Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beyond Secession Petitions: A Head To Head Comparison Of Hunter Wallace's Dixie Republic Vs. Harold Covington's Northwest Republic

The national secession petition campaign demonstrates the depth of dissatisfaction with which many Americans, particularly White Americans, view the federal government. The last time secession was discussed so openly was prior to the War Between The States.

However, there are White Americans who, within the confines of legality, have long since gone beyond signing petitions. Two leading White secessionist movements have emerged and are organizing even as I type. These movements are the Northwest Front, shepherded by Harold Covington, and the Dixie Republic, promoted by Occidental Dissent webmaster Hunter Wallace (who now openly identifies himself under his real name of Brad Griffin). In this VNN Forum thread discussing a November 19th debate to take place between Wallace and VNN webmaster Alex Linder, Wallace finally and coherently defines his Dixie Republic, which facilitates a comparison of the two movements. Contrary to what I believed, the proposed Dixie Republic will be racially nationalist, meaning for Whites only, rather than racially populist, which would mean merely a White majority. Up until now, Hunter Wallace has not, in my opinion, clearly defined the parameters of his proposed Dixie Republic.

Northwest Republic Premise: The Northwest Republic is to be an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest. Its boundaries have been tentatively set to include the present states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, as well as western Montana. In his novels, Covington implies that Wyoming could also be included, but that's not an initial goal.

Dixie Republic Premise: In this post, Hunter Wallace states "In the Republic of Dixie, Southern Whites would evolve into a European-style ethnic group, the 'Dixians'. The new Southern ethnostate would be based on all the ingredients of a successful European nation: a common ethnicity, a common culture, a common religion, and a common history". However, Wallace has yet to establish even tentative boundaries; existing racial composition of the region will influence where projected boundaries might be established.

Northwest Republic Current Demographics: The proposed Northwest Republic is majority White in all areas, although Sea-Tac and Portland are degenerating into multicultural cesspools. Non-White populations appear to be compact and manageable enough for successful disposition. Screenshots of maps from 2000 provided below define the distribution:

Map of Black distribution; darker areas are 5.3 percent or more Black

Map of Hispanic distribution; light green 6.0 to 17.4 percent Hispanic, darker green 17.4 to 34.7 percent, and darkest green over 34.7 percent

Dixie Republic Current Demographics: Upper Dixie is majority White, but is hemmed in and blocked from the sea to the south and east by large Black populations. Hispanic populations also increasing. These non-White populations appear too numerous for successful disposition. Screenshots of maps from 2000 provided below define the distribution:

Map of Black distribution; darkest areas over 48.8 percent Black

Map of Hispanic distribution; light green areas 6.0 percent or more

The maps show that it would be easier to establish the Northwest Republic in its entirety than a Dixie Republic. Opposition to a Northwest Republic would be provided mostly by the federal government, while opposition to a Dixie Republic would be provided by both the federal government and non-Whites in the area. Of course, Jews and whiggers would also provide local opposition in both areas. Thus the only viable area for a Dixie Republic would encompass Tennessee, western North Carolina, southwestern Virginia, and extreme northern Alabama and Georgia. Lack of sea access could hinder the economic evolution of a Dixie Republic. Facilitating the establishment of both republics would be the establishment of Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) communities, which could grow like a thousand points of light and eventually link up to form a network within each republic. Many PLE communities may already exist within the projected Dixie Republic, but simply don't realize that they're PLE communities yet.

Northwest Republic Geographic Defensibility: The Bitterroot Mountains to the east and the Cascades to the west provide natural barriers to restrict federal opposition. The Snake and Columbia Rivers also exist as major water barriers. Major federal military power centers to be co-opted or neutralized are relatively few, but include Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Fairchild AFB, Mountain Home AFB, plus some naval installations along Puget Sound. To the east, military operations against the Northwest Republic could be launched from Malmstrom AFB near Great Falls, Montana, and to the south, Hill AFB in northern Utah could be used by the feds to stage attacks, so both must be considered.

Dixie Republic Geographic Defensibility: The Great Smokies and the Appalachians provide a useful land barrier, while the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers provide good water barriers. The Mississippi River is the major water barrier to the west. However, there are numerous major federal military power centers to be co-opted and neutralized, to include Forts Benning, Gordon, and Stewart in Georgia, as well as Eglin AFB and Tyndall AFB in Florida and Pope AFB and Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina. Airborne troops could stage from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. In fact, the number and variety of military installations in the region may be sufficient to crush a Dixie Republic before it could ever get off the ground, unless there was a catastrophic breakdown of discipline within military ranks.

The Bottom Line: The Northwest Republic appears to be a more viable option and has a greater chance of succeeding than a Dixie Republic. This does not mean a Dixie Republic could not be established; it simply means that it would be a tougher job and would require a larger variety of favorable external variables. What Hunter Wallace ought to do is consider establishing a separate website dedicated only to the Dixie Republic -- organize it the same way Harold Covington organized the Northwest Front website.


Anonymous said...

Now we are talking real activism and real progress. Good job reporting on this, AA!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be working where we are, in our local areas? Yes, the idea of a White Republic sounds great, but it just doesnt seem realistic. I have nothing against those regions of the country, but I really believe we should work in our present localities.

I dont think most Whites have the desire or ability to pick up and relocate to the Northwest or the South. Our people have been doing the "White flight" thing for far too long. No location is too remote for ZOG to dump some "diversity" on. You never know when ZOG might decide that the little rural town tucked away in the hinterlands needs to "catch up" with the rest of the modern USA.

I dont pretend to know how this whole thing will play out, but I do think, like many others, one thing is certain. The USA will eventually collpase. Not just in racial terms, but economically, and other factors as well. The jews are maintaining this facade of an "American nation" on a very fragile and shaky foundation. It's only a matter of time.

I think putting too much into concentrating racially aware Whites in one area makes it much easier for ZOG to target us.

It's interesting to read the details of these White republic plans, but I dont see it being a realistic option. And this whole WN Movmement needs to make being REALISTIC a major pillar of its strategy. For too long we have had too much game playing and fantasy stuff. Lots of "big talk" along the lines of "Turner Diaries" type themes, and so very little action.

Anonymous said...

9:25's post translatd mans "stay home, do nothing and blog". That has been the problem. What can be accomplished by "working your local area? What has been accomplished by working our local area? There has been no strength in number, no oganization, etc.

Its time to realize that the American system is NOT for us any more. If you want to stay home fine, but don't fool yourself by thinking pounding away on Stormfront is making any difference.

Anonymous said...

From "petitioning" people who not only couldn't care less, what WN believe - ie the SYSTEMITES - to pretending to create "fantasy republics", boy the minds of those who will DO ANYTHING to AVOID getting involved in REAL POLITICS...are working overtime! LOL How about we start "discussing plans/possibilities" of transplanting our White Folk on the MOON or other planetary systems? Or, we COULD all pack up a move to the NORTH POLE - blacks certainly wouldn't like it there! Never mind, that this scam of a "Northwest Republic" comes from a man who at one time was advocating a "NEW CONFEDERACY", and before that a "NC SECCESSIONIST" movement... New times - new scam. Look folks, OUR LAST CHANCE - before we go - WHITE MINORITY, is to TRY and gain some REAL-WORLD political power/control right where we all LIVE. This last election, there were hundreds, if not thousands of political positions that went UNOPPOSED, and/or UNCONTESTED all across America. WHERE were the WN candidates to challenge these positions? In many cases, it only required a little EFFORT, little money - collecting SIGNATURES to get your name on the ballot - and the possibilities are that WN would be sitting in positions of political power ( albeit small ones, but its a start ) as we speak. But Noooo! WN are STILL "protesting", "signing petitions", and thinking up NEW "scams" to AVOID getting involved in the REAL DEAL. WHY? If WN are too damn LAZY to do the WORK needed to campaign for local public offices - does anyone really believe that they will DO all that is NECESSARY to found new "republics"? Even contemplating such childishness shocks me. We have lost for so long because of STUPIDITY, COWARDICE, LAZINESS, and SELFISHNESS - we are currently continuing to lose - because WN refuse to accept REALITY. They will do literally ANYTHING but that which is so OBVIOUS to even a child. The people IN POWER make the "rules". So why don't WE become the PEOPLE in POWER - even IF its "only" LOCALIZED POWER? We can build up from there, utilizing that power to strive for MORE... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Hey AA, you gotta make a post about the Hunter Wallace vs. Alex Linder debate this afternoon. Head to head for the title shot!

WP said...

Should we not, instead of being one of a few in our areas instead just migrate to a place where we all have a chance to build up real power? Yes, the idea of "working in our own areas" sounds great, but in practice it isn't wholly realistic. I have nothing against the concept of a person sticking it out with his wife and kid and beer buddy as long as they can and going door to door and distributing fliers and all of that, but that is not the essence and while we should definitely work in our PRESENT localities, we should make it part of our life goal to migrate to the Great White North.

I don't think White people can do much in a sea of mud, and as being a true White Separatist means believing and fighting for the establishment of an all-White nation, America as a whole is lost to us, if not in demographics, in the fact that we are insignificant as flies scattered on the Berlin wall. Most people hate moving and yeah those pressures are realistic. Some of us legally can NOT move because we are on probation and other things. Truth. Our people have indeed been doing that whole Flight-To-Suburbs thing, now we say fuck it and go for bigger territory and say Woe Betide Any Nigga Or Kike That Gets In Our Way.

The whole thing about rural towns in the hinterlands is not what dear old HAC is advocating. And yeah that is definitely a possibility and we should expect that, but in light of this little fantasy "Dixie Republic" the Pacific Northwest is textbook sanity.

I don't pretend to have the foggiest idea as to how this all will play out. I believe in God. As said, the USA will collapse, and our piece of that American pie is the Northwest. Uncle Sam Zombie Corpse is hanging from the tree and there is no hope for you and me, especially for us Whites that live in the city. What are your actions? Flier distribution? Those only go so far. I think any one of us active ones have ZOG targetted in on them locally. Once you're in the paper and they know you're active they aren't going to re-print a similar story. Us building communities and concentrations and being scattered throughout the USA is a hell lot better than doing this thing all throughout the USA. I believe it is a mathematical guarantee that the Northwest Republic can come about. Not only realistic but something of a guarantee.

WP said...

Ha. I mispoke, but I guess that was meant to happen to show the lunacy of what is being promoted by many. Should read:

Once you're in the paper and they know you're active they aren't going to re-print a similar story. Us building communities and concentrations and being scattered throughout the 4-state Northwest is a hell lot better than doing this thing all throughout the USA.

Joe Rebel said...

Being a Southron, the Dixie Republic appeals more to me. White Southrons such as myself have very deep roots here and they are worth perserving. To leave the South strikes me as just giving up and letting a land full of rich history being under the rule of nonwhite hordes is unthinkable. Harold Covington and others are free to set up their Northwest Republic if they wish, but white Southron's are staying put in Dixie.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect to hear anything useful from Rocky. Even great ideas like PLEs don't make any sense to him. I bet if he could figure out a way to make money off them or use them to play mini-Hitler, he'd be on board. I wish AA would ban his rants or at least when they make absolutely no sense.

Karl Ramstrom said...

A poster over on the Occidental Observer mentioned his idea, called The Alaska Plan. He outlined a way for WN's to vote themselves into the governorship of Alaska, and thereafter take over complete political control. Brilliant idea. The man's a genius and maybe the WN leader we've been looking for. I felt awed in his presence.

Anonymous said...

You KNOW, it is FUNNY how EASY it IS to TELL when ANP ROCKY is POSTING something HERE due TO his HABIT of randomly CAPITALIZING many OF his WORDS as if THAT gives THEM more POWER but HE looks like an IDIOT that NEVER finished high SCHOOL. And THAT is JUST as well BECAUSE the ANP is a JOKE.

The Old Man said...

I didn't know Brad HAD a "Dixie Republic" thing going. Or anything else.

Ah, well. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:21,
Im not advocating "staying home, doing nothing and blog." And I dont go to Stormfront.

So little has been accomplished by working locally because we have had piss poor leadership and orgs. I sure as HELL dont think looking to BS artist Tubby Covington for advice and leadership will get anyone anywhere.

If we would think locally, and get serious about this whole "movement" we COULD make progress in our areas.

No, this system is not for us, but you REALLY think you're gonna motivate lots of Whites to move somewhere to start some "republic?"

These grand plans for White republics sound great, but they are pure FANTASY. What's the point of all the "strategizing" "logisitcs" etc.? Sounds like "Turner Diaries" la-la land stuff.
WHO is going to PUT IN THE WORK to set-up these "republics." I dont think Covington can make it down the driveway to get the mail. LOL.

"Real activism and real progress?" Yeah right. Keep peddling your fiction.
6:21- Lets see that "strength in numbers and organization" build these "White republics."

I think a LOT of WNs bash Rocky because he often is just too damn REALISTIC, and the "daydreamers" hate that.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why this stuff is taken seriously. Covington is a joke. He has a dubious past, his fraud and baseless attacks on WNs has been well documented. Wallace seems to be fan of Tubby's and copied the "republic" idea, put it in a different location.

Wallace also is way into the South vs North thing. Yep, keeping alive and well ZOGs divide and conquer tactic, rooted in a war where BOTH sides lost.

This is all just hot air and big talk. But apparently its "real activism and progress" to some.

Anonymous said...

6:40 is a good example of Rocky's disgusting habit of self-congradulating. "People hate Rocky because he's too damn realistic"? Are you kidding? Who is the mini-Hitler? Who is the leader of the "American Nazi Party"? Didn't your second in command run for president in 2008 in a Nazi costume? Besides all that, someone who spends 2/3 of his post ranting about someone else doesn't portray the perfect picture of one gripped firmly in reality.

Get of this thread Rocky. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. As usual. George Barnes.

Anonymous said...

6:40PM I think you've hit the nail on the head. Rocky is the kind of guy who points out the turd in the punch bowel, whether its PC to do so or not. I've been involved in WN for almost a decade now, and Rocky is just about the only leader who isn't afraid to burst the fantasy balloon, and spoil all the fun. What a guy! He demands that we all start getting serious in what we do, as time is just about run out for white people in America. What a thought. Can we all go back to lets pretend now, and forget about him? Handiman

Anonymous said...

I think 6:21AM is the real problem. He thinks politically working in your local area, where you live, work, have friends and family, and know your ground has been the problem? I can only suggest that you haven't done enough if anything in your local area, thats why you have seen little or no progress. I guess your one of those who's minds are centered on pounding away on the internet, rather than getting out into the real world and actually interacting with real people. Even if a thousand or ten thousand people like you could be gathered into one area, what would happen? Nothing, as you would expect somebody else to do everything for you, while you mouth off. Chairman Suhayda is correct, if you won't do anything now, where you have a support network in place, you sure won't be much of a WN pioneer any where else! Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Can we please not have this as another damn ANP thread? Everybody is doing wrong and Jeff Scheop is Satan. We get it. Go spam somewhere else.

wendelone said...

We should still stick with the south we can render all those blacks there into a fuel oil to run our public power utilities while we get on our feet , but since we can not even get along as fellow white nationals now we aint got a chance in hell until we become one force , then it will change , but this is a good awareness campaign to gain support among regular people , besides God would destroy our enemies before us like he did the indians and other races if we concentrated on being a true Aryan Nation , I have become so disillusioned by this movement in the last year I have lost most hope about our race surviving this in this country now the comments on these stories says it all

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rocky is right 10:13AM, and we have been doing it ass backwards. WN sure hasn't been a blooming success story has it. I think that its time to review everything we've been doing and see if its time to change our old unproductive habits. Why does this seem to threaten you? Rocky and the ANP promotes local elections, which make a lot more sense than supposedly seceding from the U.S. In Texas, we Whites would be an official minority in the new republic, boy that sure sounds promising. The south is lost, due to their wanting all those nignogs around to pick their cotton, guess they forgot that nigs do a pretty good job at reproducing which was fine when they were valuable property but thats just an unhappy fact of life. One last thing, does anyone who likes these seccessionist fantasys think that Zog is going to allow that to happen? If so, you better get your letters off to Santa Claus soon. As for your mention of Jeff Scheop, Rocky didn't mention him, you did. Are you Jeff? If you are, you ought to be ashamed of showing your face here. This forum is for White Nationalists, not race-mixering, adulterers who abandon their wives and little children like a nigger. There, you were mentioned Jeff, are you happy now?

crusader said...

As a traditionalist Catholic, I'll do my best to bring both sides together. Best of luck to Hunter and Covington both--we can have an exchange of ideas without acrimony.

(If I remember history correctly, the Night of the Long Knives is supposed to come AFTER the regime change. Capiche?)

Though I am a northerner not planning on moving, the Dixie Republic appeals to me more given its historic roots, and Hunter's relative lack of abstractive ideology. His posting on the Golden Circle has taught me much. But I give Covington a shout out too; so far I have only read his early novel Rose of Honor, but it is a masterpiece. He is a great writer, and I hope he gains a wider readership in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

What are they gonna do with all the niggers in the south, kill'em? As well, the south is filling up with mexicunts, I predict that the muds will overwhelm the hillbillies before anything else will happen. Look at the sixties, the best the hillbillies could do was burn a few cross's in cow pastures while dressed like clowns. It wasn't till the niggers came north with their crap that white people started kicking their black ass's in the streets with their own white power riots in chicago, milwaukee, boston. Most rightwing southerners I've met on trips down there like their good'ol niggers in a sort of paternal way. I think they like'em better than us evil yankee's, with their hard-on still about the civil war. As for the northwest, it lacks one big thing - JOBS. I really doubt too many whites will make it as mountain men in this society. Even the most gung-ho militant talking big mouth will soon miss his big macs and taco bell and the war will be over. I looked at pictures of both these guys, and neither one inspires any confidence in their ability to do anything beyond big talking on the net. Covington is an obese, bearded rabbi looking cunt with a piss poor history. His claim to fame seems to be writing rip roaring fantasy stories like bill pierce did. And I can understand why this other fellow used a tough sounding name like hunter wallace, instead of his real one for so long, he looks like a pudgy, mamma's boy hanging out in a new england coffee house. Its pitiful that anybody takes these two seriously. Is this the best we can do?

Anonymous said...


WE now see all the "Poo-Bahs" declaring themselves Reichkanzler of their new Region:

Covington-Kaiser of the North
Sir Brad-nerd of the South
John DeNugent-King Herbert of Pa

.....and of course we have Rocky with his Sparticus Group of Homoerotica collecting money so he can claim to be a White Worker, that never works.

This seems to be the new Fad---Declare a Region, collect money and DO NOTHING

The fact is White Nationalist Men will NOT be responsible for the final fall of Amerika, and when it happens Whites will sit on their ass with one thumb in heir mouth and the other in their ass and not know when to switch because they have become so programed to worry about being the firts to take the first step, so they will do nothing when the muds come and rape their wives and daughters and make them watch, before they kill them,hell they will probably be OK with it as long as the muds let them be their servants in the new MUD Amerika.

Kep pounding away on Stormfront and sending the race trader Black your money, that sure makes a difference

Keep sending Rocky and his "band of Merry-Men money, that sure will make a difference, perhaps they will engage in their first public activity and march in the 2013 Gay Pride Parade.

Keep attacking eachother with fake names because you are so pathetically weak and cowardly and still live at home with momma do do anything else and are to fucking scared of the muds to attack them the way you attack fello whites.

Advice to White Men

Go do the nearest Hardware store and het something that you can put for balls between your legs, maybe then we can have a real Movement and matbe then our women will stop racemixing.

Anonymous said...

2:24PM its not us white women who we need worry about race mixing! The latest two most prominant race mixers that we've seen have been Jeff Schoep and Duke Schnieder, both NSM leaders, both men. I think that you need to take a course on literacy, and spelling. Your worse than my five little year old. Karen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that absolutely worthless post Mr. "SICK OF MOVEMENT FUCKTARDS & PUSSYS"

Truth is that Mr. Suhayda and his excellent National Socialist team make a LOT of sense that a lot of the do-nothings in this movement hate to hear. Rocky stays in the harsh reality instead of the "lets play pretend fantasy" that so many movementites safely are addicted to.

Real political involvement is the only legal way that NS will make any progress. We've tried everything else, time to get serious.

Anonymous said...

Real racial revolutionaries don't do nonsensical public activities to amuse the masses and hand over information to the enemy. Dr. Pierce called those that do, HOBBIESTS. Pastor Bob Miles wrote an excellent essay called Take Off the Masks!, I suggest that you read it. Chairman Suhayda obviously read it and took its message to heart, something you obviously haven't. No successful revolutionary effort ever succeeded, by exposing its followers to the wrath of its enemies needlessly.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is a beyond a "hobbyist", is a fraud. Is Rocky a "White Worker", NO, he lives in his mother's house and runs the ANP out of mommy's basement and has his merry men call for "pledges to "pay the Party's bills", which are Rocky's personal bills, i.e. his personal electricity bill, his phone bill, his chow bill. Rocky does nothing but trash other Whites on the net. He never trashes the Spics and Niggers that rape and kill our women and when a White says this he calls them a "mindless haters", which is just what the ADL and SPLC calls us. Rocky opened the closet to faggots and other glory holes and thinks faggots are equal to straight whites, this is Jew speak. Rocky lies about being in Rockwell's ANP, Rocky could not have been with Rockwell, Rockwel was dead and Rocky was too young and no one who was with Rockwell knows Rocky NOR has anything to do with Rocky.

Anonymous said...

4:55, I guess Rocky skipped the part where they said to stop it with the whole Nazi circus.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is a mean, nasty old man, who wants to ruin all the FUN! He reminds me of my dad, always pointing out my faults, and never cutting me any slack. But I'll get even with him! I'm gonna post all sorts of shit about him, and hopefully some of it will stick in peoples minds. Pretty clever huh. I heard about it in Hitlers book Mein Kampf, where he writes about the jewish tactic called the BIG LIE. You smear somebody enough, and some people start to believe it even tho its all lies. Lets see - er, ROCKY is a FAGGOT!

Anonymous said...

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda discuss's this topic pretty thoroughly in his current ANPReport. Actually, he makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

6:33AM Rocky has his origonal membership card, right on the ANP website, from when he joined in the fall of 1967 at the age of 16, good until 1968. It clearly states that 'he is a supporter of GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL and the NSWPP', which Rockwell renamed the ANP in the spring of 1967. Now if you had to eat at turd for every lie coming out of your mouth, it would be stuffed pretty full, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about this Griffin/Hunter dude, but I do know about Covington. He's poison. No one in their right mind, or any movement experience wants anything to do with him. Next to Bill White, he's without a doubt the most dispised person on the extreme fringes of the WN movement. Newbi's beware of this person, and his many fake, multiple movement personalities. If he's not a system asset anymore, its only because he's become so ineffective.

Anonymous said...

cOkay the first big error in this article is the use of 2000 census figures to validate the demographics of the northwest. There has been mass non-white immigration to the Northwest (particularly Hispanic and Asian) in the past 12 years. If you look at the under 1 demographics in Washington and Oregon, it's 44% and 38% non-white respectively, according to the 2011 US Census. Even if this Northwest movement does get off the ground, it will be decades from now and by that time the Northwest will have significant non-white populations.