Thursday, October 04, 2012

Montana Chief U.S. District Court Judge Richard Cebull Pressured To "Partially Retire" After Forwarding "Racist" Obama E-Mail Ten Months Ago

Under discussion on Stormfront today is the story of a federal judge in Montana who forwarded a racist Obama e-mail and is now being "disciplined". He's being asked to take a "partial retirement". Media sources include the Great Falls Tribune and CNN; a couple of links from earlier Politico stories are also embedded for background.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Richard Cebull forwarded the e-mail, which he did not originate himself, back on February 20th, 2012 to six longtime friends and acquaintances and sent a comeback copy to himself after receiving it from his brother. Here was the punch line:

"A little boy said to his mother, 'Mommy, how come I'm black and you're white?' His mother replied, 'Don't even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you're lucky you don't bark!'"

However, one of the six recipients forwarded the e-mail with the judge's name attached, who in turn forwarded it until it eventually reached the inbox of a Great Falls Tribune reporter, who then contacted Judge Cebull. On February 29th, Judge Cebull acknowledged to the Tribune that the e-mail was racist but maintained that he doesn’t consider himself a racist and that the note was meant to remain private. “The only reason I can explain it to you is I am not a fan of our president, but this goes beyond not being a fan,” the judge told the publication. <“I didn’t send it as racist, although that’s what it is. I sent it out because it’s anti-Obama.” He also apologized publicly, as well as more privately in two personal letters to President Obama and to Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Alex Kozinski.

But that was not good enough for the anti-racist cartel. First, Travis McAdam, executive director for the Montana Human Rights Network took a whack at the judge, saying the email's content was unbecoming of a federal judge, and questioning whether distributing a joke that basically compares African-Americans with animals can be considered legitimate criticism. Then the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus issued a joint-release condemning the judge, with Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas), the chair of the CHC, demanding Cebull's resignation. The Ninth Circuit subsequently stated that its judicial council would act expeditiously in probing and resolving the matter.

Ten months later, that Ninth Circuit internal review has still not been completed. However, Judge Cebull will be taking what's called a "partial retirement". Cebull will go on "senior status" effective March 18th, 2013, meaning he will vacate his seat but will still be available to hear a reduced caseload. He will still qualify for a full government salary. The Obama Administration will name the judge's replacement.

How much do you want to bet the Ninth Circuit deliberately dragged out their so-called "investigation" hoping that Judge Cebull would get fed up and resign out of frustration? Perhaps this partial solution will induce them to finally wrap up the probe. However, People For the American Way President Michael Keegan is probably unhappy with the fact that Cebull will still be getting a government salary, and wants Cebull's scalp, issuing the following statement.

“Judge Cebull should resign or retire, not take senior status. He used his official email account to send an incredibly disgusting and racist email. When asked why, he said he sent it because he opposes the President. Americans expect the courts to be fair, impartial, and open to all. Cebull clearly demonstrated that he does not have the temperament to serve as a federal judge, period. Cebull may hope that taking senior status before the misconduct review concludes will help him avoid sanction. But he should be held accountable by the 9th Circuit regardless of his status.”

Only two comments have been appended to the CNN story so far. Our B.U.G.S. Squad is at work again:

Daniel Genseric October 4th 3:30 P.M:
"If America is so “free,” then why aren’t whites free to live and work together?"

EVERYBODY says there is this thing called Freedom.

EVERYBODY agrees that “freedom is exercised” when TENS OF MILLIONS of non-white migrants pour into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

EVERYBODY says “People are FREE to marry whomever they want.” But ONLY in white countries is it necessary to SAY this.

EVERYBODY agrees that freedom becomes Un-American when whites are free to live and work together.

The Chinese and Pakistanis want Freedom as much as the next man, but NOBODY is saying “freedom is exercised” when TENS OF MILLIONS of non-Asians flood into EVERY Asian country and only “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with Asians. What kind of man would re-package genocide as “freedom” to begin with and what kind of psycho Asian man wouldn't object to it?

But if I tell the truth about the genocide of my race, the white race, Freedom-Loving liberals and their respectable conservative enablers agree that I am an evilracistmonsterwhowantstodeportpedro. They say they are “anti-racists who want Freedom For All.” What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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