dr. Duke still has his traditional YouTube channel available.

This website represents Dr. Duke's best online effort yet and is worthy of support and promotion. Although he's now an elder statesman of the white civil rights movement, it's obvious he's aging gracefully.


Anonymous said...

Podblanc is back bigger and badder than before. Upload your vids at fight back with us, don't let the jews win.

Thank You

The Podblanc Team

Anonymous said...

While Duke tries to project a professional image, his efforts are destroyed in an instant by these NSM clowns and their pointy headed klown buddies. As long as we have nuts like these stealing the show, pandering to the kikes and their media, very little can be accomplished. If they would only disappear! Can you imagine if the jews-media had picked up on the story of Jeff Schoeps race mixing and adultery? It would have made us all look like white trash. Moran

Anonymous said...


You make a good point, but how could the jewsmedia have NOT picked up on Schoeps "issues" as well as all the other baggage with NSM members? The antis certainly know, its not a big secret confined to WN/NS circles or anything. Anyone can come to this site and read all about it. The Kosher media has every resource at its fingertips, why wouldn't they have exposed the race-mixing, welfare receiving, wife and family abandoning, convicted criminal "fuhrer?"

Am I implying that ZOG and its media arm LIKE that the NSM is out there getting attention, and love to give them coverage and hold them up as the best example of pro-White activism in the USA right now? Yes.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain something once and for all. If you display images of any kind that the Jew has conditioned out people against, don't talk about professionalism. If Rocky was serious instead of just taking jabs at the NSM, he'd stop using the Swastika and stop using the word "Nazi". Ask Duke how he'd feel about the American Nazi Party showing up to support him. So what'll it be, Rocky: your whining about image and professionalism or the almighty hobbiest-dollar attracting word "Nazi"?

The media hates the NSM and goes out of their way to downplay everything they do. They run long damning programs on such widely viewed programs such as 60 minutes. They don't bring up the fact Jeff Scheop is accused by Rocky, Taylor and the rest of the antis? Did Mitt Romney blast Obama for his mother being in porn or the fact he wasn't a US citizen? Consider the term "professionalism." The ANP being critical of the Jew's media is a laugh especially since they chime in and side with them on anything they say. Guess that is supposed to increase their membership/up Rocky's standard of living? Besides, doesn't the ANP accept Jews and non-whites. Prepare for ANP back peddling in 5...4...3...2...1. "We never said what is clearing printed on our website!!"

One reason the media follows the NSM and probably the only reason is that they are the only openly NS group in America who appears to be doing anything. I've got news for you, Rocky, the public's image of you has nothing to do with the NSM. It has to do with the baseist common sense. Within 2 minutes of wandering around the ANP's website(s), you can tell you aren't looking at the real deal. Most anybody can see that. In fact, it looks like a huge waste of time filled with vague rants about the same person or people over and over again and a very foggy political message. Don't forget the near total declarations of surrender and calls for truce to Jews, non-whites and homosexuals. Someone would wonder why someone would even bother with it all until they take note of the constant begging for money. Ohhhh I get it...and they move on.

Or they could see Rocky's few chances to speak to the press. Like Bowles, he has made a complete fool of himself and ended up kissing up to the interviewer, most likely out of fear. I will say that Bowles has never fell at the interviewers feet like Rocky, claiming to love non-whites, have no problem with Jews and supporting gay marriage. There's your fearless leader, kids.

Anonymous said...

It could be several things, one the jews find them to be usefull idiots, playing into the hollywood image that they love to portray NS/WN as being and shower them with publicity to demean the movement in its entirity. Or, it could be more sinister, that its a zog based honey pot distraction outfit, created to smear us all. I do find it very strange that the jews media haven't picked up on the scandals, like Schoeps race-mixing, adultery and the likes. How he gets a pass from them on all his skeletons in his closet is pretty strange, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

4:99PM Hey have you looked at the latest NSM online magazine? I guess they don't bother printing hard-copy anymore, less money out of Jeff Schoeps pocket. Schoep is groveling and begging for donations, just like Rocky does! Pleading for NSM members to pay their dues! Maybe being outed as a race-mixer cost Jeff a lot of dollars? Rockwell used the term 'Nazi" too, are you taking a slap at the REAL Commander, not the current self-styled degenerate who never even served in the military. Professional and the word NSM hardly can be used in the same sentance, unless you would want to point out that Jeff Schoep is a PROFESSIONAL con-man, who's never held a real job his entire life, is a felon, an adulterer, used to be on SSD until he set up 'Tyre Productions' to sell crap to childish adults, along with being a race-traitor to boot! Knock Rocky and the ANP all you want, unlike Schoep and the NSM there is zero proof of any degeneracy in their ranks, unlike NSM. The ANP is honest about being a Revolutionary minded National Socialist organization, not like the NSM who constantly whine that they're only a 'snival rights' group like the NAACP, not real nazis. Well, their correct, they aren't real nazi's. Nothing you can state about Rocky or the ANP can match the fact that the NSM is run by some creep who RACE-MIXED, for years, while he was a supposedly racist leader!

Anonymous said...

Wait, 4 PM, first you say NOT to use the swazi or the word Nazi cuz the jews have conditioned White people to hate/fear it? But then you give your seal of approval to the NSM because they are the only group "doing anything?"

Can I ask just WHAT NSM has to do with National Socialism? Yes, they sure are the popular culture version of "Nazis" what with their use of the symbols, flags, uniforms, etc. With their less than good quality personnel and inflammatory language (nigger kike etc.) at their events, they do fulfill that "image" the jews just LOVE to stick NS or any pro-White activists with.

I know Rocky and the ANP have done and said things that dont sit well with people, but I do beleive they seem to actually understand NS, beyond the "image." For starters, demanding quality of membership rather than quantity.

Looking at NSM I dont see much substance with regards to the NS ideology. I see an attention seeking outfit that loves to push the symbolism in peoples faces, without following it up with much substance. Then you have the whole sordid looooonnng list of NSM "offences" of various natures which have been well documented. Image is a very powerful thing though, and it does help to move merchandise. Remember, NSM is part of Kommander Schoeps "company."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous 4:00PM I guess I had best respond to your nonsense all over again. First off, I doubt if Duke would mind support from the ANP, as unlike the so-called "nsm" - the ANP wouldn't show up wearing some silly costumes, and shouting racial slurs. After all, Mr Duke WAS in the Nazi Party (NSWPP) for several years, back in the 70's. Secondly, the jews-media (hates?) LOVES groups like the "nsm", because they REINFORCE that IMAGE of "evil hatemongers" that the enemy loves to smear all WN with. "nsm" OUGHT to be PAID by the jews for the service that they do for them! As for ANP "chiming in" with the jews media - exactly WHEN? Is it when they come out with some horrendous story, like nsmer JT Ready murdering people including a BABY - and we CONDEMN that action? Or., "nsm state leader" Davenport - kidnapping AND attempting to rape little White children - and ANP demands to know WHY such a creature is even IN our movement, much less made a LEADER by Jeff Schoep? It REALLY bugs you that we keep on EXPOSING these cretins - OVER and OVER again as you state, doesn't it? Are YOU one of them? LOL Your correct about ONE thing though - EXCEPT for the jews "little helpers" in the "nsm" - ALL OTHER National Socialists in America have OPTED OUT of the costumed, protest game! Thanks for admitting that. Lastly, in your way of thinking, is NOT mindlessly "hating" someone, equal to "loving" them? Yes, we DO "have a problem" with SOME jews - but, NO we don't hate each and every jew that we don't know nor ever met. Do YOU? As for "gay marriage" - whats your big-beef about homo's "getting married"? I could honestly care less! They're not going to be marrying me and my kind. I would prefer concerning myself about White people who ARE married - ACTING like it! A good example would be Jeff Schoep - HOW MANY "wives" AND children has Jeffy bedded and created? HOW MANY has he ABANDONED, and commited ADULTERY upon, one after another? Does he have ANY "quality control" standards about the women he has sex with? This last one, the ARAB Joanna who has a black daughter named Amber, who he was married to around four years - COULD have PRODUCED - MULLATTO CHILDREN with him! When I married my wife, I made sure that she was an upstanding Aryan Lady - whats with Jeffy, is he an ALLEY-CAT in HEAT that mates with ANYTHING handy? I'm afraid that your going to have a long wait before myself or the ANP becomes another MEDIA-WHORE crap-magnet. We've turned down more "programs" than Schoep/nsm have done combined - the latest was a request from "America's Book of Secrets". If Jeffy can find room between appearances on Comedy Central and Cheaters, he ought to hurry to contact them! I'm SURE that he's just "WHAT" the jews have in mind... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, lets pretend the NSM doesn't exist for a minute. What then? What will be the excuse you sell to people? What will you tell people is the reason the ANP never makes any real progress? I know and you know that it is your job to get rid of the NSM, so lets cut the bullshit. The question is, where do you think you'll be when they are gone? Lets face it, the NSM is the whole reason you are here. That goes double for your quality example, Taylor Bowles.

People want leadership. This is 2012. Nobody wants compromise with the enemy. Sure, you do but that's because you are a fairly out in the open coward compared to even the manager of a local Salvation Army. No group of cowards in history has ever accomplished anything except crafted a warehouse of excuses. So far that is all we've heard out of you. Yes, the NSM might go away and other groups might crop up but the ANP will stay in the same rut it always has. Leadership, not rants and moaning. Dale Simmons, Charleston, SC

Anonymous said...

Dale Simmons, what do you consider real progress? Thats a simple question, that we would all like you to answer. George Parker

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you are a bad joke. Nobody is laughing. Duke would go to great lengths to stay as far away from the American Nazi Party as possible. You wouldn't show up wearing your silly costume? Oh would you also not show up as the American Nazi Party and change your names? No symbols either? Have you been in a coma for 20 years? Actually, that would explain a lot. You guys are the dictionary definition of hobbiest. I hate the NSM and think they are totally backwards but Duke accepting ANP support??? AA, are you hearing this? Now Rocky go rant about Jeff Schoop for 8 pages. Nobody gives a damn. Stop spamming the same crap over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when necessary, we WOULD show up without ANYTHING identifying ourselves if that suited the occasion - but, being White people - THATS our "uniform". We don't find it necessary to have Swastika's on our underwear, or tattooed on our foreheads. Our being National Socialists is in our HEARTS and MINDS, and our personal lifestyles. The mere fact that you cannot grasp that real NS/WN do NOT have to go around like walking billboards, says something pretty clear about - yourself! I know "what" I've DONE and DO - what about YOURSELF? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky's idea of activism is trashing white people, whining, bitching about his pathetic life, and begging for money all the time. Yet he would have you think the ANP is the premiere NS group in the US. Lol, that's hilarious