Friday, September 28, 2012

American Nazi Party Now Officially Recruiting Non-White Sympathizers; White Racialist Reaction Sharply Divided

Those who have been paying close attention to the American Nazi Party are probably not surprised by this development. The ANP has been hinting at the possibility of extending their reach towards non-Whites for the past two months; Chairman Rocky Suhayda has noted that he's received communications from non-Whites who see the value in national socialism.

So now it's happened. The American Nazi Party has officially invited non-Whites to become part of their national socialist struggle, albeit not as official Party members or supporters. On this Non-Aryan Sympathizer Page that they've set up, they invite non-Whites to become official "sympathizers". Here's the money shot:

The American Nazi Party has now decided to offer a means for non-whites to aid in our struggle. If you are interested, please fill out the form below [on the website]. In return for a minimum monthly donation of $10, you will receive a one-year (12 issues) subscription to our hard-copy print publication, The White Worker. As a "sympathizer," you would not be eligible to attend our meetings, conference calls, or other inner-party events, but in addition to financial support, there are many other ways you can assist our efforts.

On the September 27th ANP Report, Chairman Suhayda provides more justification. He cites the actions of Adolf Hitler as a precedent, noting that Hitler could be a bit flexible as to who was a "Jew"; Field Marshall Erhard Milch, who commanded Luftflotte 5, was half-Jewish, yet Hitler trusted him enough to make him a field marshall and personally re-classified him as an Aryan. In addition, Hitler's strongest ally was Japan, although Japan missed an opportunity to effectively repay Hitler for his support when they failed to join in the attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941. Sure, the Japanese were bogged down in China, but that didn't stop them from attacking the United States five months later, so the "China excuse" is a bit weak. In the ANP Report, Chairman Suhayda explains more of his motivation and anticipates hostile reaction from within the White racialist community:

For MYSELF - there is literally NOTHING - that I'm not WILLING to TRY to bring SUCCESS. If nothing comes of this ( but I truly believe that it’s worth a shot ) oh, well. IF giving Non-Aryans an opportunity to HELP us create a WHOLESOME and DECENT world for us ALL to LIVE and PROSPER in - I'm glad to have been a part of making it happen.

YES! I am a proud RACIALIST. I believe that I have PROVED that over my LIFETIME of Service to the Folkish Struggle. At the same time I refuse to believe that out there amongst the Non-Aryan people's, that there aren't SOME if not many - who in their own manner are as decent as you or I - and that they too would prefer a National Socialist society to "what" we have afflicting us ALL today.

Those of you whom would condemn EACH and EVERY Non-Aryan - for the actions of a portion of their people - OUGHT to take a good CLOSE LOOK at the state of the WHITE race today! While I may be taken to task for being so TRUTHFUL in saying this - I believe that the current wearers of pale-skins - are by and large the biggest WASTE of mouth-breathers ever to walk this planet earth. You want to KNOW the "WHY" we are ALL in this toilet-bowl of a situation that we find ourselves in? I'll tell you. IT’S BECAUSE OF US.


Hey, if some wealthy Arab comes along and drops off a big box of money to help us achieve OUR agenda, you want us to throw it in the garbage? How about YOU showing that Arab how it’s done RIGHT.....?

The last paragraph is particularly telling because it implies that Rocky Suhayda may also want to use non-Whites as a cash cow to provide additional financial support to extend the ANP's reach.

The ANP's West Coast organizer, Dan Schruender, also weighs in:

This is the boldest and most innovative move the ANP has EVER made and I congratulate Chairman Suhayda for having the courage and good sense to make it. Even if it turns out he's wrong, which I'm sure that won't happen, at least he had the guts to give it a try.

Comrades, there's a lot of non-Whites out there who believe in our cause. I don't mean White supremacy. That's not what the ANP is all about. I mean National Socialism. Yes, we want to put our race first, but we want to give ALL races out there the chance and right for self-governance and self-determination - in their own lands or regions. They didn't get that before the Civil Rights Era, and they're still not getting it today - despite who's in the White House.

Comrade Schruender's loyalty to and enthusiasm for the ANP is truly admirable, but I'm not ready to rush right out and strew roses in Rocky Suhayda's path just yet. You can expect this development to be discussed on the ANP Talkshoe podcast to air on Saturday September 29th at 4:00 P.M. EDT. No doubt the discussion, even among senior ANP figures, will be a bit robust.

Outside the ANP, the discussion has become far more than just "robust". Preliminary reaction among White racialists is sharply divided, as demonstrated by some comments appended to this unrelated post. Here are typical pro-ANP and anti-ANP comments:

Anonymous said 2:29 P.M:
Excellent decision by the ANP; who cares HOW we win as long as we DO win.

It is absolutely hilarious to see some of the knee-jerk reaction hillbillies that have commented here. Actually it looks like the same guy just trying to stir up trouble (what the fbi does best).

People should actually READ Mr. Suhayda's latest Report and READ the sympathizer page.

Obviously nobody is more dedicated to this struggle and National-Socialism than Mr. Suhayda.

Anonymous said 6:14 P.M:
The ANP attacks Schoep for being a Race-Mixer because of something Schoep's ex-wife did, BUT the ANP accepts Non-Aryan's, hmmm, that seems to be far more in line with race-mixing

The ANP attacks others, BUT the ANP Chair and its Members talks nice-nice about "working class Jews and gives interviews to Jew Blogs---Hmmmmm

The ANP, calls for tolerance for faggots----Hmmmm

Anyone who doesn't see a FalseFlag here is either a Jew, a Faggot, on Crack,all of which the ANP seems to find acceptable, just like the degenerate KIke-Marxists

You can see that opponents of the ANP are so stirred up that they don't merely criticize the idea, but attack the integrity of the organization itself. If they would research the history of national socialism more thoroughly, they would find that national socialists in the past have been surprisingly flexible in their approach to solving problems, while remaining faithful to core doctrine.

I'm a bit uneasy with the proposal myself; I'm concerned it could be a precursor to the complete deracination of the ANP itself. After all, Nick Griffin started "modernizing" the British National Party the same way, and now the BNP accepts non-Whites for full membership. what we're currently doing working? When five people show up for a National Alliance rally in Cincinnati, and 14 people show up for a South Africa Project rally in Washington DC, despite the fact that both rallies were well-publicized and organized in advance, then maybe it implies that our current tactics aren't working, and it's time to try something different. At least Rocky Suhayda has the balls to call an audible at the line of scrimmage and exploit a possible hole he sees in the defense. Just imagine if Mitt Romney had similar courage -- he'd be 10 points up on Obongo right now.

I believe Rocky Suhayda and the ANP deserve a fair shot to show us where this will lead.


Anonymous said...

A.A., the comparaison with the NSDAP is absolutely BOGUS, there was NEVER NON-Aryans allowed as NSDAP Members or Members who could NOT comply with the Nuremberg Race Laws. The ANP proposes to accept money from Non-Aryans, Jews are included, so if a big Fat Cat Arab or Fat Cat Kike comes along, Rocky will take those Shekels.

Some have written for a while that the ANP is NOT National Socialist, this proves that all the ANP is a CULT, a Cult that is misappropraited the honorable symbols of National Socialism.

There is NOT A SINGLE position taken by or proposed by Rocky, especially in the last 24 months that is consistent with orthodox National Socialism.

Homosexuality is contrary to fundemental precepts of National Socialism, yet Rocky refuses to say this, in fact he takes the opposite position.
Compromising on Race, is contrary and in fact Hitler in his final Testament mandated strict compliance to Race Creed, Rocky's position on Race, especially as evidenced by his now public posiion is a position taken by Soviet-style Marxism.
When you look at the ANP's "progressivism" and march toward embracing Jews, Browns, Blacks, et. al, just what are its core principals? What does the ANP offer Whites as opposed to Non-Whites? hat is the ANP"s Racial Position and how can it have one? How can it take a Kike or Mud's cash and NOT be compromised?

The fact is this move is to accomodate the ANP's current membership, the ANP consists of cruds who themselves are homosexuals,jews, race-mixers, and marxists.

Sorry A.A. it is YOU and the twinkle-toes in the ANP that know little to NOTHING of true National Socialism. The ANP is NOT developing a Waffen SS, it has said and is saying those who make Race a core principal are "mindless haters", that is a direct ANP quote and it is also standard SPLC and ADL language as well.
True National Socialism is based on traditions and not compromising on core principals, this is foreign to BOTH you and the ANP, Lenin had a term for the likes of you, he called you "useful idiots".

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Commander Rockwell believed nothing wrong with allying with non-Whites. That's different than race-mixing like NSM Commander Jeff Schoep did.

Anonymous said...

Before all the nonsense starts about "Rocky and the ANP have sold out to race mixing", by accepting the $upport of all Non-Aryans who admire our National Socialist agenda. Please allow me to remind you that george Lincoln Rockwell himself, attended and spoke at TWO different black Nation of Islam Congress's, and refered to them as "black nazi's". HIS words. NS is a RACE-BASED ideology, but that doesn't mean that NS automatically 'hate' each and every Non-Aryan who wasn't lucky enough to be born White. We of course, "HATE" what some Non-Aryans may "DO" - but, to smear "everyone" with that broad-brush is infantile. Accepting "AID" from a Non-Aryan source, is a far cry from actually MARRYING and COHABITING with a Non-Aryan as Jeff Schoep has done. So lets not even bother going there. I am totally SERIOUS in attempting to ACHIEVE those 14Words for MY children. There is NOTHING that I won't attempt in that process. If you agree with me, climb on board. If not, your not part of the SOLUTION - YOUR part of the PROBLEM. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

AA: You said the ANP has "officially invited non-Whites to become part of their national socialist struggle, albeit not as official Party members or supporters." That is sort of correct it seems, but it implies that there will be some of "blending" on non-whites with ANP supporters and that doesn't look at the case at all. The non-white sympathizers will not become "a part of the ANP" - there just now are more encouraged to financially assist NS (ANP) and distribute literature etc.

It's a small distinction but I think it is an important one. I also think it is funny that your regular ARA troll on here bashes and lies about the ANP's decision; a decision that is right in line with what Adolf Hitler did, and what NS believes.

Anonymous said...

No matter what Rocky and the ANP does, his anonymous critics will do their carping thing, without offering an alternative beyond lets do the same old thing all over again, and again, and again no matter that it never shows any real progress. Remember that black woman in LA during the OWS protests talking about the jews? And the black guy in NYC? If the ANP can tap into this kind of sympathetic support, how can it hurt our efforts? Sure blacks and other non-whites are never going to associate with raging hate mongers like the klan, an, and the skinheads, but National Socialism isn't about race-hate. Racial pride, yes. Mindless bigotry, no. I often wonder why so many WN want to deny the same racial pride that they profess, to other racial groups. Sure, a significant number non-whites do bad things, but ALL? If we demand respect, we ought to be able to give respect, where due. If your a candidate, and "anyone" offers you some $upport for you to succeed in your campaign and your policies, wouldn't you be a born loser not to accept it. Politics has a lot of "grey areas", its not always "black & white" (no pun intended). I think this was a very shrewd move on the part of the ANP. Its going to be interesting how its viewed by the kosher adl crowd. They may ridicule it, but I'm sure there is some concern as well. After all, if the ANP hadn't received a significant call for this from non-whites, I doubt if they would have even considered it. Carlos Raddle WPWW!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw this on the ANP front-page I had the stereotypical knee-jerk reaction that says we should just hate all non-whites because they are invaders and criminals.

After thinking about it for a bit, it is so easy to forget that things like gangs and immigration are a symptom of the greater disease of -what Rocky has dubbed- judeo-capitalism. This ZOG oligarchy truly is the enemy of ALL working people, and if the ANP can get some badly needed financial support from non-whites to further advance the NS struggle in America....then WHY NOT?

It just makes sense.

"Ex-skinhead, new National-Socialist"

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great move by the ANP. How brilliant is it to fund National-Socialism by accepting donations from non-whites! Is their money "no good" or something??

NAACP/ADL/SPLC and all the rest have been taking money from Whites to fund their evil efforts; it is about time NS uses non-White money for positive efforts!

No doubt other groups will be copying this soon. I hope people realize that the ANP really is the only NS group in America with a real understanding of the problems AND the solutions.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the ANP doesn't want to race-mix with non-Whites; but one day all races might have to send their leaders for a dividing up of America among the Races meeting and work something out. The ANP just moved one step closer to that reality

Anonymous said...

The ANP sure has a gigantic set of cajones! No one but the Rock would have dared to even suggest it. I think that the ANP has moved out of the movement playpen, and towards real political statemanship! They had better watch out, as zog will view their continuing to craft a pragmatic and sensible platform as a distinct danger, and try and step on them. With non-white sympathy and support, its going to be difficult for the ADL, SPLC, etc to define the ANP as a so-called 'hate group', isn't it? Just a thought, but I wonder how the controlled jew media would have reacted if the recent AN protest over SA would have had some non-white faces amongst the marchers!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that everything written in the first post up at top is a blatant lie.

Let's see... Actually the comparison with the NSDAP is entirely accurate, just take a look at the ANP's sympathizer page. The ANP is actually being MORE racialist than the NSDAP because they ARE NOT accepting non-whites as members in their group as Hitler and the NSDAP did.

National-Socialism is not a cult. By saying something so ridiculous you are outing yourself as an obvious antifa/FBI clown.

EVERY position taken by Mr. Suhayda is consistent with orthodox National-Socialism, with some issues given an American slant as is 100% necessary in some cases.

Mr. Suhayda has many times over denounced homosexuality as a sick and degenerate activity/lifestyle - he just doesn't feel the need to go after this SYMPTOM of the ZOG problem excessively.

Mr. Suhayda position on Race (he is head of the American NAZI Party, remember?) is clearly in line with NS and general racial realism.

"Soviet-style Marxism"?? You are quite insane aren't you?

The ANP has NEVER (again, your lies are painfully obvious and absurd) "embraced" jews, blacks, browns etc. Get a clue.

To date there has never been a single shred of evidence to indicate that Mr. Suhayda's ANP has EVER had a homo, jew, race-mixer, or marxist. You are confusing ANP with nsm.

The ANP has, for many years now, promoted true National Socialism as laid down by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf. It is YOU that doesn't have the slightest idea about NS, and are just another "mindless-hater."

The ANP as the organizational representative of NS in America has never compromised on their core principles.

Now that that is cleared up, I'll just be copying and pasting this everytime you pop your ugly head up to spread lies and cause dissent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your parade 11:42PM, but the ELITE of the ELITE - the SS had entire units and Divisions made up of 'non-Aryans' fighting under the Swastika banner. Its historically well known that EMIL MAURICE, who was one of Hitlers closest lifelong friends and one of the founders of the SA/SS, was a "JEW". You wouldn't take shekels from a non-Aryan to achieve the success of NS and the 14Words? Hell, thats like saying if you were running out of ammo for your MG42, and a non-Aryan came up carrying a couple of cases you wouldn't fire them? Your nuts! Money is money and support is support no matter where it comes from. I guess you'd tell non-Aryans NOT to vote for you either... Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

You ought to read the book 'Hitlers Jewish Soldiers', by Brian Rigg. There were hundreds of thousands of jews in the Third Reichs military.

Anonymous said...

Let's see 1 very good comment that shows the falacy and how phony the ANP move is and 7 troll-cultist comments, probably all by the same ANPer, how pathetic.

Orion said...

Milch was not a Jew. His Stepfather was. The scandal that Hitler and the NS keep under wraps about Milch was that Milch's real biological father (and the father of all his siblings too) was his uncle Carl Bräuer.

Now, if you want to get into who was in the NS hierarchy that really did have jew in them, then you would need to look at Emil Maurice. A cofounder of the SS, Himmler dug deep and found he had a great grandfather that WAS jewish. Since this was not allowed in the SS (but fine if you were in the other services), Hitler declared him an Honorary Aryan and allowed Maurice to stay in.

And that is your Lesson for today, by a non-National Socialist.

Joffre Cross III said...

Kameraden! Let us not have our political stance swayed in the future because of the threat of losing a party donor. That's what the parlimentarians do! My worldview is not for sale.
"We National Socialists know that this attitude is revolutionary in the modern world and we are branded as revolutionaries for it. However, or thoughts and actions are not determined by the applause or disapproval of our contemporaries, but by our inescapable duty to a truth we have recognized. We must believe that future generations with the benefit of hindsight will not only understand our present course of action, but will also confirm it is the right one and praise those who followed this path." -Adolf Hitler (in Mein Kampf)

Anonymous said...

I listened to the ANP's radio-show where they discussed this situation for the first half of the program. The second half was about the National Socialist view of education in America. Basically, Rockys response was that if they accept non-Aryan votes when they campaign for elections, why not also accept non-Aryan money to help fund their political efforts, if any is forthcoming. Nothing about accepting non-Aryans as members of the ANP. A tempest in a teapot, by those who have hating everyone who doesn't have a pale skin constantly on their minds. I'm ok with that, it makes very good sense. I would guess that this non-Aryan support might be more strong from overseas, where the race issue isn't as clouded by the many race hate groups, as in the U.S. Here in Europe, we view National Socialism differently from you Americans. Its an understood political ideology, not a simple minded excuse to hate others. To many European comrades, the ANP is the only real representative of National Socialism in the U.S. These other costumed groups are viewed as comical and unrealistic. My advice would be, get rid of the costumes, they look unprofessional and out of date. Distance yourselves from the skinhead element, the American skinhead scene is not like ours, yours are undiciplined, unkempt, and non-political by our standards. Clean up your image by advancing issues beyond race, issues that the people care about. Being National Socialists, its a given that our core beliefs are centered about our volk. With your freedoms, you should be light years ahead of us here in Europe, sadly its just the opposite. I believe that the ANP understands this and is trying to evolve into what we are doing. I and my comrades wish them the greatest success!

Anonymous said...

Per 11:42, you are obviously full of hate, and ignorance. The ANP is a 21 century NS party, not an orthodox one. Orthodox NS is outdated, which is why the other groups like NSALP, ANSP, ANSWP, and basically NSM are all gone. The NSM is barely afloat, but even still it is not NS at all. The ANP is the only serious NS group in the US today.

Anonymous said...

10:37 is absolutely correct. Most American "NS" have no idea what "NS" is all about. Fortunately we have Rocky Suhayda and the American Nazi Party who DO understand National-Socialism.

By the way the ANP had a great TalkShoe program yesterday.

Anonymous said...

11:42PM is just jealous, pure and simple. He probanly is a left over from one of the internet nazi clubs that used to abound on the web. Probably the defunct nsalp, which used to talk constantly about "orthodox" NS and ridiculed Rocky and the ANP in the crudest ways. These types love to cover their web-pages with pictures of the 3rd Reich, along with slogans in German, trying to ape an era thats long gone. Wake up you fools, this is the 21st CENTURY AMERICA! The ANP is intelligent enough to recognize this, and is adapting the NS ideology to our peoples needs today. I'm too old and too poor to join them, but I wish them the very best. I urge all you younger folks to join them, as they are the best organization in America at the present time. Karl Roman

Anonymous said...

Guys, guys, guys...this is the result of poor leadership and that's all. The ANP isn't working for a Jewish group. More like they are volunteering. You can count on any decision to come out of Rocky to be gutless and completely in reverse. History has proved that. He'll do the same thing he does every time and play the Hitler card or try to get AA to call him "progressive".

Encouraging non-whites to support your pro white organization is race mixing, plain and simple. Offering them a public chance to buy in shows the pathetic state of your group. But you have to admit that it is a natural movie for Rocky since he can't sell his BS to white nationalists. You have to wonder if Taylor Bowles is going to go along with this or stand strong.

Let us pretend the ANP is a real 21st century organization. They would drop the uniforms, sure but most importantly, they'd stop calling themselves "Nazis" and drop the Swaztika. If it isn't a scam, that would be the natural flow of things. Nope. Rocky will water down the message and play by the Jew's every rule but he isn't about to give up brand recognition of his product.

Get off the "Hitler did it" crap too. Talk about people being hobbiest! They want to talk about people wearing Nazi costumes but drone away about their WW2 History channel notions of national socialism. Hitler used non-whites in their own homelands. He didn't invite those who had invaded his nation to help him. Offering excuses to retreat wasn't anything or any successful leader ever did. Try emulating Hitler that way.

I think we hope the real white men in the ANP will cut this sell out off and maybe reform into something with some balls. Good luck guys and send this gutless puke a message! George W. Cambell

Anonymous said...

The ANP is not NS, the positions they advocate are Leftist almost Marxist.

They change and modify and accomodate just like any Judeo liberal political Party, the NSDAP never did this. The fools here know nothing of real NS and Rocky and the ANP just keep tossing lies.

The real news here is the ANP has "come out" and we all know their true color.

Anonymous said...

I want to give an example of something that is kind of similar to this. Its kind of stretch, but hear me out.

Back in the summer of 2001, there the annual G-8 summit going on. Where the leader of the most powerful nations get together to discuss how to control the world. I think it was in Italy that year. Then President G.W. Bush was there with the other heads of state. Obviously, this event always has big-time security.

However, that year security was extra tight. The mainstream media reported that there were rumors that "Muslim Terrorists" might attack the summit. Interestingly, the media said that supposedly some Muslim group was going to pay "European Neo-Nazis" to carry out some kind of attack. These were just rumors, they were never proven and of course no attack happened.

However, lets just say this rumor had been true. Do you think other "Muslim terrorist groups" would have condmened the group that would have used "evil infidels" to carry out their attack? Obviously, European "Nazis" are no friends of Muslims. A major focus of Euro WNs is the Islamification of European nations.

But do you really think some Muslim group would disown and curse another group that used some un-orthodox tactic? I dont think so. I think they would recognize it as a means to an end.

Now, I know the situations are vastly different between WNs and Muslim activist. The ANP does not engage in or condone illegal activites. But to try something new, to have a non-White support branch that is NOT of the same status of regular party members does not sound like the"blasphemy" that many are making it out to be. Why not wait and see how it works out, rather than spew venom at the ANP?

Again, I know our situation is radically different from the Muslims, but they have put up more resistance than ANYONE against the Jew World Order. They are so damn committed to their cause that I dont think they would waste time and energy getting angry and worked up about a particular group not "playing by the rules."

This movement is in need of new ideas, I give the ANP credit for daring to try something different.

Anonymous said...

At least John Taylor Bowles is showing trace amounts of common sense these days. He isn't granting interviews to the media. This is good for two reasons. First, if they grilled him, they'd discover that like his presidential campaign, it is a hollow publicity stunt and a way to scam money from the dull wits in the ANP. Second, Bowles comes off sounding like a grade A idiot in all his interviews. It becomes obvious really quick that he has a middle school level of understanding when it comes to politics. Does anyone remember when he told an interviewer that he'd construct super computers to run the government for him?

The media, if they are really hounding him, need to google him some more first. It is almost unethical for the media to interview someone so out of touch with reality. Rocky ought to put a stop to all of it but he won't. I doubt I'll be in the ANP much longer anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Even Martin Lindstedt is jumping ship on the American Nazi Party! He really let them have it on his radio show. I'm not a big fan of Lindstedt but at least he is standing up to them. Hell yeah! Kevin

Anonymous said...

7:48PM never heard of the Nazi/Communist pact, before WWII I guess. Sometimes, people who are not pigheaded can work with others who are completely different, for their own agenda. The Nazi's who were deadly opponants of the Reds, surprised everyone with this action, so that they could concentrate upon their OTHER enemies in the jew-capitalist west. Heaven forbid that the ANP utilizes tactics outside the "usual" plodding thought processes of this dead Movement. Perhaps if NS Germany hadn't come up with the "blitzkrieg", and instead fought the war like the allies did in the begining, ala WWI, they would have been better off? Give me a break. Rocky your a smart and daring man, ignore these fools. They've gotten no where, will get no where, and they're simply jealous of your innovative thinking. I wish you luck! Born Again Nazi

Anonymous said...

Martin Lindstedt is a sellout anyhow. Who care what he thinks.

Also, all those doomsdays predictions about the ANP in the last several years - none of them have come true.

Anonymous said...

What hasn't come true? They have shown themselves to be disloyal cowards and liars at every turn. If nothing else, things have turned out worse than predicted.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Martin Lindsted? Isn't he the moron with the "Dik-Dik" show? How can he "jump ship" as he was never involved with the ANP in any case, nor would he ever be considered to be OUR kind of Political Soldier? We expect and rejoice that the haters and dysfunctionals are jumping up and down, screaming in frustration as the ANP continues to knock down their pathetic, reactionary house of cards! A person is known by their enemies, as well as their friends. The fact that the turds in the toliet-bowl, rightwing circus are bewildered with their panties all in a twist, is FINE with us National Socialists. We don't WANT their association. WE take Hitlers warning about the "eight cripples arm in arm not creating ONE warrior" very seriously! In fact, ANY association with fruitcakes and con-men would only tarnish our own hard won image. I hopefully look forward to the day, when the board is cleared of all the misfits, the mindless bigoted haters, the useless costumed fantasy clowns, and the system controled con men, through their own antics - with the ANP standing TALL and STRONG. Lets face it, for decades now, these losers have had THEIR chance of getting it done. What have we all seen - consistant FAILURE. Consistant MIS-DIRECTION. Consistant LACK of NEW and POSITIVE ideas! Finally, the ANP has through its steady and untiring, new and innovative efforts - GROWN to the point where we can effectively counter this collective nonsense. And its hitting home hard! Sincere WN of varying hue's, are finally starting to question the lack of talent and imagination amongst the pitiful Poohbahs and Personalities who up till the present have set themselves up as the movements sole "guiding lights", and are finding the strategies and tactics of the ANP to be NEW and REFRESHING compared to the old "dog chasing its tail" bunch. Out of the whole alphabet-soup mix of "movement orgs" - WHO is constantly the subject of discussion within the movement - the ANP! NOT because one of our adherents has KILLED somebody, NOT because an ANPer has been outed as a snitch or a Provoc, NOT because one of our Party Comrades has been arrested for some anti-social crime! NO! Its BECAUSE of the repeated SUCCESS'S of the ANP, to promote National Socialism, and the 14Words - in an INTELLIGENT and INNOVATIVE manner. Bringing NS into the 21st CENTURY - thats the ANP! If the bedbugs WEREN'T attempting to smear the ANP, I would be most disappointed. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Mr. Suhayda!! Yes, real NS would not want anything to do with the freaks and losers that attack the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Your long rants are as boring as they are meaningless in face of the cold hard truth, Rocky. You make concessions with the enemy then you are out of here. Nobody is screaming in frustration. Nobody cares what you do. However you have something that belongs to the fighters in this movement. Through smeared with your filth, you have stolen the name of the real ANP. I think it is safe to say that most people are just laughing at your latest screw up. Change your name and see how much anyone cares what you and your freak show does.

Anonymous said...

Martin Lindsted is a publicity whore. Another Bill White.

Anonymous said...

Ah, another degenerate who hates to see the truth and hates NS. You're exactly the kind that the ANP (and ALL decent people) is happy to stay far away from.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Linstedt. He really let those phonies have it. He's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

7:25PM WHO made YOU god? Since there are many more people on this board, that appreciate what Chairman Suhayda and the ANP are doing, perhaps YOU ought to consider going elsewhere. Apparently YOU care about what Rocky says, or you wouldn't be writing these nasty little comments about him. Lets face it, people like you are on their way out of fashion in our movement. White Nationalists are realizing that your way of thinking has gotten our cause no where, in fact it has negatively effected us all. Why do you think that the enemy can so easily stamp us with being a 'hate movement', when all your type can do is spew out hate? Why do you think that the Greek Golden Dawn movement is so successful? Because they are a POSITIVE force, FOR the Greek people, not just AGAINST 'others'. Think about that a while. Charlotte Witherspoon

Anonymous said...

Per 7:25, lol since you think the ANP is such a "Freakshow" then what is the great alternative? There's not one dumbass. The ANP is the only true alternative for a true NS comrade. Keep up the hate loser.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine it, walking past one of the ANP closed door meetings and hearing them singing "YMCA" inside while they march around with Rainbow flags with overly slanted swastikas while they punch their fists in the air with black gloves on. Of course Horst Wessel is too much for the ANP's new folks.

Anonymous said...

Folks, let's say for the sake of discussion that all Non-Whites are the enemy. If that is so, should we be fighting with each other while the Judeo-Capitalist wolf is pounding at the door? Shall we hate Blacks while Judeo-Capitalists destroy BOTH races.
That would be utter stupidity.

And to the one who said Hitler only let non-Whites serve the Reich in their own countries, let us remember that in the United States we are ALL immigrants. It is true Whites built this country, but we all came from Europe. As a nation of immigrants, we have to adapt NS from what it was in Europe.

Also, in Germany the NSDAP was predominantly German. Here we have Whites of German, Polish, French, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Irish, and Scandinavian descent plus many other nationalities.

Different time. Different people.

Also consider the fact that Germans in the 1920's were used to the idea of One Leader, One People ie the Kaiser. Americans would NEVER accept one leader with absolute power.

The ANP has evolved. The rest have not. As Darwin said, "Adapt or perish."

Dan Schruender
West Coast Organizer
Political Advisory Board
American Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine it, walking past one of the NSM pre-rally meetingn in NC on November 10th and they are singing "Why can't we be friends" and they march around with Rainbow flags of Jesse Jackson with colorful swastikas while they punch their fists in the air with white gloves on with adopt a black child posters like NSM Commander Schoep did doing his last marriage and lied about it to his members. Of course Horst Wessel is too much for the NSM's new folks.

PS. The ex-NSALP retards suck too.

Anonymous said...

It's a smart move by the ANP; not only is it great propaganda but it also helps to distance sincere NS from the freaks and haters who really have nothing useful to say and who scare off normal White Americans.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in the United States of America in the year 2012, the Northwest Front has the only logical and practical solution remaining.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marty Linstead the guy who was arrested and charged for sodomizing one of his grandchildren years ago? Seems he has a facination with 'turds & dik's', no wonder he hates Rocky Suhayda. Google it up...

Anonymous said...

Unlike Taylor Bowles, Lindstedt was found innocent. The ANP is the last goup who should accuse anybody of being a sexual deviant. Rocky says hetro sexual sex is disgusting. That pretty much qualifies him as a sexual deviant right there.

Lindstedt doesn't kiss the enemies ass like Rocky. He might be crazy but unlike Rocky, he's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Northwest front is no solution you dumbass. Nobody I know wants to leave their families, friends, and good jobs to go out in the middle of nowhere to wait on Armageddon. We should make the best of our situation where we are, not retreat to fucking Montana like cowards.

Anonymous said...

The only thing real about Marty Lindsted, is that he's REALLY a nut! The ANP vs the Marty's of this world, a very clear juxtaposition of alternatives. Larry L.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure that many of you are eager to hear some news about the ANP's new "Non-Aryan Sympathizer" program. I am pleased to be able to report that we received our FIRST application in the mail today, from an individual in Florida! One MORE person actually HELPING US to ACHIEVE those 14Words... For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

" Rocky says hetro sexual sex is disgusting" - uhmm,....No he didn't. What will you ARA weirdos come up with next? Maybe Rocky is actually a black guy, who knows....

Perhaps if people make wild claims they should be required to provide a source AA?

Anonymous said...

Rocky Suhayda, a blond haired, blued eyed white man, who is married to the same woman for 30 some years, has three children and no criminal record of any kind. He has also been an activist since he got involved in WN politics since 1967. Then we have the ones who are racially questionable, who have never married and produced white children, or if they have, they refuse to support them. They have criminal records, and wierd behavior, and anti-social attitudes. They look and act abnormal. Now which type would you prefer as your spokeman? Unless, your a dysfunctional or a deviant yourself, the answer would have to be Rocky.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there are WAY more positive comments than negative shows that only the mindless hating dysfunctionals have a problem with this.

The fact is Non-Aryans are here and they are not going away. Even if we could push a button and they'd all instantly disappear little would change. The REAL problems would still exist because the Judeo-Capitalists would still be in power.

Remember, banks don't care what race you are when they foreclose on your house. They IRS doesn't care whether you're Black or White when they harass someone because they made an honest mistake on their tax return.

Non-Aryans are getting the shaft from the system too. If they want to help us change things for the better, then we would be fools to not allow them to help if they want to.

Dan Schruender
West Coast Organizer
Political Advisory Board
American Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, Dan. Those comments are spam from you, Rocky and Taylor. Nobody falls for that in 2012. I tell you what, being your candy asses to a white nationalist rally or even just the after party and see what kind of response you get.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, 2:15PM is a tough guy. In fact he's so big, bad, and scary he's afriad to even sign his name! I bet Rocky is quaking in his shoes, after all he's up against the almighty zog and all that that entails, and along comes this creature hiding as ANONYMOUS. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Per 2:15pm is obviously a mindless hater who is stuck in the stone age. These bastards never offer a positive alternative. Keep hating dumb ass, and leave the real progress to the ANP.

steve HOLLIS said...

yes Hitler did sign waivers for non -Aryans in the Military, as the nee for man power was, well, needed,in order to fight the war, and yes there was non white divisions for MILITARY PURPOSES, now are we at war? yes we are but not in the sense that we have divisions and such, which is a good thing as for someone who was and has been in combat not everyone would be able to pick up a weapon and use it, trust em on that one.
now i myself understand what Rocky is doing, but i do disagree with it as it can be construed as to race mixing as some have said, tho it si not per se, at lest not our right and utterly so BUT it would imply that the possibility for it within NS is there.
so to end this i myself am glad i no longer belong to any organization and just remain NS for myself, for things like this just really brings down national socialism.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hollis, yes its better that you do not join any organized NS entity such as the ANP, since its much easier to play lets-pretend all by your lonesome. Then you can play by your own rules, and avoid all those distractions such as actually doing something to achieve those goals, which might call for innovative and evolved thinking. You state that you "understand what Rocky and the ANP are doing", but after that, you lapse into such incoherancy that I lose your point. You fear eventual race-mixing? From taking $upport from a non-Aryan source? Why should it matter "WHO" gives our side funds as long as we are in control of our own agenda? Your correct about one thing. We are at war, it often appears that only a few of us WN are even aware of it - and we're LOSING, if you haven't noticed. Only a defeatest would reject doing ANYTHING to help turn that around! Hail the ANP! 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Mr Hollis, were you drunk or are you simply an illiterate? Try spell-check next time.

steve HOLLIS said...

well, allow me to retort to both snotty comments that where left to me, for one after several years in the white movement i have found fruit loops, dope heads and people that pretend to be Nazi's , i never wore uniforms, i never degraded others, i was neither drunk or illiterate you jerk off, but as far as joining any organization, ha, what would be the point anymore? and do you really know why? it is what we called Nuclear, biological, chemical training way back in the day, it really stood for NO BODY CARES! they do not and doubtfully will, and why? because they have their hot and cold water, they have their MTV, and so they do not care, after preaching and trying to get people to see they wont listen and that is pretty messed up on that

oh and by the way at lest i have the nerve to publish my name unlike you two cowards

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hollis, you still appear to be an illiterate, even after the above posters pointed it out, you still write like a moron. Is it because of all those magic mushrooms fucked your brain up? I can now understand 'why' you had such trouble connecting with normal, intelligent white people, if you speak as you write. After a couple of years, you gave up and became a QUITTER, why am I not surprised.