Monday, October 01, 2012

Memorialization Or Fashion Statement: Young Jewish Hipsters Get Holocaust Tattoos To Perpetuate The Holocaust Tale

It appears that some young Jewish hipsters want to identify with the Holocaust more closely. According to the New York Times, they're going so far as to get the Holocaust tattoos of their elders inscribed upon their own bodies, even though Jewish religious law forbids tattoos and some of the Jewish elite seem uneasy about this new trend at best. There are also two Stormfront discussion threads; one entitled "Proudly Bearing Elders’ Scars, Their Skin Says ‘Never Forget’", and another entitled "Holocaust Survivers Decrease, New Generation Finds A Controversial Way To Remember [Video]", which references a New York Times video.

An example of this new trend: Yosef Diamant had the number 157622 permanently inked on his own arm by the Nazis during his World War II internment at Auschwitz. After a high school field trip to Auschwitz in 2008, Diamant's granddaughter Eli Sagir decided to express her solidarity with her grandfather by getting the same number inscribed upon her left arm at a hip tattoo parlor in downtown Jerusalem. The following week, her mother and brother also had the same six digits inscribed onto their forearms. In September 2012, her uncle followed suit.

Eli Sagir, who is now 21, claims her motives are pure, explaining “All my generation knows nothing about the Holocaust. You talk with people and they think it’s like the Exodus from Egypt, ancient history. I decided to do it to remind my generation: I want to tell them my grandfather’s story and the Holocaust story.” Perhaps that may be the case in Israel, but there's no lack of Holocaust awareness elsewhere, particularly in the United States, which has a network of 25 Holocaust museums, with a 26th on the way in Columbus, OH.

But some of the Jewish elite are uneasy at best. Michael Berenbaum, a professor at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles who is among the foremost "scholars" of the memorialization of the Holocaust, characterizes it as a "brazen, in-your-face way" of bridging the gap between actual memory and historical memory; only 200,000 Holocaust survivors remain alive, and the number is dropping steadily. On, a rabbi responded more critically to a reader's question:

...How would a tattoo impact a positive change in the world? Certainly it would give the person who has it a sense of solidarity with those who were in the camps. However, it doesn't truly do anything positive, or do anything to elevate the souls of the six million who perished in the Holocaust. In fact, if you had asked someone who was forced to get that tattoo in the camps if they'd want a Jew 70 years later to get one as well...what do you think would be the reply?

It would most probably be the same response that Elie Wiesel gave when some people affixed yellow stars to their clothing. He said that it was a desecration of “the memory of the Holocaust.”

Surprisingly, the Anti-Defamation League has not taken a public stand on this trend. This seems odd considering that the ADL guards Holocaust memory with the ferocity of a pit bull guarding a bone. Instead, Abe Foxman wastes his time trying to explain how fighting hate speech defends free speech. Of course, the ADL demonstrated their real attitude towards free speech when they bullied Internet service providers into taking down some Christian Identity websites recently. Free speech for the Chosen -- but not for the rest of us.

Who would have thought that Jews would try to transform the Holocaust into a fashion statement?


Anonymous said...

This is just too funny, and really sickening. In other words typical jew behavior. TJB.

I thought that if a jew gets a tattoo he/she cant be buried in a jewish cemetery, wont get into heaven or something like that. Surprised to hear there are tattoo parlors in Israel.

25 Holohoax Museums in this country, yet it took a very long time and appeals to the public for donations to get the WWII Memorial up in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I hope they all do it in numerical order, it will make things a lot easier when the future comes calling.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Rocky and the ANP can join in to show they are not "mindless haters", afterall, they want to be hip and new. It may result in Kike donations and members of their new - Mud-Kike-Fish-Head-Faggot Division.

Chaplain Bill said...

I doubt that "holocaust survivors" will respond well to this.

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if Jewish law prohibits tattoos designs than why to get them .