Friday, September 28, 2012

Jasper, Indiana School Board Candidate John King Under Fire For Video Exposing White Genocide

A pro-White school board candidate who originally intended for race not to be an issue in his campaign has suddenly found the issue imposed on him after a video surfaced showing him taking a public stand against white genocide worldwide. The three primary media sources for this post are TristateHomepage, the DuBois County Free Press, and WMBF. Discussion has already surfaced on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Jasper resident John King is challenging incumbent school board president Nancy Habig. It is the first time Habig's been challenged since 1984, which by itself implies she's been in there way too long. Despite a past record of white racial activism, King did not intend for race to become an issue in this campaign. In fact, King's campaign platform includes pledges of conservative spending of taxpayer money, support of school officials, a veto of any new construction except the current reconstruction of the school gym, and capping school book rental at $200. He also wants to exclude lesson plans influenced by the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP, which he consider to be extremist groups. But King also said, if elected, he would bill the federal government for repayment of costs incurred by the school district for educating illegal immigrants; this mirrors State Senate Bill 590 signed by Governor Mitch Daniels in 2011.

However, the discovery of a video entitled "White Genocide: Fact or Fiction?" has suddenly introduced race into the campaign. After an introduction, the video transitions into photos of White people who were assaulted and injured by people of other races. Then he goes through graphs and numbers explaining why he believes the white race is rapidly declining and at risk of extinction.

Since this video, it's also been publicly revealed that John King was involved in the now-defunct website; King acknowledges having been a consultant and contributor for the website when it existed. King denies any involvement with the replacement website.

King says he recorded the video over the summer and although he posted it to YouTube, he never expected it to go public. "I had no intention of talking about this publicly at all," King told Eyewitness News. "What does it have to do with the school board? Nothing!" King says he wants people to focus on his school board platform -- and his main priority remains dealing with students who are illegal aliens. King has two children of his own in school, and is willing to serve on the board without compensation. King has a Masters in Education (MAEd) from the College of William and Mary and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology and German; he's also an honorably discharged Army veteran who reached the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Army’s Medical Service Corps.

But Nancy Habig wants to keep the race issue alive. She says after seeing King's video online, and hearing about his platform, the people of Jasper feel embarrassed. "I really, really like this town. I'm very proud of our schools. I'm very proud of our community and I really don't think this is what the people of Jasper want for an elected official", said Habig. She's also disappointed by King's overall platform, which implies she has not problem with illegal aliens being educated in Jasper schools at public expense.

John King is proof that a White racial activist can run a legitimate political campaign and be pro-White. Being pro-White doesn't require us to march the Blacks back into the cotton fields or pack the Jews into the ovens; it simply means we stand tall for our race when it is under attack and demand that, wherever diversity predominates, Whites are treated by the SAME standards as other races.


Anonymous said...

Good for this White man for trying to make a difference. Public schools, are just terrible, no place for our children. Even the ones in the "nice" areas are blasting White kids with multi-cult, White guilt and hatred, culture destruction garbage. Public schools were bad when I was in them over 20 years ago, cant imagine how bad they are now.

Interesting to note he was against the ADL and NAACP influenced lesson plans. You know just about EVERY public school pushes the agrenda of those disgusting hate groups. If the White schools dont, they are "racist."

I sure wish a lot more White families could homeschool their kids. But I know how difficult that can be.

Much credit and respect to Mr. King.

Anonymous said...

More and more WN seem to be following Chairman Suhayda's advice to stop the useless protesting, and to start engaging in real world, low level political campaigning. Its great! This man should be proud of his video, if the media links to it or shows it, its only bound to get him more votes. Its too bad that the WN movement won't get off its dead ass and get out and help this brave man. Going to spend the weekend helping to campaign for his election, would be time and effort better spent than going to DC for aonther pitiful protest. Steve Davenport 88!

Anonymous said...

This guy is worthless, not once did he say how much he hates niggers and fucking kikes! Anyone who is afraid to name the jew and demand their distruction is a cowardly useless faker. We need to come right out with our demand to exterminate each and every non white bastard on the face of this earth! If we shout it loud and proud, white people will rush to join our campaign for an all white world. We have to be seen as the cutting edge of world wide race war. Everything this loser said sounds like something Rocky the potata-head and the ANP sissys spout off. Who would want to join some wimp like this guy? Would you? If we want white people to follow us we need show them that we're willing to wallow in the blood of our enemies up to our necks! That we are the bringers of the day of the rope! My white power tats show everyone that I'm down and ready to roll, and i'tz comming! ROMPERSTOMPER