Thursday, August 09, 2012

Stormfront Webmaster Don Black Interviewed By West Palm Beach CBS Affiliate About Wade Michael Page

ON August 9th, 2012, WPEC Channel 12, the CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach, interviewed Stormfront webmaster Don Black. Their interest was triggered by the fact that Black, who runs the world's most prominent white racialist website, is a local resident, and they wanted to get his reaction to the scrutiny directed towards the white racialist movement resulting from the revelation that Wade Michael Page was extensively involved in the white power music scene and that Page had posted on Stormfront. Anti-racists were suggesting more of a connection between Black and Page.

Don Black said that he has no connection to Page and he's being singled out unfairly, since Page posted on MySpace much more than on Stormfront. Page apparently posted on Stormfront only seven times over the past four years under a username after his white power band, End Apathy. Black also said that the last time Page posted was in March 2012, and all of his posts were related to his band playing at certain gigs. Black noted that anyone can post on Stormfront as long as they follow the strict guidelines, the first of which is not to advocate or suggest any illegal act of violence. A YouTube video of the interview is embedded below:

YouTube Reaction. Posted at the site. Strong approval, with 44 likes and only 5 dislikes as of this post. Most comments express agreement with Black.

Stormfront Reaction: Posted in this thread. Universally favorable, although one poster, Gravity, published some constructive criticism:

Well, some corrections: small, but important. "Genocided" is not a word. We are not being assimilated. That is the whole point: the mass of third world immigrants here and coming here will not assimilate, in part because they can't, and, in part because, in our brave new diverse multicultural society, they are told they do not have to, and shouldn't. What is happening is that we are being displaced.

I think Don weakens his point by using the idea of genocide. The general public won't buy it. Pol Pot did genocide. What is going on here is far more subtle.

Try selling the idea, for example, that California is the United States' Kosovo, a soon to be former province ceded by demographic change to an adjacent country.

Or: Detroit, you can run but you can't hide.

There is nothing that says WN cannot be witty.

However, Alphaman7100 posts an explanation on YouTube as to why "genocide" is a valid word:

Mass immigration and FORCED assimilation in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries is GENOCIDE

UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2 1948

...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such

c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White


Anonymous said...

Thank you Alphaman7100.

No need to mince words nowadays, what is happening to us is indeed genocide. Even according to the jew world order UNs Rules.

Though of course, many Whites dont see it as genocide, because all these wonderful changes are just happening naturally, no sinister plan behind it. Evil comes in different forms. A police state doesnt have to be simply declared one day. It can be gradually phased in over a long period of time, right under peoples noses.

For a case of much more obvious genocide we can look to South Africa. The group Genocide Watch has said (what WNs already know of course) That SA is in the early stages of White Genocide. Not much attention in the Western media, of course. It could never happen here in the good ol USA though, right.....?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Black give every appearance of "squirming".

His reply should have been, "had Mr. Page posted comments on the NY Times, would that have received any attention? Stormfront is essentially a news, views and comment blog.

Anonymous said...

GENOCIDE is what is happening - whether its "gentle" or otherwise - it amounts to the same. At this time, we shouldn't care about the vast majority of White lemmings out there - we need to direct our WN message - to that small but growing percentage of White men and women who ARE "ready" and hungery for the TRUTH spoken intelligently! IF we were able to reach, educate, and ORGANIZE just ONE TENTH of ONE PERCENT of that angry White population - our numbers would be fantastic - IF of course they weren't freaks, losers, and dysfunctionals. We use STRONG but INTELLIGENT words to reach those people. Positive LOVE for our own, not negative "HATE" slurs against "others" - that will bring in the NORMAL folks we so desperately need to build our ranks. If you act like a loony, you'll only attract other loonies, its that simple. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky is right.

Anonymous said...

I like most of your message Mr. Suhayda and I checked out your site as well as I am looking to become more involved in the movement. One thing though that does concern me is your use of communistic like slogans. Is your group NS or Communist?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 11:56PM: I'm sure Rocky will be back to answer your question. If not, here's my best answer. The ANP is NOT Communist; it is clearly National Socialist.

National Socialism takes the best that communism and capitalism have to offer, and integrates it into a seamless system which effectively balances the interests of capital and labor by preventing either one from getting too far out in front of the other.

Unlike Communism, which is international socialism, national socialism respects national, racial, and ethnic boundaries. This is much more realistic because we've seen that forced diversity and multiculturalism do NOT work; they atomize society. People naturally gravitate towards their own kind; national socialism accepts and encourages this.

Hopefully that will answer your question somewhat.

Anonymous said...

A.A., I respectfully disagree with you. May I further ask if you are affiliated with the ANP and thus your reply at 2:29AM?

The ANP fails has not articulated many of the core principals of real National Socialism and when pressed to do so, they begin their childish rants, name calling, personal attacks, etc.

I will agree that the ANP are not Communists, but based on what they have advocated so far, they are Social Democarats at best and hard core Trade Unionists which lean left.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:16 A.M. -- I have no official connection with the ANP; I am neither a member nor an official supporter. However, if I decided to join an organization, the ANP would be on my short list of organizations to be considered.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess I have to go through all this again. 7:16AM, You seem to base YOUR views of NS, on Time-Life or enemy propaganda, where Hitler and the National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party - was the sock-puppet of big business and capitalism. I am going to give you a easy, short answer - go to our website, in the "merchandise" section - and purchase and READ the booklet written by Dr. Goebbles called the "NAZI-SOZI". It will answer ALL your "questions" regarding this topic, in a easy to read Q&A style. Since Dr. Goebbles was Hitlers MOST LOYAL, DEDICATED disciple, he was obviously aiming this educational sermon to YOU. If you can't bother to do this simple thing, then I don't have time to bother with YOU. Read it, e-mail me, and I'll discuss it with you. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

A.A., would the ANP's gay tolerance position be a reason for their being on the shortlist?,or their left leaning soft racial positions?

The ANP articulates no true National Socialist positions. I ask this questions because you have run a headline Re "Trojan Horse, when in fact that fool had not taken the time to learn his ancestery, like every true Aryan should, at least to 1750. Today in White Nationalism, there is a debate brwing, as to what should be acceptable, i.e. queers, et al, the ANP and Greg Johnson take this approach and Johnson gos so far as to defacto conceed the so called Jew Holocaust, a farse. While others say it is ok to have non white wives, these race mixers are allowed to post on so called "White Nationalist" sites.

The ANP, Greg Johnson and others are indeed Trojan Horses, they have taken soft, if not accepting positions on homosexuality, the ANP has a very disturbing position as to Race and a very Jew-Friendly position and speaks more like Leftist-Trade Unionists than National Socialists. Just because they use the swastika and use GLR photo does NOT make them real National Socialists. By the way, you have never conceeded that their accounts as to the Red Neck Shop, the spin you allowed them to spin on this site was ultimately proven false.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:16 A.M: The ANP does not have a tolerant position on homosexuality, they just have a practical position. They choose not to waste time on those gays who keep it private and don't engage in pro-gay activism. This allows them to target those who engage in pro-gay activism more fully.

In contrast, Greg Johnson is clearly tolerant of homosexuality.

The ANP seems to draw more inspiration from the Strasserite wing of national socialism than other NS organizations. National socialism is intended to be BOTH nationalist AND socialist -- a hybrid of the two.

Anonymous said...

See, 7:16 makes some valid points.
Rocky responds with a personal attack, then tells him to "buy a booklet" from the ANP, and then they can talk! Buy some merch? Wow, how Judeo-capitalist!

ANP has the "name" and the "symbols" but wont answer the tough questions regarding NS ideology.