Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Stormfront's Don Black Condemns Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooting, Says Wade Michael Page Not Representative Of The Stormfront Community

Initial rumors of the involvement of Wade Michael Page in the white racialist movement have been verified, and Page's involvement was extensive. Page played in white power heavy metal bands with names such as Definite Hate and End Apathy; he started the latter band in 2005. He also posted frequently on white racialist websites, describing himself as a member of the Hammerskin Nation. Page posted 250 messages on one site between March 2010 and the middle of 2012, and appeared eager to recruit others. More details on this have been published by One People's Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center; notwithstanding their biases against white racialists, they make an effort to get their facts straight.

Because of Stormfront's disproportionate size and prominence in the white nationalist community, media and other observers zoomed in on it first in order to get material for their stories. And since Stormfront webmaster Don Black lives in West Palm Beach, WPTV Channel 5 sought Black's reaction; one of the objectives of this post is to get all of Black's quotes from media sources in one place.

From WPTV Channel 5:

"All of our, almost all of our posters on Stormfront have condemned it. It is counterproductive. There is no reason to kill innocent people even though we oppose third world immigration into this country," said Donald Black, who runs Stormfront.

Black condemned the Wisconsin shooting, but stood by his site's goals - to protect white people from what he called third world immigration. "We provide a community for like-minded people who want to work for their values, their heritage, their interests just like every other group, every other racial and ethnic group does, and is applauded for doing, [but] because we do it, we're called haters and instigators of violence." Black says there are about a hundred people in the West Palm Beach area who participate on Stormfront's message boards. He also says they occasionally meet, and that they may hold another meeting soon.

WTSP Channel 10 recorded the following reaction from Don Black:

"That is unfortunate and it does hurt our cause," said Stormfront founder Don Black. "Almost everyone on Stormfront has condemned what he did. And unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it." Black acknowledges his distaste for non-white immigrants in America, saying "We think Sikhs belong back in India, Mexicans back in Mexico. We believe this nation was founded on white European principles, by white European settlers, and it should remain a nation that reflects that heritage and those values."

But Black also says in no way does he condone violence. "If I had any idea he might be contemplating something like this, I would strongly discourage him. We don't think these people deserve to be killed, particularly the Sikhs." Instead, he concentrates on his own mission, preserving the white race in America. "We love our own people," insists Black. "We're promoting our heritage, our values, just as every other race has the right to do."

Don Black's contentions are validated by the discourse in two separate Stormfront threads, one 52-page monster entitled "Here we go again: Mass Shooting At Sikh Temple In Oak Creek, Wisconsin", and a shorter thread entitled "U.S. Racists Worried Over Sikh Killings (Stormfront Members Quoted)". Thus Jeffrey Imm's pathetic attempts to discredit Stormfront by cherry-picking eight inflammatory posts out of two major Stormfront threads proves to be an epic fail.


Anonymous said...

"We believe this nation was founded on white European principles, by white European settlers, and it should remain a nation that reflects that heritage and those values."

Europe as a nation was a concept not known to Europe until the end of WWII. Let alone Germany was divided into more than 200 little independent principalities.

If I remember my American History Class, the first settlers emigrated from Europe to the New World because they were persecuted for their believes. So much for the white "European values". These values never existed. The "Europeans" persecuted the first settlers. That is why it is not build on European values. It is quite the opposite. Maybe people tend to forget that these very European values (economic interests of Spain, England and France mainly) were fought before reaching independence.

The settlers just wanted to leave bad living conditions behind and try to find a better life abroad and live their religion.
Sounds like todays inmigrants to the US to me...

Just some thoughts of a 14 year old German

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 5:09 P.M. -- There's a difference between the immigrants of yesteryear and today's immigrants. The previous immigrants paid their own way; they didn't demand entitlements from the greater society. They were also more willing to assimilate.

Today's immigrants are much more prone to use taxpayer-funded services. Immigrants also bring unproductive members of their extended families back home through "chain migration". And today's immigrants are much less likely to assimilate; that's why we have hyphenated Americanism.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see, but not surprising. Brainwashed kid. Has no idea how the real world is. He is German too, has no clue how much self hatred has been programmed into the German people since 1945.

"European values" means the things that make us great. The European spirit, our brilliance in making civilization. Technology, Science, Exploration, Arts, etc. Taking a wild untmamed wilderness and carving civilization out of it.

Yes, sadly we have chosen to go after each other over the centuries for stupid petty differences. Like religion. For you to say that European values "never existed" shows your (unsurprising) ignorance. Conflict over religious or political or other issues doesnt mean there are no values, conflict occurs in all societies, often over some very trivial things.

AA is right. The Europeans who made this nation were eventually compatible with each other, because they were willing and able to assimilate. Todays colored hordes cannot, they are too alien, and besides, they dont want to be "Americans" they want to stay whatever they are and make as much money as they can here, reap the benefits from deep pockets Uncle Sam.

Young German, are not aware that the USA has only gotten much much worse since integration and the start of mass non-White immigration? I know Germany is in trouble too, Ive seen the "German" national football team.

Kiddo, you need to move to some non-White hellhole country to get some real life education. Hell, move to New York City, its close enough!