Wednesday, October 03, 2012

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor Addresses Overflow Crowd At Towson University In Support Of Proposed White Students Union

Towson University student Matthew Heimbach has sought to form a White Students Union in response to the existence of ethnic associations for students of other races, and he picked up a powerful and articulate ally in Jared Taylor, the longtime editor of American Renaissance. And on October 2nd, 2012, Taylor delivered, giving a speech to an overflow crowd on campus. While American Renaissance has already published its own account, of even greater interest is the story by the North Baltimore Patch. The Towerlight campus newspaper provided a brief video report which is embedded below:

The event was hosted by the White Students Union; because they are not yet an official university-recognized student organization, they had to book the university venue as an outside entity. In addition, the university levied a $1,300 fee for security and an additional $350 room fee not imposed upon other similar groups in an attempt to prevent Taylor's appearance, but this financial hurdle was quickly overcome thanks to the generosity of AR readers.

Taylor spent the first 30 minutes arguing that white Americans have legitimate racial interests that are worth defending, chief among them are ending racial preferences in universities and the workplace, and stopping mass immigration. He also pointed out that when non-whites celebrate diversity, they are celebrating their increasing numbers and influence at the expense of whites, noting the absurdity of expecting whites to celebrate the same. Furthermore, Taylor explained that diversity is not a strength, but in fact a source of tension and conflict wherever it is found. After the speech, Taylor spent an hour fielding questions from the audience.

The Patch expanded on Jared Taylor's remarks, and noted that the room was quickly filled to capacity with 200 people. An additional 50 people stood outside, and several media representatives, including a Patch reporter, were denied admission. The Patch also noted that the audience reaction was lukewarm, meaning some liked the speech and others didn't. But the audience was reportedly well-behaved, and only a few people attempted to disrupt the event. Several people sneaked inside the venue through a fire escape and shouted an obscenity at Taylor, and Gay Pinder, a Towson University spokeswoman who was in attendance, said she just heard one person yell at the end of the presentation, adding that the individual left through the rear door immediately afterwards.

The Patch also documented a variety of reaction from specific individuals, noting that Johns Hopkins University engineering professor Dennis Nagle, who is white, said he believes there is truth to Taylor's teachings. Nagle was particularly impressed by the fact that Taylor had solid evidence and meticulous documentation to back up his case against diversity. Taylor did admit that there was one bright spot to diversity -- ethnic food.

But one person tried to misrepresent Taylor after the fact. Raymond Winbush, the director of The Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University, said the presentation was deceptive. "[Taylor's] lying," said Winbush, who is black. "He's good at manipulating words and says he's not racist. It's like the white collar Ku Klux Klan." Of course, Winbush would launch a personal character attack on Taylor, since he cannot rebut him with facts.

According to this comment on AR, University President Maravene Loeschke was also in attendance. While walking around the room prior to the speech, she made a specific outreach to several Black students in the audience. Her preface statement was: "I'm with you on this." She then noted, with expressive exasperation, how the First Amendment allows for speech that some may not agree with, but that this event should be viewed as a learning experience. She ended her comments to the Black students, by stating: "This will not stand." This indicates that the White Students Union may have an uphill struggle in their quest for official recognition.

A discussion thread has just begin on Stormfront. Here are some other pertinent comments from the other sources:

Banner RWB October 3rd 4:30 P.M. (American Renaissance):
(Note that I broke up the response into three paragraphs to improve readability)
Q: Were there any protestors?

- None that I saw. A few people at the end of the evening opened a back door to the room and shouted something about either Jared or Whites in general being racists, but I didn't hear clearly what they said. That was it though.

Q: Was the mood of the audience receptive and interested, morbidly curious, or hostile?

- A little of each. It was a racially well mixed crowd. Most listened politely enough for Jared to speak, although there was a bit of low level conversation going on throughout the evening. In the beginning, the moderator was clear than anyone disrupting the speech would be removed, so that may have curbed any thoughts of anyone being overly disruptive. Towards the end of the Q/A session, several in the audience felt that Jared was not answering the questions directly enough, although it appeared to me that those who were asking the questions seemed, in general, satisfied with the responses by Jared.

Of the White students to which I spoke, they seemed to understand Jared's point of view, and were generally receptive, or at least not averse to such ideas, but they also held beliefs based upon misinformation. One student believed that a goal of White separatists was to overtly deny any White person from engaging non-Whites, either as friends or in a university setting; that any such White group would, in essence, restrict the freedom of Whites to associated with non-Whites. Jared was clear that this was not the case. I did note that when the discussion came to where White's are now a 7% world minority, one Black student was almost unable to restrain herself in her absolute joy at the thought of non-Whites holding future dominion over Whites.

Additionally, on the mention of Japan as maintaining a race-based nation, one student, again Black, stated (shouted) that they were moving into that nation as well, again, as a statement of taking over, not as in joining the nation as Japanese. I noted a distinct smugness, and a sense within several of the non-Whites, that it was only a matter of time until they would be in control. Overall, after seeing the result of almost 50-years of civil rights and affirmative action, my sense was that the United States is well on its way to being the next Haiti or South Africa if we do nothing. My thoughts are that any White who does not understand this, and who does not actively advocate for White ethno-states in Europe and in the Anglo-sphere, simply does not understand the danger we face in the very near future.

Barrrack Osama 7:40 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 (The Patch):
So they had to pay around $2,000 extra and endure the firehoses of every marxist rag out there to have a silly little lecture. Some privilege those whites have.

Jeronimus 6:52 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 (The Patch):
Matt and Jared -- you are both heroes! You spoke for tens of millions of us with no voices!


Anonymous said...

Hey, why not. I figure with as bad as college campus life has become, there will be more and more White students who cant/wont bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the prevailing anti-White sentiment.

Sure, a lot of them are too dumb (Obama voters, a black prez is "cool!" lol) or just too busy getting wasted and having fun during their 4 more years (or more) of high school on mom and dads dime.

But there are some who do care, they are sick of seeing their own kind being blamed for every damn problem in the world. From "slavery" (sorry not a White invention, though Whites were the first to outlaw it) to the Holohoax (rolls eyes), to global warming (fake as the holohoax) to the reason why some fat coed with a mustache and ten rings in each ear cant get a date. (White male dominated society and its unfair perceptions of beauty- take the class to find out more.)

I dont care for Taylor, he wouldnt name the jew if he was being waterboarded at Guantanamo, but I support the White students who want representation. All the best to them.

Anonymous said...

Jared Taylor is NOT a White Representative.... He has said Jews are White.

Anonymous said...

It blows my mind how people in the "movement" are obsessed with "naming the Jew", yet they won't name whites as part of the problem. Our own race is our worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Some people do readily admit to those whites that are part of the problem, but those whites are probably just brainwashed traitors who were born to follow whoever leads. Without the Jew to lead them, instead being led by people with truly benevolent intent, I think their "useful idiot" nature would actually be beneficial. That said, as brainwashed traitors as they currently are, they should be considered as an equal enemy to the Jew. Resistance efforts in war-torn nations across the globe, in particular the middle east, have figured that out a long time ago concerning their own dilemmas.