Saturday, October 27, 2012

My "Day Of The Rope" List Just Got Longer: Welcome Lena Dunham


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Prepare to Restart the White Race

We have a new poster child for cultural pollution in America. Lena Dunham cut a campaign video on behalf of Barack Obama, in which she characterizes voting for Obama as a "sexual experience". The full transcript of the text was published on Breitbart. Hold your nose and watch:

And how did Lena Dunham react to the upsurge of popular outrage? In reaction to the outrage over her video, Dunham found the uproar pretty amusing. "It tickles me to no end that while my twitter feed was blowing up with conservative hate," she wrote in a tweet on Friday October 26th, "I was literally hanging out in a pile of bisexuals."  Wikipedia reveals she may have gotten her sexual liberalism from her father, Carroll Dunham, who is a painter of "overtly sexualised pop art"; her mother is also Jewish, which makes her, by Israel's Law of Return, officially Jewish as well.

Looks like my proverbial "Day Of The Rope" list just got a bit longer. But it's a list that's purely figurative at this point. However, the late Dr. William Pierce tells us what a real "Day Of The Rope" might be like as he reads us a passage from "The Turner Diaries":

No person of sound mind really wants a "Day Of The Rope". But if we re-elect Barack Obama, will it be avoidable?


Anonymous said...

Yes, very "vomitous." (Is that a word?) Anyway, I have no idea who this vile jewess is, don't know why anyone (with a working brain) would be influenced by what she spews. Or any "celebrity" for that matter, who are as qualified to comment on political issues as a lamppost is.

Yeah, new lows. ("I'm Barry Obongo and I approve of this sick jew bitch's message.") We keep seeing them in this "wonderful modern world." Thank God We Won World War 2! All that great freedom. Hell, we could have all ended up speaking German. LOL.

Day of the rope sounds fine to me. Aint no cure for cancer anyway, just gotta destroy the whole body and start over. Create something new and better.

Anonymous said...

Not to sully the point of the post, surely many "trendy" White twits would see humor and like the video - but with the thing in the video being a Jewess I don't think that she would be one that would have been put down during the day of the rope. Of course she/it is not White so she cannot be classified as a race traitor.

With that said the video is a typical piece of tripe from the chosen - they can't put three sentences together without reverting to some kind of sexual references or that of bodily functions.

Not that this thing in the video is not a spectacular example (ala Elana Kagan, Andrea Mitchell (msnbc),et al) but through my time since "putting on the glasses" (ala the movie They Live) I often wonder if the root of Jewish hatred toward European man may have something to do with the fact that they envy the beauty in our women and therefore also recognize, as those with the glasses on, that about 90% of their women, like the jewess in the video, resemble men - I mean that might really be the source of their hatred - their women are absolutly hideous in almost all cases, barely distinguishable from men, certainly in the face, and it rarely if ever gets better as you go from there.

Anyway, like the spirit of the post, my favorite part of the book and something that is long past due in this country.

Anchorage Activist said...

I was going to ignore this here -- I already put something up on my more under-the-radar blog Alaska Pride -- but when she reacted by saying her critics could basically go to hell, I decided to send a message of my own.

This is why Martin Lindstedt is right about whiggers!

Anonymous said...

You are so spot on. Jews are insanely jealous of Aryan beauty, just like blacks and other non-Whites are. Look at jewish created "modern art." They know they can never do what our great classic artists have done, so they "change the rules." Suddenly bodily fluids on canvas is as good as the Mona Lisa. If you dont "get it" youre dumb, or a fascist. They put their ugliness out there for all of us to see, and make it the standard.

Notice how when non-Whites "express their beauty" its by looking as White as possible. This is most apparent in blacks.

The jewish intermarriage rate is over 50 percent now. More than half of all jews marry non-jews. Im quite certain its mostly jewish men marrying their "trophy shiksa." (Similar to the majority of black-white marriages being black men marrying white trash whores) Look at all the sleazy "Hollywood" entertainer types marrying White women. A young jewess who resembles Barbara Streisand or Roseanne Barr just doesnt stand a chance when jew boys have been saturated with images (that THEIR People in the media have promoted) of Aryan females.

In recent years, half jewish actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone and Scarlett Johannsen have become big stars. They can identify more with their jewish background if they want, but if it wasnt for their 50% White heritage, they wouldnt be famous, because they wouldnt look the way they do. Same goes for male half jew actors Paul Newman and Harrison Ford. Compare them to half jews like Bill Maher and Ben Stiller, you can see who got lucky with the DNA Lottery.

This is why in the last few years, the media has majorly hyped up full blooded jewess actresses Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Portman was even given an Oscar. It is very important to jews to have full, not partial jews who (they think) can "look as good as the goyim."

Also, "They Live" is a fantastic movie. How obvious can you get?

Anonymous said...

She's gay and Jewish? Future ANP member perhaps? Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Probably Jeff Schoeps next wife.

Anonymous said...

Obama OR Romney, what IS the difference? One has a black face, which represents this ANTI-WHITE system perfectly! The other, has a pale skin, but is no better by one iota! In fact, having a so-called "white" as President, would only lull the remnants of the White population back to sleep, thinking "oh, one of us is back in power...". Personally, I honestly PREFER having a NON-WHITE as Sock-Puppet in Chief, for the REAL RULERS of Judeo-Capitalist America Inc. Of course, I am a National Socialist REVOLUTIONARY, not a right-wing, reactionary, race-baiter... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Schoep shops on anti-sites for his mates. I'm sure that's how he found his ex-wife too right? Sadly enouph he actually met his ex-wife on New Saxon who was posing as German Babe at the time. She was also on Stormfront & other WN forums. Wolf in Sheeps clothing. Non-whites know where to meet whites now. WP ran sites.

Anonymous said...

Don't creatures like NSMer's Jeff Schoep and now this Duke Schnieder belong on your DOTR list too? This jewess is only fighting full-out for her side, which I can understand and respect. These pathetic creeps actually RACE MIXED voluntarialy! The Hangman of Justice

Anonymous said...

This Jeff Scheop creep ought to hide his head in shame! I'm amazed that the young bloods of our movement don't give him a boot party! He is everything that true skins stand against, race-mixing being the foremost. Butch Callahan 14/88!

Anonymous said...

How can we point the finger at this foul bitch, and yet we still have sick bastards like Jeff Schoep running around pretending he's a white nationalist? Just look at the freaks and cretins he's got in his group, who until they were outed as scum, were heralded as great white warriors. Jesus, how the jews must laugh at us, and our pathetic lack of quality control in whom we associate with.