Monday, October 01, 2012

Former BNP Councillor Michael Coleman Given Eight-Month Suspended Sentence And 240 Hours Of Slave Labor For Telling The Truth About The British Riots

British National Party activist Michael Coleman -- unbowed, unbent, unbroken
On September 28th, 2012, Michael Coleman, a member of the British National Party who once occupied the Meir North seat on the Stoke-on-Trent city council, was given an eight months suspended prison sentence and ordered to perform 240 hours of unpaid community service stemming from his conviction on two counts of racially aggravated harassment on September 5th. The charges related to racist language used in two articles on his website, the Stoke Patriot blog, on August 9th and again on September 12th, 2011, according to ThisIsStaffordshire. Because it was a political conviction rather than a criminal conviction, I find the term "slave labor" to be more appropriate than "community service".

After the outbreak of riots in many of England's major cities during the summer of 2011, Coleman expressed his frustration with the British authorities' kid-gloves approach towards non-white rioters and connected it with the deliberate imposition of forced multiculturalism upon the United Kingdom through massive non-white immigration. In his August 9th post which looks like it has since been pulled, Coleman allegedly wrote that the riots were a perfect example of the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and the British people. He also allegedly wrote, “London darkies have reacted with violence. The darkies have exposed their true nature in siding with criminality.”

In his September 12th post entitled "Red Socialists Take A Big Stride Down The Road To Tyranny", which is still available, Coleman complained about the city council flooding the city with Muslims and blacks. Here's the applicable excerpt:

And so the way is now clear for Red Socialists to implement their horrible and unpopular minority agenda upon the city - for the next four years at least. An agenda that will include the continued economic decline, increase in unemployment (25,000 work-less out of a working population of 110,000 at present), the flooding of our city with Muslims and Blacks (in fact a complete population replacement programme - darkies in, whities out!) , and the exodus of the oppressed and exasperated Stokies. The ultimate outcome of this Red Socialist plot will be a city with no jobs, with a hundred Mosques, massive crime rate, thousands of very poor, sad elderly folk - a city (similar to the inner boroughs of Bradford) where no self respecting Christian Briton would want to live, or could live. And throughout all of this negative change the people of the city will have very few opportunities to 'vote their way out of trouble'!

On March 7th, 2012, in a post entitled "Point Taken - Its Important To Be Fair", Michael Coleman revealed that he had received a complaint about his blog. Although he apologized to the complainant for giving offense, that was insufficient to mollify the complainant, who was Labour city councillor Joy Garner. Garner alerted the police, who contacted Coleman. Coleman voluntarily attended a police interview. In June 2012, he was later charged with intending to cause racially-aggravated harassment, alarm or distress by displaying writing, a sign or other representation, which was threatening, abusive or insulting; he pleaded not guilty. On September 6th, after four hours deliberation, a jury found Coleman guilty.

Joy Garner was absolutely ecstatic over the guilty verdict, saying “I believe that this is the right verdict and it sends out a strong warning to those like the BNP who want to create fear and division. This is not acceptable to the overwhelming majority of local people, whose only wish is to get along with others, regardless of their background. I believe I was right to bring the complaint on behalf of the local people, who find this language both offensive and threatening. I’d like to thank the police and the Crown Prosecution Service for demonstrating that they take these kind of offences very seriously.” Meanwhile, Coleman defended his actions, saying that he was explaining his views in the common language of the people of Stoke-on-Trent, proclaiming “This is England, and by God I’m going to use English words". The Sentinel also defended Coleman, writing "it takes a sizeable mental leap to suggest that the content could, by itself, lead a reader into racial harassment".

After the sentencing on September 28th, Joy Garner jizzed all over her blog, saying that she makes no apology for having been the individual who initially raised this with the police, and adding that while she will always defend the right to freedom of speech, she cannot accept the use of any language characterizing an entire race as being more predisposed to crime than others. The North Staffordshire Campaign Against Racism and Fascism wrote "This court decision should be celebrated by all anti-racists and ensure that the only place fascism has in this century is in history textbooks", which attracted criticism from Patrick Hayes on Spiked.

The Telegraph also came out in support of Coleman, writing "In allowing the criminalisation of Coleman for saying things that the 'overwhelming majority' find offensive, we open the gates to the potential silencing of other sections of mankind for saying out-there things. Speech is either free, or it isn't. And in Britain right now, it isn't".

Meanwhile, Michael Coleman remains unapologetic, saying he would continue to speak out regardless of any consequences from the law. He said: "Allegedly I've broken the law but it won't stop me speaking out and I've no doubt I'll go to prison at some point in the future...I had no idea my comments would ever result in this, my freedom's been taken away." Coleman is a throwback to the Britain of yesteryear which held sway over one-quarter of the globe with the aid of wooden ships crewed with and captained by iron men, and he proved it by going out on September 8th and helping to distribute 1,000 BNP leaflets in Stoke-on-Trent.


Anonymous said...

Just insane. Formerly Great Britain has taken such a mighty fall. Very glad Mr.Coleman avoided prison. But being prosecuted for some observations, and bad language? Orwell was indeed a prophet.

We in the USA should take note of incidents like these in the UK and elsewhere. This is what the jews want here in America. The ADL terrorists, as well as many others, have been working to get these kind of "hate speech laws" on the books for awhile.

Dont ever think: "It can't happen here." The US Constitution has been circumvented many times before, its only a matter of time before the next attempt. Remember the "USA Patriot Acts"? Those pretty much nullified parts of the Bill of Rights.

It is a good sign that the Telegraph newspaper supported Coleman:
"Speech is either free, or it isn't. And in Britain right now, it isn't".
Guess there is a bit of sanity left in the British mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

First the JEW calls for diversity, then after the roaches move in and destroy all that is good, they start all over some where else.