Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two White Activists Arrested For Allegedly Distributing "Racist" National Front Leaflets In Belfast, Northern Ireland

Detectives investigating an allegation that National Front leaflets have been distributed in south Belfast recently arrested two men. The pair, aged 33 and 49, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, are being held on suspicion of the distribution of written material with intent to incite hatred. The leaflets, which label the white race as "Britain's most endangered species", are alleged to have been distributed in the Tates Avenue area.

Two local politicos have issued the ritual condemnations. South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt said people in the area had passed the leaflets, which he described as offensive and racist in tone, on to police, noting that it sends out a very clear message that this is a community made up of a proud, tolerant and diverse range of people who will not accept discrimination in any form.

Tolerant? They appear to be tolerant only of that with which they agree.

Alliance Party MLA Anna Lo, who does not look the least bit British or Irish, claimed she was sickened and disgusted by the leaflets, saying "There is no support for the extremist views of the National Front here and I would tell them that they are not wanted here or anywhere." She also represents a constituency in South Belfast.

While the National Front is nowhere near as large as the British National Party, it is active, as described on their blog. And unlike the BNP, it is racially nationalist. That means Whites only. This short video will give you a look at a typical National Front meeting:

Some reaction to the story as published in the form of comments. They were struck by the irony and the disingenuity of the two politicos promoting intolerance in the name of so-called "tolerance":

Stephen in Somewhere wrote (2 days ago):
So tolerant and diverse. Unless you hold a different view to themselves...

dale in Antrim wrote (2 days ago):
Wow. Statistically, the leaflets comment is not a million miles from the truth. Conall McDevitt This sends out a very clear message that this is a community made up of a proud, tolerant and diverse range of people who will not accept discrimination in any form," he said ". Oh really ? short memory Mr McDevitt. Seems highlighting a REAL & STATISTICALLY PROVEN fact is inciting hatred now. better tell the protestants & Catholics that their beliefs are inciting hatred towards EACH OTHER & everyone else. Such a knee jerk reaction from the PC BRIGADE.

ricard campo in Bradford wrote (2 days ago):
so it`s a criminal offence to distribute pamphlets stating that White ethnic Britons are an endangered species? The National Front is a registered political party that enter elections and the democratic process. Since when is it racist to point out the white Britons could eventually be a minority in the British isles, there are parts of England where this is now a reality.


Anonymous said...

The leaflets in question featured a picture of a growling skinhead & a rant about muzzrats. The leaflet was illegal under UK law as it did not contain either a contact number or printer & publisher details.

The leaflets were in fact so bad that I considered them a parody of how a leftist may imagine an NF leaflet should look.

NI is sinking with foreign immigration, yet the best these morons can come up with is a rant against "muzzrats". Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

We all know about those terrible "troubles" that went on in NI for many years- White people killing each other over ethnicity, religion, lines on a map. Sounds familiar huh?

The "silver lining" of this tragedy was that there was very little immigration to NI, certainly almost nothing compared to the other British nations, and the Irish Republic. Well, since things are apparently "stable" now, NI is falling in step with the rest if Un-Great Britain. Evidenced by this gook woman politician.

I know a lot of people, especially UK WNs that are pro-Loyalist, often point out how IRA/Sinn Fein are Marxist and multi-racialist. Problem is the Unionist parties are just as bad when it comes to the destruction of Whites and the immigration invasion.

If the people of NI thought the Troubles were bad, just wait. Wouldnt it be nice if they could use the "skills" they learned fighting each other to deal with the mud menace.

Anonymous said...

The IRA in their political guise of Sinn Fein actually welcome & encourage immigration viewing each and every one as a potential voter for the "republican socialist" (communist) cause.

The respective unionist parties have a facade of "welcoming" the untermenschen, but the reality is they know that their political sympathy will go to Sinn fein/IRA.

Presently a small number of us are campaigning for National Socialist principles, distributing material designed to strike a chord with those unhappy with the multi-cult status quo.

We present our case in an intelligent, realistic way using co-herent argument, thus no arrests nor cause for a media frenzy denigrating our activists.

Anonymous said...

Well, THAT explains it. If the leaflets would have been something more intelligent, than a 'growling skinhead ranting about muzzrats', with no contact information I doubt if they could have been busted. Once again, WN need to get their act together properly. As Rocky has said, we are our own worst enemy sometimes. Back in the 1970's the NF was a highly professional organization, similar in quality and bigger than the old NA. Whats happening to our cause? It seems like we are retrograding in size and quality, instead of advancing forward. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:31. Rocky is dead on when he says we are our own worst enemy sometimes. Yet so many just don't want to hear it. How about looking inward, focus on bettering ourselves as much (or more) as we focus on our enemies and their attacks.

The NF was a major force in the
70s. I know it is still going, but isnt what it once was. I also have to say that the NF was FAR better than the NA was here in America. I never saw the NA get the kind of numbers the NF did, or put serious numbers of people out in the streets like the NF did in its heyday. Yes, Dr. Pierce was a very intelligent man and educated a lot of people. But I always had such admiration for the great John Tyndall (R.I.P.) who was out there in the thick of things, leading demos and marches. I hope tha the current NF can make some gains, as it is the one TRUE WN party in the UK.

Yes, we need lots of improvement on both sides of the pond.

Anonymous said...

I've been around a long time and I've never, ever seen a group unravel like the ANP has. One minute they are yammering on about how whites in South Africa shouldn't let blacks work for them even though its a majority black country. The next minute they are begging non- whites for support. That is sickening as it is ironic. I think Rocky just has expanded his market for peddling his wares. It turns your stomach to see all the symbols in their website next to appealing to non-whites.

Where is the membership on all this? Bowles is probably the only one standing up to it. He is starting to allow anti-ANP discussion on his blog now which is a bold move for him. Bowles would be a good choice to replace Rocky and toss out anybody who endorsed the race mixing.

Anonymous said...

How is accepting money from a nonwhite who agrees with your goals race mixing? Race mixing is bedding a mud or playing step daddy to a negro, I'm not mentioning any names. People take bits and pieces of whats said and ignore the other 98 percent of the paragraph its said in. Lets face it no matter what the ANP does some will criticize without ever backing it up. Ian 88

Anonymous said...

ANP is unraveling? In July they had almost fifty people at their National Conference. They haven't missed publishing their monthly hard-copy magazine once this year. They have more satellite websites than ever before. Their Talk-Shoe radio programs gets more listeners each time its broadcast. There is almost 2,000 people linked to their Twitter program. And not ONE instance of "DRAMA" has arisen its head within the ANP. Sounds like a pretty solid organization to me! I guess you would prefer that White people HIRE non-Whites, in this case blacks, instead of other White people? Thats what Bowles said. What are you, a SUPREMACIST, rather than a SEPERATIST who wants zero contact with non-Whites? As for the ANP recieving financial support from Arabs, or Orientals, some South American or anybody who's money is spendable, why not? ALL political factions take funding where-ever they can get it, as long as there's no strings attached, what harm can it do. If there are non-Aryans out there who understand and admire National Socialism all over the world, is that bad? Of course, they wouldn't ever consider supporting the agenda of one of your run of the mill hate-groups, that simply sports a Swastika without knowing what it really stands for. The NSM is a perfect example, here you have a so-called "nazi" group, who is LED by a guy who is a race-mixer himself. Now who would take them seriously?

Anonymous said...

You sound like such an obvious TROLL trying to be disruptive and create conflict. I havent seen any "Anti-ANP talk" on Bowles' blog. You talk like there should be some coup d'etat where Bowles takes over the ANP. Only in your little fantasy world. Also, to reiterate what others have said, accepting donations from non-Whites is not "race-mixing." The non-Aryan support of the ANP are not the same as the regular membership. There is a clear distinction outlined by the ANP, but I guess you cant expect some to pay attention.

Speakin of Bowles blog, the recent post with the photo of Schoep and his "woman." Yikes! The Kommander is trying to look tough for the camera, while wifey looks grotesque. Was that photo altered, or is that her real nose? I know Arabs often have large noses like their semitic cousins the jews, but in that photo she looks like Pinocchio.

Anonymous said...

Since our struggle is against the power of international jewry, and since I believe that many non-whites around the world are more aware of the nefarious jews than white people themselves, whats wrong with working together to break the jews power? NS Germany had the Japanese who are asians as an ally against their own brainwashed white brothers trying to destroy them. If some wealthy arab wants to help fund the ANPs anti-zion activities, where's the problem? I only recognise jealousy here, from those who weren't clever enough to try a very bold tactic on their own part first, thats a shame.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention Asians being aware of jews. Consider this interesting quote(from the Library of Yggdrasil website) Its from the Premier of Communist China back in 1949, I think we can guess who he is talking about:

Here is a quote from Premier Chou En-lai (November 2, 1949):

"There is a relationship between the controllers of the government of the Soviet Union and the central government of the federation of North American States that can only be described as strange. Although bitterly divided on such subjects as economics and religions, they will cooperate when faced with what they regard as a mutual danger. The curtain that hides the relationship pulled aside slightly in 1933 when Maxim Litvinov's position was changed from Minister of Finance to Minister of Foreign Affairs and he left for the city of New York to confer with the controllers of government; from there he proceeded to the facade of government in the city of Washington.

"We Chinese, at the present time, are unable to understand the strange relationship and, until we do, we will proceed with extreme caution in international relationships."

Anonymous said...

A lot of blacks are anti-jewish. Unfortunately, many think that jews are a type of white people like French or Germans, not realizing they are from the middle-east in ethnicity not europe. I read once that Rockwell himself used to speak at black muslim gatherings in the 60's, trying to educate them about the jews.

Anonymous said...

11:01, very true. A lot of black seem to think jews are just white people with a different religion. Im always amused by blacks complaining about being negatively portrayed in the media, or the unfair "racist" standards of beauty perpetuated by the entertainment industry. Sorry folks, but White people dont control the media and Hollywood!

My god, how many hollywood movies in recent years portray white men as stupid losers, cold blooded serial killers, dumb inbred rednecks, weaklings who need to be saved or improved by heroic non-Whites, etc.
Way too many to list here.

Youre right about Rockwell. Apprently he was on "amiable" terms with Malcolm X for a brief period. But then "X" changed his views and joined the Martin Luther King integrationist peace brigade and rejected Rockwell and the ANP.

Some blacks did notice the jewish control of the NAACP, (founded by jew lawyers) like Marcus Garvey, who apparently wasnt happy with the jews condescending attitude.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Irish people make comments ("Racial" or otherwise.) about what happens in their own country with out being arreseted by the PC police? NOTE I said IRISH people, We are our own race. My ENTIRE family is from NI I am a 3rd gen American, And to see the same PC BS from here (America) spread to my family's home country is intolerable...I am insanely proud of my heritage, and would LOVE to visit someday, but am afriad it would be like going to Detroit. If you can't speak out without BEING LABELLED A RACIST in your OWN country, something is very wrong. last time I checked, not a whole lot of brown folks were descended from Irish. If that makes me racist, OH F**KING WELL. Deal with it. Preferrably in the shitehole you came from.

Anonymous said...

The Irish are a part of the WHITE RACE. So are the Ulster-Scots (Scotch Irish) that live in Northern Ireland.

I understand what you say about not wanting to visit. I think a lot of Whites who go visit their ancestral homeland can be in for shock and dismay when they see the nations their ancestors came from looking like the current USA. How any nigger, jew, muslim, asian etc. can be called English, French, German, Dutch, etc. is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

5.11, let me share a true story with you.

An Irish American boarded a plane to visit his ancestral homeland, arriving at Dublin's Shannon Airport he was shocked to discover exactly the same people who he thought he was leaving behind were actually resident there too!

The Leprachauns are long gone, they've been replaced by niggers!!!