Thursday, September 06, 2012

Former YWC Towson Chapter President Matthew Heimbach Organizing A White Student Union At Towson University

Matthew Heimbach, the former president of the now-defunct Towson University chapter of Youth for Western Civilization, may have been temporarily derailed, but he decided not to accept defeat. He's attempting to launch another White heritage group on campus, to be called the White Students Union. While Think Progress introduces the story with its customary anti-racist progressive spin, the more detailed and objective story was published by Towerlight, the campus newspaper.

Although the proposed union has not filed any paperwork yet, Heimbach said that 17 students have already submitted their information and have expressed interest in joining. Heimbach has also met with Chris Rindosh, the Student Government Adviser (SGA) who evaluates all such groups, and has set up meetings with potential advisers for the group itself.

Heimbach said that the purpose of the White Student Union would be to create a support network for white students on campus and to celebrate various elements of white history, figureheads and culture. “We essentially want to replicate what every student union does on campus. You have a Black Student Union who promotes black heroes, we want to do the same thing”, Heimbach explained. Heimbach also added, “We’d also want to create a safe space for members who have filed hate/bias reports and who have had anti-white language used against them. Especially the female members who have heard ‘cracker’ and ‘honkie,’ and nothing has ever come of it. It’s a support network for a campus that is hostile toward white students.”

Heimbach actually hinted at the formation of this new group in a September 2nd letter to the editor of Towerlight entitled "Support white history, culture" Heimbach decried the fact that Whites are the only ethnic group on campus without fraternal representation, and rebutted the false notion that there is no such thing as White culture. Heimbach wrote "A White Student Union would represent the unique cultural heritage, folk customs, and strong Christian traditions that define white civilization. Just as we do not break up the Black Student Union into a Bantu, Zulu, and Igbo Student Union, it makes little sense to break up white students into a British, German, and Russian Student Union". Heimnbach also reminded readers of the slow-motion genocide taking place against White farmers in South Africa. About half of the 60 comments appended to the letter are supportive of Heimbach's proposal.

But there are students brainwashed with anti-racist dogma who oppose the idea. Sophomore music education major Liam Hurlbut said he believes it is unfair for white students to have their own union. "White power movements are illegitimate,” he said. “In the history of this country, whites never lost their power. They have always run this country and oppressed all other races. Even today whites have unearned ‘privileges’ in our society. Whites must recognize and reject this privileges to atone for the evils of our ancestors.” This shows the anti-White bigotry embedded in the core of anti-racist doctrine; namely, that discrimination against Whites now is necessary to correct for White discrimination against others in the past. Their premise is that two wrongs make a right, although there are no historical instances where two wrongs have ever made a right.

Bob Whitaker is right -- anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Other supportive comments are posted to the ADL's blog on the story, which actually is relatively unbiased. The Southern Nationalist Network and White News Now also express support.

What we'll have to watch for is the possibility that the SGA will approve the formation of a White Students Union, but will attach so many onerous conditions to approval that it will be dysfunctional coming out of the box. Perhaps the SGA will insist that the White Students Union have a non-white faculty adviser or a couple of non-white officers to "prove" it's not "racist".


Anonymous said...

That "Liam Hurlbut" kid sounds like the typical brainwashed/programmed White of today. Though its just print, I can almost see him saying those words, robot-like and deeply serious. No laughing matter this is!

I would normally say i hope that he "finds some trouble" that would give him a change of heart, among other things. But I really believe even a scary multi-cult experience still wouldnt shake him.

Sorry to sound callous, but this White college kid sounds like so many others; the hopeless, lost ones that arent worth caring one bit about. In other words: (Screw) 'em.

I often worry about our young people waking up and coming into the fold. I certainly believe many will, like when that fancy college degree that mom and dad shelled out a ton of money for turns out to be worthless. Y'know, maybe Liberal Johnny College gets denied a job for the 8th time because he's White. Then maybe all that P.C. equality white guilt crap he absorbed since grade school starts to fade when the "real world" gets ugly.

But there will still be many that wont change. You could see many "grown up" versions of these types at the recent Democratic Convention.

Anonymous said...

And at the Republican Convention too. I would be willing to bet that ask any one of them, if they were proud to be white, or believed in the 14words and they would fall all over themselves proving they're not a 'racist'. Democruds and Republirats = the SAME misguided zombies. Hail the ANP! 88!