Friday, October 05, 2012

The Charles Ripley Story: White Man Gets Into Argument With Non-White In Connecticut, Gets Charged With Racial Intimidation A Month Later

This is the type of story that I'd only read about in the United Kingdom, until now. A white man gets into an argument with a non-white, police are called, everything seems settled -- and then a month later, out of the blue, the white man gets charged with racial intimidation.

According to the Hartford Courant and NBCConnecticut, the situation began on September 8th, 2012 around 8:30 A.M. Charles Ripley, the white man, was driving a truck on Weir Street in Glastonbury when he passed a non-white jogger just a bit too close for the jogger's liking. The jogger, identified as Samet Dy, became angry and elbowed the truck, damaging the side view mirror. Ripley took exception to his truck being damaged, pulled over, and the two began arguing. NBCConnecticut reports that the two did begin fighting and that Dy punched Ripley punched in the face before police responded. Dy immediately played the race card and claimed that Ripley used a racial slur; Ripley denied it. Eventually, Dy was charged with breach of peace and criminal mischief. Case closed, right?

Wrong. A month later, Ripley now finds himself charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias, second-degree threatening and second-degree breach of peace. He turned himself in on October 4th and was released on his own recognizance, with a court date of October 17th.

What happened? Someone snitched him out. A bystander who witnessed the September 8th confrontation contacted police and told them that Ripley directed multiple racial slurs at Samet Dy and threatened him. So police reopened the case, and on the strength of that witness's statement alone, procured an arrest warrant.

Of course, the nature of the racial slur was not disclosed. Was it an obvious racial slur known to everyone, or a specialized racial slur known only to a handful of people? Remember when former Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford complained that a fan directed a "racial slur" towards him? The slur in that case was "monday"; the fan had called him a "monday". Apparently it was the popular comedian Russell Peters, a Canadian of Indian descent, who turned "monday” into a slur; in a January 2008 standup routine for Def Comedy Jam, Peters tells of a Bostonian referring to blacks as “mondays” and giving the same bigoted clarification that “nobody likes Mondays.” But if you never watch Def Comedy Jam, you wouldn't know that. At the disciplinary hearing for the fan, identified as a police officer named John Perrault, almost no one, including Perrault, was previously aware that "Monday" can be used as a racist term, but it didn't save him from being fired from the force.

The problem is that this case can be used as an escape clause for any non-white who gets into a dispute with a white and wants to wriggle his way out of responsibility. This also puts whites in the position of getting arrested for defending themselves against non-whites. The situation described in the Turner Diaries where whites were subjected to different and harsher judgment is coming to pass. What Charles Ripley needs to do is to demand a full jury trial, and also demand that the bystander who snitched him out personally show up in court.

A number of people have posted media comments objecting to the charging of Ripley:

Doug DeCarli October 5th 8:00 A.M. (NBC Connecticut):
So Ripley is charged with a hate crime after the jogger punched him? Political correctness gone to far again?

Mug Pup October 5th 1:00 P.M. (Courant):
So that guy does not have the right to free speech? It is a crime to say something ignorant? How fast do you think this case will be dismissed?

Heart of Leonidas (Stormfront):
...So the individual who commits the act of physical aggression is not singled out with a front page photo of the arrest picture and the individual who used a 'racial epithet' (allegedly, and besides, who decides what exactly is a racial epithet and what is not?!!) is....multiCULTural America is one big prison for white men who don't check their feelings, reality, brains, and balls with the gods of political correctness (international marxism) first.

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Anonymous said...

In this situation, who would the ANP side with? They call Whites who take race seriously "mindless haters", a SPLC & ADL term, they have their Nn-White supporters, so, how would the Rocky and his Commisars handle this?