Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Extremist Jewish Settlers Believed To Have Sprayed Grafitti On Franciscan Monastery In Jerusalem; Jews Continue To Spit On Christians

While Muslim outrages in the Middle East are getting the lion's share of the media's attention, Jewish outrages against Christians in Israel and Occupied Palestine continue. The International Middle East Media Center reports that a number of extremist Israeli settlers are believed to have spray-painted racist graffiti against Jesus Christ on the main gate of the Franciscan Monastery located in Jerusalem. According to the Ma'an News Agency, they sprayed "Price-tag" and "Jesus is a son of a bitch". It's the second attack against a Christian holy site since last month; in September, extremist settlers burnt the main gate of the Latrun Monastery west of Jerusalem, and wrote racist graffiti against Jesus Christ and Christianity. It's also estimated that there have been as many as 60 attacks targeting both Islamic and Christian holy sites in Israel and Occupied Palestine in 2012.

Senior officials of the Franciscan Monastery issued strong condemnations of the Israeli government, and described the Israeli attacks against Christian holy sites as ugly and disgusting. The Monastery called on Israel to act and said that the assailants must be apprehended, and Israel must start acting against Jewish fundamentalism and extremism, as this extremist harms the relations between different faiths. David Newhouse of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land stated that Israel is not acting against these racist attacks, and its educational system fails to educate the students against these types of fundamentalist and racist crimes. Israeli Radio reported that this is the first time ever that a senior official of the Catholic Church issuers such a sharp and direct criticism against the Jewish extremists and against Israel.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has previously weighed in on behalf of Christians. After the attack on the Latrun Monastery, Dr. Saeb Erekat, head of the PLO's Negotiations Department, said that these attacks are “manifestations of a culture of hatred and racism among Israelis, encouraged by 45 years on Israeli occupation”. The Palestinian Authority cabinet strongly condemned the latest attack.

Extremist Jews also manifest their distaste for Christians in other ways. In September 2012 after the attack on the Latrun Monastery, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, custos (Latin for guardian) of holy sites on behalf of the Vatican, talked about the resurgence of spitting on Christians. He said that no matter how high his position, any priest who makes his way around the city will sooner or later be spat upon and cursed by a yeshiva student, and that the Jaffa Gate and the Armenian Quarter are particularly troublesome. In February, Father Pizzaballa wrote to President Shimon Peres and said that in recent years, he and his colleagues had learned to ignore provocations, but that now they were escalating to the point that they had become intolerable. But following his letter to Peres, anti-Christian animosity even surfaced in the Knesset, after Christian Bibles were sent to parliament members and National Union MK Michael Ben Ari ripped a copy of the New Testament in front of the camera.

Even ordinary tourists can be subjected to harassment by orthodox Jews, as this 2007 video shows:

Despite some occasional efforts by Israeli authorities to curb the practice, spitting on Christians occurs so frequently that even the Anti-Defamation League was moved to condemn it in 2011, most likely out of fear that it would result in a reduction in tourism and a corresponding decrease in foreign exchange.


Anonymous said...

But, "The meek will inherate the earth!" So, they ought to "turn the other cheek!" and "Love thy enemy!" How did white people ever buy into all this? RaHoWa!

Anonymous said...

The point is that many, many of our people do choose to be Christians. They should be informed about how the jews really feel about them. Shatter the myth of the Judeo-Christian oxymoron. Especially the White "Christian-Zionist" Israel supporters.

I understand many WNs contempt for the Christian religion, but many Whites will not just give up on it. We dont help our cause by turning off potential recruits by insulting their religion. Cant we just stick to the policy of keep your religion to yourself, and focus on the 14 Words?