Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Volksfront Denies That Wade Michael Page Was A Member Of Their Group, Denounces Page As A Coward And A Disgrace

The effort to find out why Wade Michael Page chimped out and fatally gunned down six members of a Sikh temple in Oak Park, Wisconsin continues, since he's no longer around to tell his story. Both the media and the Anti-Defamation League are trying to bring Volksfront into the story. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is now reporting that Page's former girlfriend, Misty M. Cook, is an associate with Volksfront. Cook shared accommodations with Page until June 2012, when they broke up, and South Milwaukee Police removed a gun from the home that she and Page once shared. Cook cannot legally own a gun because she has a previous felony conviction, but police did not say whether they referred a gun charge against Cook for prosecution. Update August 8th: Misty Cook has now been arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The Journal-Sentinel further reports that Mark Pitcavage, investigative research director of ADL, claims that they've linked Cook to Volksfront through photographs and Internet postings, although they acknowledge that Volksfront doesn't accept females for membership.

After two media enquiries, Volksfront decided to set the record straight. In a blog post entitled "Volksfront Response to Media Inquiries Regarding Wade Page", they deny that Page was ever a member, characterized the shooting as an act of demented criminal cowardice, decries the lack of quality control in the white nationalist movement, and offers their symapthies to the families of the shooting victims. Here's the full statement:

Wade Page was not, and has never been a member of, or associate of our organization. Volksfront has no dealings with Wade's band or the organization he belongs too, neither of which are welcome at Volksfront events. Wade has never attended a Volksfront event nor has his band ever played a Volksfront organized function.

Volksfront feels this act was an act of demented criminal cowardice. The 'White Nationalist' movement is fractured and has many organizations, many of whom are hostile to each other, it is inaccurate to label or consider all organizations the same or unified. It is not a unified 'movement' and has a myriad of standards, structures and belief systems.

Unfortunately not all organizations do their due diligence in controlling their rhetoric or enforcing a code of conduct and that allows rejects, outcasts and deviants to infiltrate certain segments of the loosely defined 'White Nationalist" movement. Volksfront was the first, and may be the only, folkish organization to publicly reject violence as a political tool and as morally objectionable.

Volksfront is saddened by this event and our sympathies go out to the families of the victims and officers involved.

In our opinion Wade Page was a coward and disgrace to his people.

Despite the denial, ABC News still reported that Page was an associate of Volksfront, although they included Volksfront's denial in the story.

In a previous post entitled "Wisconsin Shooting - Possibly Linked to Domestic Terrorism", Volksfront explicitly stated their objection to the use of violence as a political tool and classified it as immoral. To those who would use violence as a political tool, they wrote "You are not a soldier when you attack women, children and the defenseless. You are a murdering criminal. You are not a revolutionary and will not be remembered as one". You can read their baseline political positions HERE.

Volksfront was officially founded October 20th, 1994, in Portland, Oregon. Since its founding, they've grown into an international brotherhood with members, prospects and supporters throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Volksfront is a secular fraternal organization for working persons of European descent; their activities and interests include events, concerts, media distribution & creation, joint land ownership projects, business creation and the social and financial betterment of their members. As an example of their activism, they're holding what is called "Althing 2012" in St. Louis from Sept. 1-3, which will feature live music, BBQ, camping, athletic competition, and seminars. The term "Althing" comes from the Icelandic word for "parliament"; the Icelandic Althing is the oldest parliamentary institution in the world still extant.


Max said...

I agree with Alex Linder's comment on VNN Forum:

"I like Sihks - in their own country."

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Apparently pres. Obongo has called the Prime Minister if India to discuss this incident. No doubt reassuring PM Dothead that its okay, America is very safe, and to keep sending more of their garbage here.

Funny though, Barry never saw fit to prosecute those black panther party nigs that were threatening White voters at the polls in 2008. He didnt feel the need to tell White Americans that he would punish this obvious hate crime and civil rights violation. Reassure us that we can go be a part of the good ol democratic process without having to worry about being assaulted by angry apes.

As a White Nationalist, I certainly respect the rights of non-Whites, as long as they stay in their own lands. I dont give a toss if Iran is working on nukes or not, it's their right as a sovereign nation. But I dont want Persians in the USA or any other White country.

Wayne said...

Legality is a synonym for castration. And it's not by legality that we will win, only by revolution and anarchy of the likes of Robert Jay Matthews and Timothy McVeigh will we win according to David Lane. This whole thing about rejecting violence as a political tool only shows that they will never accrue to much. Terrorism works. As to "rights".. Nature gives no rights just instinct. Rights are man-made.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, you sound like another tard waiting to be gulaged for his big mouth. Just curious, when are you gonna start your revolution and anarchy? Maybe you can have Lanes' old cell, if you ask nice...

Wayne said...

No, just supporting the 14 Words and the man behind them. And it's the collective disenfranchised White males plural. But enough about me, what about you? You can write off Wodensson but its not going to change anything. Even the little stickers you post are "illegal" as they violate some small ordinance that nobody gives a damn about anyway. Lane was 100% correct and you're just fighting against the truth. Piss off.

Wayne said...

www.davidlane1488.com/main.html Some of the best writings available.

Anonymous said...

Davis Lane wound up dying in a prison cell, for activities that led no where. Not exactly the best example for WN to follow, unless you think 'martyredom' is the way to go. I agree with what Rocky says, a person who won't hand out a leaflet is never going to pick up a gun. All this turner diaries talk is a fantasy excuse not to do what needs to be done. Which is, real world political activity.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best NS writings available:

Anonymous said...

I respect David Lane, but not everything he did was the smartest thing to do. Wayne, you ought to trying thinking for yourself some time, instead of constantly mouthing the words of others. You might even be smarter than they were, you never know. Afterall, your not dead or in prison yet.

Anonymous said...

How many white children did McVeigh kill? How did he promote 14 words? How did RJM help secure his son's existence?