Sunday, October 07, 2012

Welcome To "BRA": Detroit Police Officers Issue Travel Advisory Against Their Own City, Tell Public "Enter At Your Own Risk"

You know how the U.S. State Department will sometimes issue travel advisories against certain foreign countries. Well, the Detroit Police Officers Association (DPOA) has issued a travel advisory against their own city. They've published and distributed a flyer telling the public that they enter the city at their own risk.

And on October 7th, 2012, before the Detroit Tigers took on the Oakland Athletics at Comerica Park, 300 officers in plain clothes handed out this flier, along with pamphlets urging people to vote against an emergency manager law ballot proposal and for a collective bargaining ballot proposal. Originally the union had planned a rally, but shifted focus on passing out the campaign literature for Proposals 1 and 2 in a half-mile radius around Grand Circus Park. A copy of the flier is posted below:

Click flier to enlarge or click HERE for original

Of course, had they wanted to be completely honest, they could have also included the phrase "Detroit is America's blackest big city", but since it's a part of what Hunter Wallace calls "BRA" (Black-Ruled America), that wasn't going to happen.

The DPOA and the city of Detroit are currently squabbling over a new contract that calls for 10 percent pay cuts and 12-hour shifts for police officers. The current contract for the union's 2,130 members expired June 30th. In an attempt to save $350 million during the fiscal year that started July 1st, the city also called for changes to its heath care plan with increased out-of-pocket costs and changes to pension and work rules. In July, an Ingham County judge ruled the city isn't required to bargain with the officers over pay and benefits. The union contends the city is required to enter arbitration under Public Act 312. It's illegal for public safety officers in the state to strike. The law is designed to force negotiations.

DPOA Attorney Donato Iorio pleaded the cops' case to WWJ. “Detroit is America’s most violent city, its homicide rate is the highest in the country and yet the Detroit Police Department is grossly understaffed. The DPOA believes that there is a war in Detroit, but there should be a war on crime, not a war on its officers”, said Iorio. Iorio further noted that officers are beyond being demoralized; they're leaving simply because they can’t afford to stay in Detroit and work 12 hour shifts for what they are getting paid.

Meanwhile, Detroit Police are already reeling from a scandal up on top. Mayor Dave Bing has suspended the black police chief Ralph Godbee Jr. for 30 days amidst accusations that he had an affair with a female police officer, Angelica Robinson, who works in internal affairs. Apparently, Godbee, who is married, was a bit confused about the definition of "internal affairs". Robinson supposedly tried to sever the relationship with Godbee after finding out he was seeing yet another woman on the side, and he didn't like that. Godbee took over as chief two years ago after former Chief Warren Evans was forced to resign after he also had a relationship with a subordinate, Lt. Monique Patterson. Update October 8th: Chief Godbee has now resigned, but he will still be investigated. Chester Logan has been appointed the interim chief.

Welcome to BRA! These people make South African President Jacob Zuma look like the Pope. Here's a sampling of comments from local sources:

almighty 11 hours ago (WWL):
The 2010 census reported that Detroit is 83% African American. If Barrack had a son, it would look like Detroit.

Sine_Labore_Nihil 12 hours ago (WWL):
I truly feel sorry for the police and firefighters of Detroit. Best advice I can offer is get out and let the animals fight it out among themselves. Law abiding citizens should arm themselves and get ready for urban warfare with the citizen thugs.

rverlohr 8 hours ago (WWL):
Too bad African- American didn't mean that they have dual citizenship then they could send all the violent dumbf*cks back to Africa. How about legalizing crack rocks that would take a dent out of the crime rate

Euro- American

John 11 hours ago (WWL):
Give them each a fully auto weapon and a truck full of ammo. They will thin themselves out in a matter of a few weeks and then send in the garbage trucks to pick up the garbage.

Mark White 2 Hours ago (Detroit News):
If Detroit leaders didn't have many, many billions of dollars that they keep invested in DIA artworks that produce no cash income for the City's budget, then you could believe them when they say they have no choice about these cuts to public safety. But Detroit does own the DIA art collection, and it is worth many, many billions of dollars, so City leaders do have choices... many, many choices, in fact. Here's hoping they choose some public safety to go with their Pica$$os.


Anonymous said...

You gotta send in contingents of White liberals to the fine city of Detroit. Preferrably just as the sun is going down. Just drop em off on the street corner, let em roam.

They might be shocked when their Obama 2012 buttons dont convince the jungle savages not to attack.

Reality can be a real "bee-atch" as the niggas say.

Anonymous said...

From todays post on the ANP California blog:

"Non-Aryans, by helping us, you too are helping yourselves. National Socialism will show YOU how YOU can help YOURSELVES, instead of depending on handouts or Affirmative Action from Whitey's government."

Now, does anyone really think many non-Whites would be willing to get off the "gravy train" and support "Nazis?"

I honestly dont think so. I cant imagine any significant numbers of non-Whites would be happy to give up their freebies and work for the NS cause. Im just saying.

If a few do, and the ANP gets a little more in the way of donations, fine, hopefully the money is put to good use. I dont fault the ANP for trying something different, I just think that it is overly optimistic to expect big results.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 11:51AM I too doubt if many non-whites will financially support the efforts of the ANP or any WN organization. Still, lets be honest here, not too many white people bother to help out either. So it looks like whites and non-whites are pretty much in the same sorry, sinking boat, and so few are willing to do anything to bail it out or pull an oar. If the ANP can get those few who are willing to do something, even if they live on the moon, to help finance a serious NS Resistance, more power to them. Its a pity that the majority of white people today, are so damn apathetic and pathetic. They're more concerned with dancing with the stars, than their own survival as a healthy, racial entity.

Anonymous said...

Good first three posts here. ANP Chairman Suhayda said that they got their first ANP sympathizer within he first week of opening their new program. Maybe it will be successful, maybe not, but they certainly won't be trying the same Failed tactics over and over again.

Like a post above said, many non-whites are in the same boat as whites. We are ALL doomed if ZOG triumphs. That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm very impressed by the ANP. They are the cutting edge of 21st century WN today.

Anonymous said...

The American Nazi Party is the ONLY NS organization in America. NSM has an admitted race-mixer as its leader, what kind of a National Socialist organization can that be? Something like Frank Collins-Cohn's hollywood nutzi dress-up clusterfuck, thats what. Frank put on a swastika too, did that make him a National Socialist? Hardly!