Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TNB Comes To Flagstaff, Arizona: Four Blacks Arrested After Fighting With Cops Outside San Felipe's Cantina During NAU Homecoming Weekend

Diversity broke out big time in Flagstaff, Arizona on Friday October 19th, 2012 in the form of TNB, and when it was all over, four "sons of Obama" were arrested and five cops were hurt. A large group photo of the four assailants is available HERE.

The incident broke out at San Felipe's Cantina around 2:00 A.M. on Friday. Police were called to break up a fight at a nearby taco stand. However, when cops tried to disperse the crowd, William James Butler III reportedly told the officers he didn't care if they were cops, after which a crowd of people then began moving in on the two officers. Immediately, every available officer in the city was sent to the location, with backup from Northern Arizona University (NAU) police and the Coconino County Sheriff's Office as well. Police said every time they would try to control one person, two or three others would surround them and they would be forced to defend themselves.

Screenshot of perps
Eventually, police prevailed and 12 people ended up in handcuffs. Ultimately, four people were arrested; Isaiah Lewis Buck, 24, Kenneth Brashawn Chapple, 21, Brandon Lavon Chapple, 22, in addition to Butler (clockwise from upper left), were booked into the Coconino County Detention Facility on multiple counts of aggravated assault against police officers, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. To add insult to injury, most of the witnesses refused to talk to police about the incident because their homies were involved; a number of witnesses called the officers corrupt and accused them of using excessive force. It has not yet been reported whether or not the four are students at NAU; it just happened to be NAU homecoming weekend. According to City-Data, Flagstaff is only 1.8 percent black.

Five police officers were injured; three were treated at the scene, and two required transport to Flagstaff Medical center for treatment. One officer injured his knee and couldn't stand up for several moments, then realized his neck and back also hurt. Another officer suffered injuries to his ribs, nose and head, and required a tetanus shot.

This is one of the few TNB stories that Irate Irishman missed. Not to worry; he more than makes up for it with his exhaustive coverage of other TNB.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this AA. This stroy is from a few days ago, im surprised is wasnt on all the mainstream media sites: Huffington Post, Yahoo, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC,- Yeah right.

1.8 percent black Flagstaff is. Yet it just takes a few niggers to cause havoc. I would say show this story to Whites you know arent "woken up" yet, though there are stories like this EVERY DAY, as we all know.

Most Whites cant be bothered though, as it is the fall season. You know when literally MILLIONS of "White men" are glued to the jew tube every Sunday watching their favorite team of niggers chase a ball around.

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Anchorage Activist said...

I actually first found a reference to this story on a jewish site. The idea of TNB in Flagstaff seemed so bizarre that I decided to spread the word about it.

There's still nothing posted about this on either Stormfront or VNN.