Monday, September 17, 2012

Rodeo Clown Mike Hayhurst Under Fire For "Racist" National Geographic Michelle Obama Joke At Creston Classic Rodeo In California

Update September 18th: The board of directors of the Creston Classic Rodeo predictably issued an apology today for the comments made by rodeo clown Mike Hayhurst, and said he will not be engaged for any of their future events. In addition, Hayhurst issued his own separate apology.

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The Blaze has flagged a story about a rodeo clown who's under fire for telling an allegedly "racist" joke about Michelle Obama over the PA system during a rodeo in Creston, CA. They source the San Luis Obispo Tribune, who initially fumbled the story badly by attributing the joke to the wrong person.

The incident took place during the Creston Classic Rodeo held on Saturday September 15th, 2012. It is now confirmed that it was rodeo clown Mike Hayhurst of Barstow who told the joke. The Tribune didn't even quote it directly, instead merely paraphrasing as follows:

...the joke as told by the announcer, went something like this: Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.

Predictably, the local intelligentsia went into sackcloth-and-ashes mode. Speaking on behalf of the rodeo’s nine-member board, Mike Barrett said that the board is not responsible for the joke and will ask Hayhurst for a letter addressing the issue and a public apology. The board will discuss at its next meeting if it will fire Hayhurst. As for Hayhurst, he's been unavailable for comment because he was taken to a local hospital after Saturday's performance for head injuries. It has not been verified if the injuries resulted from a bull tossing Hayhurst into the air.

A spectator identified as Dona Wilson of Santa Margarita insisted that she and the people sitting around her were "really appalled". Awww, poor baby.

But here's where the Tribune really fumbled the story. Because both Mike Hayhurst and another rodeo official, announcer Ed Kutz, were on the microphones at the same time, some people got the impression that it was Kutz who told the joke. Three board members told The Tribune the announcer was Ed Kutz of Arroyo Grande, and based on the perceived strength of that report, the Tribune named Kutz as the culprit without corroboration. When the Tribune found out that Hayhurst was actually the culprit, they posted a correction at the top of their original story, but that was several hours later, and by then, the damage to Kutz' reputation was done. The Tribune took strong criticism in their comments section for jumping the gun, and so far, they haven't censored the comments:

DogsNotCats 33 minutes ago:

Nice job, Trib. Your FALSE story has now gone national.
Peter Tira, McClatchy Communications Director 916-321-1941

SLO Trib needs to VERIFY facts before dragging a good man's name through the mud.

Airborne869 7:15 A.M:
Mr. Kutz was libeled for sure. I’d like to know the names of those LIBERALS who got so excited and jumped the gun identifying the wrong person holding the microphone. Or was it just a Tribune reporter?

DogsNotCats Yesterday 08:57 PM:
The Rodeo was YESTERDAY [Saturday]. The Trib published the original article late YESTERDAY night. This wasn't a life-or-death matter that demanded immediate attention; they could've waited one day to speak with Mr. Kutz firsthand! Besides, how did the Trib try to contact him? By making one late night phone call to his home? And when they couldn't reach him, they just acted on hearsay and printed false allegations anyway! Epic fail on rodeo clown's part AND on the Trib's part.

What the Tribune's commenters failed to grasp is that it is permissible and even encouraged for the media to get it wrong on racial stories so long as Whitey's the target. Invariably, the media posts a retraction to cover their asses, but in the interim, the damage is done.


Anonymous said...

Oh geez, this is bad. But i think some White people were victims of black crime today, and yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that, and yeah, well you get it.

Pandemic of black on White crime- not newsworthy.
"Racist" joke about the first "lady"- Uh-Oh, better sound the alarm! Push aside the headlines about Muslims rioting and yell like crazy about this diabolical crime.

Gosh, that "post-racial" world that was supposed to happen after Obongo got elected doesnt seem to be going well. Most ridiculous thing ive heard so far this century. Post racial world. Maybe World Peace is coming soon. lol.

Anonymous said...

This entire fucking website is a joke. You are a bunch of un-American embarassments to this country. Keep your little neo nazi propaganda to yourselves you crusty old GOP loosers haha. This country will be a better place when your wanna be confederate "ideals" go extinct with you. Now get all rustled haha.

Anchorage Activist said...

So, troll, are you all butthurt because Whitey's getting off his knees and on his feet? Get used to it, son; it's the wave of the future. Whitey's coming back.

Anonymous said...

Oh look a troll, apparently somebody elses feathers got all ruffled lol.

Anonymous said...


We are "Un-American"?

Do you know that this country was founded by people like us? White Racialists. Our form of goverment, legal system, economic system and cultural values are all from European ideals.

Have you not noticed that as the USA has gotten more "diverse" and inundated with false universalist illusions like "equality" and the social ills that follow that it has only gotten worse, and very far from what it was intended to be?

The USA is hardly a nation anymore, it is becoming a brand name that is sacrificing its sovereignty and identity to be part of some borderless global community. Being an "American" is pretty much irrelevant now. As you can plainly see, diversity does not unite people (never has or will) it just splinters the country into many different ones along racial lines.

If anything we here at this blog are more American than almost anyone else. Both major political parties are committed to continuing the path the country is on, to effectively end this nation. White Nationalists recognize that the country is doomed if things dont change. We are against the current trend that is killing this country. So for you to label us an "un-American" shows how little you know about America.

Someone like yourself seems to get their education from the TV, and cant think past the images, slogans and repeated messages meant to keep the masses in their place.

There are no "GOP loosers" here, the republicans are just as bad as the democrats.

You sound like the "rustled" one. If we are such a joke, why waste your time with us?

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing the guy didn't try and make a JEWISH joke, or his life really would be over! Hail the ANP!

Anonymous said...

The only appalling thing about this clowns remark is that his weekday job is a school superintendent in Southern California. Is this the kind of material he finds funny and is passing along to children?
I know he does not take bullying serious. When confronted by parents he just tells them "If you don't like how I do things you can take your student to another school." A few parents had to transfer their students because the bullies eventually assaulted a student and he did NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

If being "un-American" means that I hate and dispise everything in this sick, depraved Judeo-Capitalist system, like race-mixing, filth and pornography, gay promotion, usury/interest slavery, illegal invasion, trillion dollar "bailouts" for the obscenely wealthy, "feminism", and ALL the other "blessings" we are afflicted with - then, YES! - I AM "un-American". This ISN'T my America any longer, apparently it belongs to every creature that can hop, crawl, or run across its borders. "GOP losers?" and "Confederate ideals?" Is that the same Confederacy that had a JEW - Bejamin P. Judah as its SECRETARY of the TREASURY? - Ha! I won't ever go there. At present, I and every other sincere National Socialist believes that our RACE is our NATION - and we just happen, to unfortunately exist here. I always wonder WHY, people who are "offended" by our views, go out of their way to come here and to the ANP website. I've often asked them that when they write to us with their hypocritical whining, and I never hear back from them... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!