Friday, September 07, 2012

Stormfront Practical Politics Seminar Gets Mainstream Media Publicity From The Nashville Tennessean, Which Is More Concerned About The ADL Point Of View

The upcoming Stormfront Practical Politics seminar to be held near Knoxville, TN, first introduced in this Stormfront post and further discussed in this separate Stormfront thread, has attracted mainstream media publicity. The Nashville Tennessean published a story on September 7th, 2012, in which they seemed more interested in the reaction of the Anti-Defamation League than in the seminar itself, although they also quote Paul Fromm in the article.

The seminar will take place on September 15-16 at an undisclosed location in the Smoky Mountains about 45 minutes east of Knoxville. A maximum of 150 attendees is progged, although its uncertain how many will show. Among the most prominent participants will be Stormfront proprietor Don Black, his son Derek Black, white civil rights activist Dr. David Duke, Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm, longtime Council of Conservative Citizens activist Sam Dickson and a podcast personality known as Horus the Avenger, who produces the White Rabbit podcast. Former National Alliance Membership Coordinator Will Williams may also be in attendance. Dr. Duke will also lead an informal nature walk through the Smokies on day two of the conference. Don Black specifically states that "this isn't a hand-wringing meet-and-retreat, but a practical politics seminar on winning". The $75 registration fee only includes the conference and a luncheon; to prevent antifa from targeting any hotels, attendees are expected to find their own lodging.

The Tennessean says they tried to contact all the proposed speakers at the seminar, but only got a response from Paul Fromm. Fromm, a Canadian resident who broadcasts his own online radio show from Ontario via the Stormfront site, is coming to the conference to give a presentation about the perils of immigration in North America. “Basically if the present trends continue, the founding set of people will be a minority in America in 2041,” Fromm said this week in an interview with The Tennessean. “Once you change the population, you have a substantially different country. We have never really been consulted about these policies. They’ve been snuck in over the years by very powerful advocates.”

Fromm also disputes the designation of "white supremacist" arbitrarily assigned by the ADL and the SPLC. “It’s meaningless,” Fromm said, responding to a question about whether he describes himself as one. “It’s like calling a woman a slut. It’s white pride. It’s European pride. It’s not putting anyone down. It’s celebrating what we have to be proud of. The founders of North America are European; the American political system traces back its roots to ancient Greece. It’s something we are proud of.”

Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research for the Anti-Defamation League, provided the ADL point of view, well-seasoned with the standard cliches. He even attempted to link the proposed seminary with the violent activities of undisciplined "lone wolves", citing the shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin by Wade Page, a white power musician, and the alleged plot by two skinheads, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman, to carry out an assassination attempt against Obama and 88 blacks at a school in West Tennessee. Pitcavage noted that the two first met on Stormfront, which is designed to artificially inflame gullible people against Stormfront.

But not everyone is fooled. One supportive comment was posted, by a black man of all people, to the Tennessean:

Morris Harris · Business Development Consultant at Meredith & Associates Consulting, Llc:
Being a black man, I have no problem with those guys have a conference. This is the wonderful thing about this country. In order to protect my rights have to be able to protect their rights also. Once we start to limits someone else rights then your rights will be limited by someone else.


Anonymous said...

Hold on there, let's not pretend the mainstream media doesn't mention or doesn't like to give Stormfront coverage. THEY DO, they just always portray it in a bad light.

This is not Ron Paul running for President where the media fears they'll give him votes. The media is all too busy and happy to scare people about the latest racist next door. They cover virtually every protest or rally regardless of how many people show up, even when a flyer is found on a car.

Anonymous said...

The media gives Ron Paul attention, he is a pressure valve for the "disgruntled White voters."

The media knows he will never get a serious amount of votes, but its good to trot him out once in awhile for a false sense of an alternative to the big 2 parties.

If Paul was truly a threat, i.e. advocated for Whites and named the jew, he would be raked over hot coals in the media, and then blacked out totally.

Anonymous said...

Since Ron Paul IS a Senator, he's obviously ONE of THEM! And to trust one of them is worse than insanity. White people need to quit grasping at straws, and bite the bullet. If someone is a systemite, he's NOT going to be on our side - period. False hope is worse than no hope...