Monday, October 01, 2012

Canadian Border Authorities Routinely Seize Copies Of James Edwards' Book "Racism, Schmacism" And The Citizens Informer From Inbound Travelers

Free speech is not as protected in Canada as it is in the United States. Not only does the infamous Section 13 of the CHRA prevent Canadians from telling the truth about race and diversity in the Great No-Longer-So-White North, but Canadians and others bringing in literature deemed to be "hateful" can have it seized by Canadian border authorities.

During the September 29th broadcast of The Political Cesspool hosted by James Edwards, Canadian white civil rights activist Paul Fromm, who is the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, appeared during the third hour and discussed recent outrages by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), operating as politically correct thought police and seizing books and pamphlets carried by travelers inbound to Canada. Among recent seizures are host James Edwards’ book "Racism, Schmacism" and The Citizens Informer, the newspaper published by the Council of Conservative Citizens. They were seized on suspicion of being “hate”, although Canada has the audacity to demand that the People's Republic of China improve its free speech and human rights record. The audio of the 60-minute broadcast is embedded below:

The first and second hours of the show are also available and are of interest as well if your time permits.

The pretext for these seizures is Memorandum D9-1-15, entitled "Canada Border Services Agency's Policy on the Classification of Hate Propaganda, Sedition and Treason". The operative portion is paragraph 8 under the section entitled "Determining Whether Goods are Hate Propaganda"

8. Goods that incite or promote hatred against an identifiable group, by incorporating some or all of the following allegations, may be prohibited as hate propaganda: (a) allegations that an identifiable group is to blame for serious economic or social problems;

(b) allegations that an identifiable group manipulates media, trade, finance, government or world politics to the detriment of society;

(c) allegations that an identifiable group is inferior or superior to another group; and/or

(d) allegations that an identifiable group weakens or threatens society, in whole or in part.

Because James Edwards' book and The Citizens Informer highlight such things as disproportionate crime by visible minorities and immigrants, Canadian border authorities have license to consider them to be "hate propaganda" even though they don't target groups as a whole for denigration or abuse.

If Canada was more respectful of free speech, it might be a good place for white Americans to move, particularly the western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia (outside of Vancouver). The Maritime Provinces might also be a good place. Ontario, on the other hand, is strictly under the thumb of the New World Order, and if you want to get on in Quebec, you better learn French.

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Anonymous said...

All that land up there in Canada, and so few people. Canadian ZOG is just itching to fill up all that space with hordes of muds. It does get extemely cold though, so that might be a deterrent for some of the colored invaders, as they are not cold weather people.

Regardless of all the space, and those provinces mentioned, moving to Canada is definitely not an option for USA WNs. Like AA said, no freedom of speech, its as bad as Un-Great Britain. Ontario is pretty bad, Toronto is plagued by criminal niggers from places like Jamaica and Haiti.

I've said before, those liberal White Canadians who look down on us "racist Yanks" (remember where the Underground Railroad ended) might end up changing their tune soon. As Canadas black population rises, and the Asian, Muslim and other mud populations keep climbing, and the Dominion of Canada looks more and more like the USA, a lot of Canucks might be like: "Oh, now I get what those Americans are talking about." A lot wont wake up though, just like many in the USA and elsewhere. Todays Whites have become masters of denial and self deception.

Amazing as it sounds, the USA is actually the best, or maybe least worst, place to be. We have freedoms (for now) that Whites almost everywhere else do not.

No point in leaving the country,(or going to the Pacific Northwest) there aint no safe haven for us anywhere. Gotta stand our ground here.