Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TNB Down Under: Savage African Gang Invades Private Meet Of Balga Soccer Club In Perth, Australia; Damage And Injuries Result

On October 13th, 2012, a group of at least 20 African males believed to be between 15 and 25 years old gatecrashed a social function of the Balga Soccer Club where 100 people including club members and their families were gathered. Note that the media story, which is recorded on the video below, does not identify the race of the attackers but you can see them briefly; WA News did identify the race of the attackers in their story:

The remaining details were published by Violence Against Whites. The club members initially refused entrance to the Africans because they weren't members. But Africans take rejection badly, and expressed themselves in their customary simian fashion, forcing their way into the clubroom. They were pushed back out of the clubrooms by members and the doors locked, but three of the club members suffered minor injuries. Ozziesaffa reports that a fire hose had to be used to help drive them off. Enraged, the Africans then proceeded to damage about nine vehicles parked outside by smashing windows and kicking in body panels. They dispersed when police arrived, but after police left, at least 10 of the Africans returned armed with sticks and bottles. Again police were called; they responded within a minute and dispersed them a second time.

Police continue to investigate the incident and will be seeking to identify the offenders so they can be charged with the relevant offenses. Since this post was published, I discovered that The Australian interviewed Balga Club President Ken Shorto the day after the attack, who said many of the gatecrashers had been drinking on the soccer club’s oval that evening, a recurring problem on the weekends. This is no surprise -- the wogs cannot handle their hooch. Shorto also shared a few other thoughts:

"We had seats outside for the smokers and they just used that as a battering ram against the door. They started hurling bottles at the wall…they did not stop for 20 minutes. We were just lucky there were enough guys here to have the sense to stop them from getting in…we had women shaking and crying...This is going to put us back a long way, we are going to lose supporters, we are going to lose players because they don’t want to come back to this area. I think the toleration of the drinking in our park is the problem…they got rid of them a year ago but they’ve come back again. The police know about it, the rangers know about it.”

A Stormfront Downunder thread provides more insight about the effects of Africans in Australia. One poster notes that the government has a tendency to dump them in Adelaide and Perth and outer Melbourne. There's also a discussion in Stormfront Newslinks.


Anonymous said...

ONE HUNDRED White people VS about TWENTY BLACKS - and the Whites "lock their doors" and call for the pigs...LMAO At a SOCCER CLUB no less, where you would think that there would be PLENTY of healthy White men. Whats wrong with White people today, that they can't FIGHT BACK, and have to depend upon the system cops to "protect them"? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, very sad. I know how scary a pack of feral niggers can be, but when the Whites have a 100 to 20 numbers advantage and dont fight back? Jeez.

Maybe its because it was a soccer club. Australia is a rugby nation, soccer is a lesser sport, like it is in the USA. Since rugby players are made of much sterner stuff than soccer players, maybe if it had been a rugby club there would have been some "blokes" willing to fight back against the jungle savages.

Not that I need to remind many people, but this is a good example of "there's nowhere to run to." Australia (and its neighbor NZ) are very "far off the map" of the White World. Western Australia is even more remote. It seems like the kind of place where an American accent might be "exotic" because tourists tend to go Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Wherever there is a "too-White" area, no matter how remote, ZOG will be there to change things. Whether its Western Australia, Iceland, or a small town in Maine that needs a boatload of Somalis for "diversity" ZOG will be there.
And they certainly have more than enough mud to spread around.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, white people have degraded into for the most part, a bunch of materialistic cowards. Hopefully when they finally hit rock bottom, a good percentage will find their manhood again. I'm still shaking my head over that Tinley Park episode, where supposed WN from SF hid under the tables, rather than fight as best they could.

Anonymous said...

Those people did what they were suppose to do, since the begining of time that's all white people have done. Hide & take credit for other people work & just like you cowards are doing on here, hide behind your monitors. You cowards real touhg on here but in the real world we all know you nothing more then a mere coward. If any of you would of been there, I guarantee you all would've been under a table crying like the whores your mothers, grandmothers, sisters & most of all yourselves are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, White people have not been running away and hiding for all time. The current PATHETIC state of the White race is a more recent phenomenon. The 20th Century definitely saw Whites begin to lose touch with WHO and WHAT they are. Yes, sadly, that century was the TURNING POINT when our race started to seriously decline.

Im not sure what you mean by "taking credit for other peoples work" You provided no examples.

FYI, Without the WHITE RACE there would be no CIVILIZATION. If you hate Whites so much, you better stop and think about what you WOULDNT HAVE without White people. I wont go into a long list, but to make a long story short you just might be left with a mud hut to live in, loin cloth for clothes, and a sharp stick to get food with.

The real "KICKER" is that with all of our great White races accomplishments, which no other group can COME CLOSE TO, todays Whites, the "heirs to the legacy" dont act like they deserve to inherit that legacy at all.

Hard to fathom that the Race that MADE THIS WORLD what it is, is now dominated by weak, pacified, soulless losers who are all too willing to fade away and die.

also, 12:59, YOU are "hiding behind a monitor" as well.

Anonymous said...

12:59 is an asshole, but the fact remains that since the end of WWII White's have become very cowardly - look at the Boers - they couldn't even manage a civil war to save themselves like the Spanish did when the Reds took over, now they whine about being exterminated - who do they think will save them - the British (whom the idiots fought for in WWII) ?