Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Decries The Dominance Of Israeli And Jewish Lobbies As The "Elephant In The Room"

Those who've been around for a while may be familiar with the rock group Pink Floyd. One of their most famous songs from the rock opera "The Wall" talked about how our education system turns people into "just another brick in the wall" (listen to the segment HERE).

Well, it turns out that band member Roger Waters is definitely not just another "brick in the wall" when it comes to Jewish supremacism. On Saturday October 6th, 2012, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine was holding court in New York City. While there are some unsavory anti-White characters such as Cynthia McKinney and Angela Davis on this tribunal, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, who's been a longtime critic of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, was also present. After the British journalist and anti-Israel activist Ben White spoke out against ethnic cleansing by Israel since 1948, Waters spoke up:

"Sitting here as we are New York City, it's hard to ignore the elephant in the room -- this elephant being the unfathomable influence in the corridors of power of the Israeli and Jewish lobbies."

Elephant in the room? Has Roger Waters been reading Dr. David Duke or Stormfront? That's the same phrase Dr. Duke and others have used in describing Jewish supremacism in America.

After the session concluded, Wall Street Journal reporter Sohrab Ahamri caught up with Waters and asked him the tribunal wasn't hearing an Israeli perspective. "That's not what it's for," Waters said. "It is a people's tribunal and we do invite the other side to attend." Ahamri then asked Waters if he thought perhaps there ought to be a Russell Tribunal on Syria to hold the Assad regime to account for killing some 30,000 Syrian citizens? "I'm not part of the hierarchy of the Russell Tribunal," Waters responded. "I've been invited to take part in the Russell Tribunal on Palestine as a juror, so there's no way I can answer that question because I just do not know." Later, Waters said he was also against the Assad regime.

As expected, neocon Jewish blogger Debbie Schlussel has her panties in a twist. In this October 11th post, Schlussel hysterically labels Roger Waters a "Nazi" and a "Jew-hater", describing his views as "insane rantings", and writing "if you spend a single penny on this aging cretin from the drug-induced ’70s, you are supporting his neo-Nazi bigotry against Jews in America". In a September 2010 post, Schlussel also reveals that the Anti-Defamation League took him to task for using imagery long associated with stereotypes about Jews and money as part of a segment of his 2010-2011 “The Wall Live” Tour which criticized Israel’s West Bank security fence.

However, Schlussel's hyberbolic rantings have earned her criticism from other neocon pundits. Schlussel has publicly feuded with both Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity, who she nicknamed Sean Vannity. In April 2006, VNN Forum webmaster Alex Linder also expressed considerable amusement at Schlussel's preoccupation with the famous Sharon Stone Basic Instinct crotch shot; Schlussel posted about Stone on March 29th, 2006, and despite her professed revulsion for the crotch shot, made sure she posted a picture of it (for "academic research" only, of course). If Debbie Schlussel was a storm, she'd be 95 percent wind and 5 percent rain.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear I guess. Waters is a leftist jackass who made tons of moeny making boring pretensious art crap music, but its nice to hear this.

McKinney and Davis are some vile she-boons, but I expect that kind of crowd to be on that tribunal.
This is a modern example of the dissonance between jews and the left. Gets tricky when all that "human rights and equality" talk applies to Eretz Israel too.

That Schlussel jew bitch sounds funny. Im sure if it was a washed up rock star who did something good for Israhell, or simply helped prop up the jewish agenda in general (as many do) they would be a "wise old sage from the wonderful, creative 70s."

That "Basic Instinct" stuff she's obsessed with- sounds like she has some deep "Freudian" type jew-issues. Must reveal a lot of disturbing stuff to her "analyst" Dr.Feldman or whatever.
"Daddy touched me down there, it was so humiliating but felt so good, so now I want to kill Palestinians- Do you find me sexy doctor? Please say you do."

Anonymous said...

I think that some of you are missing the point. I would rather view it, that it's wonderful that finally after all these many decades of speaking the truth, people of various hues and across the spectrum are starting, not ONLY to understand the "jewish problem", but are actually SPEAKING OUT! Thats so very important. Its the first step, towards a broader-based resistance to the jew stranglehold upon the world. Would you REALLY cast aside the "enemy of my enemy" - simply "because" he doesn't see "eye to eye" with you upon EVERY single issue? You BREAK that jewish stranglehold - and eventually everything will start to come apart. IF people LOSE that FEAR OF THE JEWS, and begin to SPEAK OUT - WHAT ISN'T POSSIBLE? The POWER of ORGANIZED jewry, once broken CAN be overcome. And their biggest weapon is - FEAR. I know - I have been publicly speaking out for decades, and facing the consequences - once its no longer "taboo" to openly criticize "ORGANIZED JEWRY", because EVERYONE, of ALL political persuasions are openly doing it, half our struggle is won. 7:42PM seems to prefer to denigrate the "leftist jackass" ( personally, I love "Pink Floyd" music ) and the "vile she-boons", who dared to put THEIR NAMES and FACES out there OPENLY opposing Zion, but of course, omits his own. WHY is he so OPPOSED to ANTI-ZIONISTS if not working together, at least not attacking one another? Another clear example of the difference between HIM and the pragmatic thinking National Socialists of the ANP! for White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Yep, aint just the evil White nazis who know about jewish power!

Even dullards like doped up has been "rock stars" can get a clue.
Hell, even a few of the dullest of the dull- niggers can figger it out.

It can be troubling for ZOG when non-WNs name the jew.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stone is a washed out disgrace to white women. Her claim to fame is a 'crotch scene', wow - what an actress! While Schlussel or whomever may be an outspoken jewish rightwing propagandist, she looks pretty damn Aryan to me, and she recognizes pornography when she see's it. Too many on our side seem quite ok with porn, in fact 7:42PM shows his sick side with his little fantasy episode about Dr. Feldman. I only wish we HAD more people as dedicated to our cause, as Ms. Schlussel is to hers! I guess thats why the jews are where they are, and we're where we're at. Savanna Dest

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Rocky is talking about people being afraid of the Jews! We all needed a laugh. Thanks AA!

Anonymous said...

Rockys got a very valid point, when we reach the point where people of all races across the entire political spectrum, are confronting the jewish power structure, and hammering away at it, it can only be good news for our side. You got to be pretty dense to disagree with that.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the brave Germans. The only sickness that won WWII was:

1. International Jew Communism in East Europe and China

2. International Jew Banking in West Europe and USA

Globalism or The New World Order is the combination of these two Jew sicknesses.

Jewry = The Globalist Anti Christ.

george said...

What is really needed to kickKosherasses in USA is China to buyout out all the major media from the Judas Jews. Even if Elvis rose from the grave and pleaded help for the Palestinians--General public won't even know he came to life or what he said. Jews are a clut. They lie lie lie.
The only other means to expose their evilness is citizen arrests of all the Jews who covered up the Sept 11 2001 bombings and make them talk--water board the suckers up their rear ends with fire hoses

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

Anonymous said...Even dullards like doped up has been "rock stars" can get a clue.....

Roger Waters is hardly a "dullard". If more Whites had half of Mr.Waters intelligence and courage the jews wouldn't be running the world.This is the problem,constantly insulting our allies.While the jews laugh in our faces

Anonymous said...

Waters is someone who sees it like it is and tells it like it is,from waay back. That's credentials.

Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to Pink Floyd :-(

Anonymous said...

No, Pink Floyd will live on forever, because of the excellence of the music they created. Thats one thing that the jews can't control, once the people have taken a liking to something. In fact, it would be a danger for them to try to demean it, it would anger Pink Floyds admirers and possibly cause anger directed AT the jew media moguls. More than likely, the jews will try and bury this story down the memory hole. We can only hope that Waters keep his voice going loud and clear. ROCK 88!

Delbert Grady said...

Art as it imitates life is the way into the collected conscience of the American youth; as Pink Floyd demonstrated in there generation, popular artist today lack a higher social commentary. That being said, is this because today's Artist are less informed,although this is the age of information, are audiences today in the global market just not as interested in all things American, or are the powers that be "Jew media" suppressing a desire for deeper more fulfilling artistry and force feeding the public crap!?? Will a prolonged exposure to this Jew agenda dull our appetites for any thing meaningful, to the point of preferring pop corn over steak.I think so. Evidence prevalent in record sales showing dim whited Southern rap music, making idiots rich off songs like, lil john's "yeah!!" compared to the socially relevant music created by bands like Rage against the machine.The trick is how do today's artist make being social and politically aware cool again before the evil Jew clips their wings before flight... check out my blog Look who's driving the bus. enjoy as i did yours. leave a comment.