Monday, August 20, 2012

U.S. Department Of Justice Drives Huntingdon Valley Swim Club Into Bankruptcy, Picks The Carcass Clean In Extortionate "Settlement"

American Renaissance calls our attention to some more civil rights extortion by the U.S. Department of Justice. A suburban Philadelphia swim club driven into bankruptcy three years ago by a DOJ civil rights inquisition has agreed to a settlement after being accused of racism and discrimination for denying children from a largely minority day-care center access to their facility. CNN published a media story on August 17th, 2012.

This whole sequence was set in motion when Creative Steps, a day-care center based out of predominantly-black northeast Philadelphia, had paid the Valley Club $1,950 in June of 2009 so its children could access its pool over the summer. But when the young day campers came to the club for the first time, they reported hearing "racial slurs" while swimming. On July 3rd, 2009, the club refunded the day camp's membership fee and prohibited the children from returning to swim. The club later issued a response denying that race had anything to do with its decision to exclude the children, contending instead that they underestimated the capacity of their facilities. However, in today's race-charged society, any measure that results in blacks being disproportionately affected is considered "racist".

According to the official DOJ press release, Valley Club filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection in November 2009. The club property was sold in June 2010 for $1,460,000. The settlement agreement stipulates that once the administration of the estate and the bankruptcy case is closed and after paying allowed costs and fees, the remaining assets will be paid to more than 50 children, their camp counselors and to Creative Steps. In addition, the settlement also provides that $65,000 will be set aside from the proceeds of the sale for the creation of a leadership council that comprises former Valley Club members, Creative Steps counselors, campers and their families. The children and families affected by the Valley Club incident will take leadership roles in planning swimming, educational and recreational opportunities for the community.

The settlement agreement, which must be approved by the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, resolves A.B., et al. v. The Valley Club of Huntingdon Valley, PA, a private suit filed by the children and their families, as well as discrimination claims filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) under the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

So it was not enough that these civil rights predators drove a swim club into bankruptcy, they decided they had to pick the carcass clean. The civil rights industry doesn't merely chastise those who cross their path; they literally destroy them.

This is why I no longer consider Tim McVeigh to be a terrorist. McVeigh must have sensed that the federal government would become the merciless predator that it is today. But he didn't waste time hosing down a Sikh temple or spraying a Holocaust museum; instead, he directly attacked a nerve center of federal power. Tim McVeigh was a true revolutionary.


club administration said...

Very good written story. It will be supportive to anyone who employees it, including myself. Keep up the good work – can’t wait to read more posts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry McVeigh was a goverment pasty, a Lee Harvey Oswald type fall guy.

Please check:

Also, cui bono- who benefits? This incident gave ZOG an excuse to crack down on the militia movment, demonize any WNs or anti- governent types, and it induced trauma and a lot of fear in the masses, who will be a-ok with "Counter-terrorism" legislation that takes away their freedoms.

False flag Incidents like OKC, and on a much much bigger scale, 9-11 can make a harsh government critic who likes to complain about "losing freedoms" go running to ZOG scremaing "save me" and gladly sacrificr liberties for suposed "security."
This opens the door for a flood of oppressive measures, disguised as "anti- terrorism" "homeland security" "Patriot Act" etc.