Wednesday, November 07, 2012

American Third Position Party Presidential Candidate Merlin C. Miller Scores At Least 2,604 Votes Nationwide, And May Be As Many As 13,000

Merlin C. Miller, A3P Presidential candidate
The 2012 U.S. General Election is in the record books, and the White House did not become a WHITE House once again. Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, albeit not by much. While Obama outpointed Romney in electoral votes by 303-196, he only got 50 percent of the popular vote vs. 48 percent for Romney. James Buchanan provides a plausible explanation for the disparity; Buchanan found out that by comparing an election map with a map of states requiring voter ID, Obama lost in every state with a photo ID law in effect. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID, which narrowly went to Obama included: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounted to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would have given him 271 electoral votes even without Ohio or Florida. So the possibility of chicanery exists.

But we had an explicitly pro-White candidate in the race. Merlin C. Miller represented the American Third Position Party, and perhaps some of you would like to know how he scored. The New York Daily News provides the answer, and I've published a screenshot below (Miller's totals are highlighted):

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The table indicates that Merlin C. Miller received 2,604 votes nationwide. However, these are only the KNOWN votes for Miller. In most states, Miller was a write-in candidate, and in many cases, the write-in votes are not broken down by candidate unless a write-in candidate is the winner. Note that in Alaska, 2,099 write-in votes for President were recorded, but are not broken down by candidate. So it is possible that Miller received many more votes nationwide. A post by Forestal Nocturnia on the A3P Facebook page indicates that Miller may have received as many as 13,000 votes nationwide.

-- In Colorado, where Miller earned ballot access, we get an idea of Miller's strength. He earned 247 out of the 2,385,145 votes recorded so far.

-- In New Jersey, where Miller earned ballot access, Miller has received 625 votes so far. The Moral Liberal briefly wrote about the A3P on his New Jersey ballot, stating "The American Third Position Party is not about yoga and ballet. It is a reincarnation of the Ku Klux Klan advocating white supremacy. They don’t like immigration or globalization and, I might add, can’t do a damn thing about it". The Trentonian published a fairly straight news story about A3P on November 5th, quoting Miller as saying “Things will never change with the two major candidates ... the reality is they both serve special interest groups and so we have to build a viable third party.”

-- In Tennessee, where Miller earned ballot access, Miller has received 1,737 votes, or 0.07 percent of the total. The Nashville Scene took a cheap shot at A3P, writing "Pith's favorite gang of politically hopeless racists, The American Third Position Party, is on the vanguard of this movement with a blog post this morning that should prompt more than one scratch of the head. Essentially, their argument states that since Willard Romney failed to shake the nation out of its stupor of white guilt (not to mention the abject failure of its own candidates, Tennesseans Merlin Miller and Vanderbilt University professor emeritus Virginia Abernethy), then clearly the election must have been stolen".

A3P also achieved write-in certification in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire, but examination of those states' election websites reveals no individual totals for Miller yet. What is strange is that Harry Bertram is listed as Miller's running mate; I thought Virginia Abernethy was the running mate.

Kudos to Merlin Miller for getting off the bench and getting in the game, as well as to those activists who wore out pens, paper, and shoe leather getting Miller on the ballot. This is certainly more productive than Obagenderbender constantly stalking Martin Lindstedt on the Web, or Hadding Scott stalking Harold Covington on the Web.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it is good that Merlin Miller got out there and ran a real campaign. However, we WNs need to really focus on the local political scenes. Yes, im glad he got some votes, but we would be much more effective at the local level.

Thanks to James Buchanan for showing that Obongo couldnt have won without those states that dont have the common-sense Photo ID laws. That speaks volumes.

I agree with you AA, much respect to Miller and those who pu tin the time and energy to support him for getting out there and doing something. Those names you mentioned at the end are all jokers who are not serious at all, just internet talkers who do nothing of substance.

Also, that "writer" who bashed Miller. The "Moral Liberal?" Too funny. Sounds like a guy who lives alone in an apartment with lots of cats. LOL.

Anonymous said... Google has Miller at 13k votes.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:36 PM -- Thanks for the link. I checked it, though, and I found that Jerry Litzell, Jeff Boss, and Merlin Miller all with identical vote totals of 12,984. That looks suspicious.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:20 PM -- I agree, local political races are a better way to go. But the A3P's intent here was to shotgun instant national recognition by using a national candidacy. And it got them ballot access in three states, so I think Miller's candidacy did what they wanted it to do.

Anonymous said...


I wrote in Miller in one of those states so I am wondering whether or not my vote will count. I am sure many people who wrote-in Miller in places like Florida, NY, Delaware, and elsewhere are also wondering what the total vote was for Miller.

I am guessing write-ins were at lest a few thousand, which while not a lot will indicate which counties the party can build bases in.

FeminizedWesternMale said...

Might've gotten another thousand votes if he'd spent $8 on a barber to trim his metrosexual locks. I mean, c'mon, look like a man.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:12 AM -- If you wrote in Miller's name, your vote will count, but will be tallied under the generic category of "Write-In". They won't break down the results of write-ins by candidate unless a specific write-in candidate wins an election.

Only in the three states where Merlin Miller obtained ballot access are his votes tabulated individually.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Again, local is the way to go, but I admire that Miller and his supporters ran an authentic and sincere campaign, and like you said, give some national recognition to A3P.

I understand the disdain and even hatred of this country's voting system, but we shouldnt completely give up on it, regarding our movments aims. If we do things right we can make some progress through the democratic process, in different ways.
Not saying were gonna win the White House or take control of congress anytime soon, but its an avenue that can be used.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful difference, to read about White Nationalists campaigning actively for public office and getting votes, vs the usual costumed morons making fools of all of us in public by another of their silly publicity stunts. NSM ditch the costumes, stop the pathetic publicity stunts and put on a suit & tie and get involved in real campaigning yourselves. Same with the kluxers and all the rest. Lets bury the past, its failed, and start over before it is really too late.

Anonymous said...

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