Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Family Reportedly Moves From Yorba Linda To Corona In California To Escape "Racism", But Doubts Are Already Surfacing About The Motive

Southland media outlets are busily reporting on the case of a Black family of four who says they're moving from Yorba Linda to Corona in Riverside County, California because of racism they experienced, but there are elements of the story that may cast doubts upon whether or not racism was the only issue or even the real issue. Stories have been published by KCBS Channel 2 and LAist and the Orange County Weekly and the Los Angeles Times and the Mission Viejo Patch.

The family, whose identity has been withheld by media, says they originally moved from Bellflower in Los Angeles County to Yorba Linda in Orange County in May 2011 because they thought it was a safe neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, vandals began targeting their home; the vandals threw rocks through the front window of their home and slashed the tires of both their cars. The couple filed a police report and assumed that the juveniles randomly targeted them. Then, the couple’s six-year-old son told them that a boy on the playground said he couldn’t play there because he was black. A year after they moved in, their older son confessed that people would often shout racial slurs to him as he rode his bicycle to work. Finally, in October 2012, as the father was pulling his car into the driveway, he said someone shot or threw pellets of acid at the vehicle. Blacks only make up one percent of the population in Yorba Linda.

The couple is unhappy about the police response. They said Brea police are investigating both instances as simple acts of vandalism, and that detectives have not followed up with them about the probe.

However, their former Yorba Linda neighbors said they had never heard about incidents of racism in their neighborhood. Furthermore, the story reveals that the father is an Inglewood police officer and the mother is an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy, so they might be getting targeted because they are known law enforcement officers, and perhaps they've been unnecessarily "throwing their weight" around in the neighborhood. Or perhaps relatives or friends of people arrested on the job by these two may be getting revenge.

Doubts are also expressed in the comments section to the media outlets (after the jump):

Karlatta Countrissimo • 5 days ago (KCBS):
seriously? maybe they are trying to get out of paying the mortgage. i find it hard to believe that two police officers can't manage this situation. you would think they would give them a paper stating penalty for asaulting an officer.. or maybe they could take a visit over to the people's house in their uniform.. or i don't know that's just SICK... yorba linda isnt that where richard nixon was born

Tony Anthony • 5 days ago (KCBS):
No question this was done by mexicans. Thats all that lives in yorba linda. I don't understand why two minoritys can't get along.

Lyn • 5 days ago (KCBS):
I'm black and have lived in North Orange County all my adult life happily and peaceably with my neighbors. Our teenage son goes to Canyon High in Anaheim Hills, and throughout his K-12 years in the Orange Unified School District, has never experienced racism or hateful behavior from either the neighborhood kids or school mates. So, it is truly surprising to hear a story such as this. At the end if the day, when I pack up and leave the area, it won't be for fear of rampant racism, but rather, for reasons of fiscal concerns. I'm looking forward to hearing more on the story and how it gets resolved.

Omar A. Gonzalez 4 days ago (LAist):
What else is new with our Caucasian friends in the OC?

August Theo Angeleno 23 hours ago in response to Omar (LAist):
To be fair Omar, I see racism & racial conflicts from all races. Not just whites. Since your name implies you're probably Hispanic, what about the "ethnic cleansing" being undertaken by Sureno gangs in Los Angeles against blacks?

This story is unacceptable, but I hate when people act like only whites can be racist. And I'm not white by the way. As a mixed person, I have seen racism from just about every race I can think of.

Your statement itself is racist.

mrrob 6 days ago (OC Weekly):
It seems as wrong to stereotype all the people of a given city based on the actions of a few individuals as it is to stereotype and entire race based on the action of a few individuals. Especially when they're 6 years old or some unknown random passers by in a vehicle. How do you even know the people in that vehicle reside in Yorba Linda? You present no evidence that the vandalism was related to racism in any way...only that the kids had unkind things said to them. Are you not concerned at all that you're labeling an entire city as racist and actually convincing people that it's a fact based on an anonymous letter from one unhappy family?

It's great that you can spin up a controversial story out of a few vague scraps of paper, but you're doing it at expense of the reputation of many good people. I think you owe the people in this town an apology and you should maybe do some real investigating when you write a story so you're not merely tossing around rumors and bigoted hate yourself. I take personal offense to this article as a resident in this town, and I consider myself quite tolerant of others as I'm sure many here are. Blame those responsible for the individual acts, not the entire town as a whole.

Jim Reardon 11:37 pm on Thursday, November 22, 2012 (Mission Viejo Patch):
This story has been pushed to the public through media all over Southern California. If I were a resident or leader in Yorba Linda, it would make me angry. A county commission, on the verge of extinction, has accused an entire city of "hate". The details of the accusation are all third-hand, the alleged victims are not named, and why not? We are told they have moved away.

The OC Register reported a few months back on the OC Human Relations Commission. The clear point of their article was that the commission has little to do and the OC Board of Supervisors may be leaning in the direction of reducing or eliminating commission funding.

So allow a few month pass and then out of the blue we have a crisis in Yorba Linda! No perpetrator, no victim, no attributed quotations. Just the word of this commission that all these things transpired. They are confident that we will all assume the worst.

But look at the few details...

Just what are "acid pellets" and how would such a thing be used, if they actually exist?

Make no mistake. There is hate and animus in our communities. Criminal behavior must be prosecuted. But nothing will come of an anonymous report from a now-departed victim -- a victim said to be a sworn law enforcement officer with a duty not to remain anonymous. If these events occurred, and now that the family is safe, let's see some hard evidence.


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