Monday, October 08, 2012

American Third Position Party Chairman William D. Johnson Running As Natural Law Congressional Candidate In Michigan Under The Name Of Daniel Johnson

From Ballotpedia
I have been looking for confirmation of the A3P connection, and I found it posted on the Independent Political Report, which appears to be reputable. Red Phillips states that he received a tip on Facebook that the Daniel Johnson who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan's 11th House District is the American Third Position Party Chairman William D. Johnson, whose middle name is Daniel. His longtime political history is published on Wikipedia.

The leftist media is all in a tizzy about this Daniel Johnson because they consider him a "white supremacist". According to HuffPo, Johnson, who is the nominee of the Natural Law Party, is running on a platform stressing "white supremacy" (actually, to protect civil liberties, particularly those of white European Americans) and environmental protection, highlighting both in a message that greets callers to his campaign phone. In addition, he wants to cut the size and scope of government and assist businesses to provide a living wage. The link to Johnson's campaign website:

Johnson does not reveal his connection to the A3P on his campaign website. There is also no reference to his candidacy on the A3P website, although he's still listed as the A3P Chairman. Perhaps the reason he's running as the Natural Law Party candidate instead of an A3P candidate is because the Natural Law Party still qualifies for ballot inclusion, while the A3P isn't on the ballot. There was an interview with him posted on the A3P website, but it has been taken down. No webcache is available. It is strange that he is not running under his normal name, though.

Johnson states that the Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. He believes the two-party system has failed the American people. While both parties blame each other, the reality is that both have participated in the destruction of our economy and our culture. Both have deliberately abandoned our Constitution and have pushed polices that have eviscerated our Bill of Rights. Johnson's opponents in the full-term race include Democratic nominee Dr. Syed Taj, Green Party candidate Steven Paul Duke, Libertarian candidate John Tatar, and Republican nominee Kerry Bentivolio. There is also a separate race to fill out the remaining six weeks of former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter's term, which will expire in January 2013; Johnson is not in that race.

Reaction: Mark Maynard, who calls himself a proud race traitor, is obviously unhappy with Johnson's candidacy, and prefers Dr. Syed Taj, an immigrant from India. He says the race itself is pretty close, and Johnson's candidacy could pull votes away from Kerry Bentivolio and hand the seat to Taj. In a follow-up post, Maynard whines about the number of white racialists who posted comments to his post, including April Gaede, but he didn't censor the comments.

Stormfront reaction is mixed. While most express support for Johnson, some vociferously support Kerry Bentivolio because, according to StopZionism, "Kerry Bentivolio supports no more wars for Israel, securing the borders, auditing the Fed, and defending the liberties guaranteed to us in the Constitution. He even acted in a 9/11 truther film which he's gotten a lot of flack from. Are you really going to throw your vote away when you can instead help someone like Ron Paul who is mostly on our side?" However, in response, Glory14 wrote "I think any vote against a WN is wasted. Bentivolio supports non-White immigration and I do not think he has said our wars are for Israel". Read Bentivolio's platform HERE.

I would be more comfortable supporting Daniel Johnson if he was running under his normal name of William D. Johnson, running as an A3P candidate, promoting his candidacy on the A3P website, and showing up at candidate forums. It's not enough to merely say you're going to run for office; you have to actually campaign, as Dan Schruender, Jeff Hall, Billy Roper, Glenn Miller, and Harry Bertram have done. It's time for us to be fussy and demand actual credibility as well as a mere "presence".


Anonymous said...

Sadly this guy doesn't have a sonwballs chance in hell. The district he's running for boarders my town of Westland - its composed largely of the cities of Canton-Livonia. Both are EXTREMELY wealthy locals, Livonia has a huge "Japanese-Asian" population in the rich northern half and Canton is similar to Dearborn with its Arabs, but in this case its "Indians" predominating. Odd place to campaign for "white supremacy". For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Why is Johnson doing this, goofing around and not using his real name?
I like the A3P, I know some people who post here dont care for them and view them as "soft" which I understand. However, I think there should be different avenues for WNs. I respect the ANP and admire their effort to do something sincere and meaningful, but the reality is a lot of Whites just arent comfortable being in a "Nazi" org. That's okay.

Of course the moronic mainstream media will ignore any details and howl about "White supremacy." Arianna Huffington is a Euro-trash bitch who needs to be deported as badly as any illegal alien mestizo.

This Mark Maynard is just another pitiful excuse for a White man, and like many others can be classified as a lost cause beyond all hope. No amount of common sense could be imparted upon this weak loser, even the most extreme real life experiences would not sway him.

Anonymous said...

A.A., may I call your attention to the fact that previously the ANP has raised funds for "secret" candidates, candidats for office that the ANP refused to name or even identify the offices. They just said send money for candidates running for office.

Who knows if there was even candidates??? This is far worse than Johnson running for office in a leftist political Party, in a State where he does not live, Johnson lives in California. What Johnson is doing makes WN look bad, BUT the A3P is not WN, just look at what their Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller recently said, " I wish there was less racial aspects in the A3P", then of course there is the ANP with its Non Whites, tolerance for queers and nice-nice talk for Jews. These false fronts need to be confronted and exposed.

WN cannot accomodate, bend, reform, and surrender its core principles. This is what has caused the decline of Western Civilization in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know Merlin Miller had said that. If he did, that is very disappointing, he can go suck a rainbow. I'm sick of the half-assed compromising and watering down the message.

The A3P has tried hard to look "respectable" in the eyes of ZOG, a party for "Real Americans" not specifically Whites or "Euro-Americans" as a lot of the Occidental Observer type crowd prefer.

Johnson running for congress in a state he doesnt live in, not using his real name and with some weirdo political party is just dumb and pointless. Same old pissing around nonsense that is so prevelant in this WN "movement." Funny enough, his candidacy could hand the election to some dot-head alien invader, (a doctor, of course!White doctors are going the way of the dodo)according to this sack of crap Maynard moron.

8:06 is right, A3P is NOT WN. They are a populist, "civic nationalist" type outfit.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy for real, or is it some kind of scam or joke? Some white leader who won't even campaign under his real fucking name. That sends a powerful signal of cowardice to me. What could we expect if he was even elected. Btw, isn't Millers VP a black woman? I saw that over on stormfront.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:29 P.M: No, Merlin Miller's running mate is Virginia Abernethy, one of the A3P Directors. Read about her HERE.

Anonymous said...

A3P may be soft reactionaries, but are they really that much worse than the "serious" supposedly "NS" joke groups like the NSM and ANP?

Rocky mentioned living near this Asian and Arab infested district. I suppose that means he will be reaching out to them to join the colored division of the ANP? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if their monies green, why not accept it?

crusader said...

No more quibbling. This LOOKS funny, with the pointless name changeroo, but if you look at "Daniel" Johnson's website, he does explicitly support White civil rights, regardless of what Miller may have said (it is possible the A3P didn't know everything about Miller before he signed on; either way he still seems like a wonderful candidate, endorsed by TPC no less).

Were I in the right district I'd sure vote for Johnson!