Friday, August 24, 2012

National Alliance White Solidarity Rally On Behalf Of Pat Mahaney In North College Hill Attracts Five White Patriots, 100 Counter-Protesters

Update September 3rd: Robert Ransdell published his own detailed after-action report about this rally on No false bravado; he offers a frank assessment of what went wrong and what went right. Despite the fact that only five White activists showed up, Ransdell notes that there were at least 14 other Whites in the crowd who appeared open-minded and even sympathetic at times, so he doesn't consider the rally a failure.

Screenshot of 5 Alliance members; other photos HERE
A white solidarity rally led by members of the Cincinnati Unit of the National Alliance concluded on August 24th, 2012 without incident. Five National Alliance members were offset by 100 counter-protesters; one counter-protester was arrested for disorderly conduct. Initial media stories published by the Cincinnati Enquirer and WLWT Channel 5 and WKRC Channel 12 and WXIX Channel 19, which showed impartiality by referring to the National Alliance as a "pro-Caucasian group".

-- WWLT has a separate gallery of 20 photos available HERE.

-- WXIX has a separate gallery of 14 photos available HERE.

-- The Cincinnati Enquirer has a separate gallery of 5 photos available HERE.

The National Alliance group was protesting the August 11th mob assault upon Pat Mahaney by six black teenage thugs, and in particular, the refusal by authorities to consider the possibility that it was a hate crime. The six thugs, five of who are identified by name in this previous post, are said to have committed the assault because they were bored.

Meanwhile, judicial proceedings against the six black thugs resumed on Friday. Prosecutor Dotty Smith is asking that all six defendants be taken off house arrest and put in jail. She also wants them to be tried under Ohio's Serious Youthful Offender Statute. In response, an attorney for one of the juveniles filed a motion to exclude media members and cameras from the courtroom because the Cincinnati Enquirer published the names of some of the juveniles earlier this week. The attorney claims those names being released caused the National Alliance to distribute racist flyers throughout North College Hill. Hamilton County Juvenile Court Magistrate David Kelley agreed to lock up two of the teens, Dacquan Cain and Lamont Champion, setting bond at $20,000 each. The teens’ cases are also being presented to a grand jury for indictment – a process normally reserved for adults. The grand jury’s action is expected to be released September 4th.

Perhaps one of the reason for the low turnout by National Alliance members despite ample and timely advance publicity is because the local community has already reacted strongly against the attack. Although police reject the hate crime notion, Police Chief Gary Foust still asserted that residents of North College Hill did not accept this crime as acceptable behavior, and explained that they had charged the six thugs with the highest tier felony possible within the scope of the law with aggravated rioting and felonious assault. Ohio does have an ethnic intimidation law. It has also been reported that public officials are attempting to evict the family of one of the suspects from public housing. So the community is rallying around Pat Mahaney enough that the National Alliance rally didn't generate as much demand as it otherwise would.

Nevertheless, the rally was useful because it showed the National Alliance activists to be no different than ordinary people. There were no uniforms or swastikas which could be used as wedge issues.


Anonymous said...

I have wondered for a long time how to organize every day fed up citizens to protest the senseless actions of blacks and stand up to the violence and belligerence that seems to define many members of the black race. Wanting to protest the way black youth are displaying violent behaviors does not make a white person a racist or a white supremist. Every time a black person is tased or shot by police - lawsuits and candlelight vigils and on and on, the black community rallies to show support. Where is the white community when their indignation is lit up? Too busy? Bored by it all? Can't be bothered? Media is too blame for publishing that white supremist's would be in N. College Hill today - 5 white protestors against black youth criminals were met with over 100 mostly black "anti"protestors. Guess who got loud and belligerent and arrested? Not the white people.
As much as whites are sick to death of the BS of the Al and Jesse lot, at least they have had their loud mouth annoying spokespeople to bring media attention and call for Justice. Where the heck is the organized support for the white victims? Quite being so above it all and just talking about your anger - do something to protest bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Why do we insist on callinng a "demonstration", or a "picket", a "RALLY"? It really isn't you know.

Anonymous said...

Nice job from the Alliance, sad so few showed up, but at least they are out there! Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

These 5 NA did more than the 12 ANPers do. The recent post by Mr. Davenport of the ANP on this blog afirmed that the ANP is tollerant of homosexuality and jews. Beware the False Front ANP. On the Sense & Sensibility Blog, Dan S. has now taken a similar position.

Question: How many ANPers are homosexuals and Jews?

Anonymous said...

The majority of White people are just plain out if it. They have no sense of White identity or the inclination to think racially or organize as a group.

A lot of this is certainly from decades of social programming and endless propaganda. The idea of White culture, White pride, advocating for the White race is out of their realm of thinking. Yes, there is the social pressure that practically criminalizes the idea of being pro-White, if not in legal terms than certainly in terms of what is socially acceptable. No one wants to be "racist."

Also a lot of Whites, especially middle class types, have simply been shielded from certain realities in their own lives. WN seems as unnecessary as it does distasteful. They have worked hard, made some money and are doing relatively well. Cant everybody? Very individualist thinking. An issue like Black on White crime isnt about responding in racial terms. You just need more cops,and conservative no nonsense judges, be "tougher on crime." Maybe their views will change after experiencing certain things. Maybe they wont.

Politics have become very racial, Its hard to admit this for many, but its not that hard to see. Denial and self deception can be very powerful things that cloud monds and vision.
To not see the racial angles in this upcoming election, even moreso than in 2008, you really have to be playing mental games.

Luckily though, the GOP are glad to oblige the game players, and help them maintain their race-blind vision.
The republicans are the White party, and many Whites of varying levels of racialist feelings are pinning their hopes on Romney. Many would never voice these racial feelings, but they cant deny them.
However, you will not hear Romney utter ONE WORD about helping White people. Despite being the "White Party" the Republicans will never address Whites as a group.
Many know this and are voting for Romney by default. The ones who dont care (yet) about "White things" are probably voting for him becasue they think he will lower their taxes. Naturally.

Ian O'Shea said...

So these 5 people behind cattlecades and protected by zogs servants did more good then even lets say even ten people putting out 100 pieces of literature of a month? Thats a 1000 average white folk reached without the jew medias censorship or bias. While I applaud their effort, what did they really accomplish? As far as the queer issue goes read the blog for yourselves, yet another baseless accusation by a group of satanists, animal abusers, and child abusers led by an admitted race traitor. What about any of that says "noble"? Keep kicking that horse tho, I know its all you have. 88

Anonymous said...

Ah, at 8:10 we have the FBI doing its job again. Spreading lies about America's only sincere WN/NS group. The ANP has never said they were "tolerant" of jews and fags - obviously.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Has the membership of the NA changed since I left! Why couldn't they have dressed better, like the man in the suit? Shaved heads and tattoo's - they fit right in, with the "white power" - "hate group" headlines about of WN's. Dr. Pierce would have crapped his pants. W.W.

Anonymous said...

Those guys look terrible.

Chaplain Bill said...

Right now most of the people with beliefs similar to ours are afraid to be part of a WN group, many of them are Tea Bagggers. Right after Obama was elected alot of WN groups saw a major surge in membership, when I was a Kleagle in Thom Robb's klan they were getting like 50o n ew members a month. Once Obama took office and the tea party movement started many of those people moved over there. I think it's where most like us who have never been in a WN group are ending up.

Anonymous said...

"Although police reject the hate crime notion"

What blatant HYPOCRISY!

Had the races of the victim and perpetrators been reversed, those ADL-indoctrinated PIGS would've charged the White youths with Jewish-created "hate" crimes no doubt!

I'm so sick and tired of this disgusting double standard!

And Jews wonder why they're so despised!


Anonymous said...

I, too, applaud the five.

But they get no high-five for the presentation. Who feels like running out there and joining them when they look like stereotypes as portrayed by jew-owned media?

Clothes are important. Demeanor is important. They are important, that is, if you want to attract parents, employed people, professionals -- self-respecting WHITE people.

James Laffrey,
Equal Party USA

Anonymous said...

The so-called "tea party" was started and funded by JEWS, as a pressure valve, for kosher conservatives. Hell, ADELMAN is THE top funder for the REPUBLICAN party. The Republirats are MORE kosher ass-kissing today, that the Democruds! To argue that one is better or worse than the other is insanity. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

The movement should stop having these pathetic, poorly attended events, until they can #1 have impressive numbers on hand, and #2 people attending look impressive, well dressed and intelligent. A handful of sloppy people, without even some professional looking signs shows how little effort they put into their presentation. We should at least make an effort to contrast with those opposing us. If those NA'ers had spent their time distributing extensive literature, they might wind up with greater numbers. As Chairman Suhayda contantly tells us in the ANP, too many groups put the cart before the horse. Recruit and organize first, then make a significant public appearance that will impress the masses. One guy dressed in a jockstrap, and painted red/white/black all over, with a big Swastika on his belly will gain 'publicity', but is it the kind you really want? Kelly 88!

Anonymous said...

The SPLC has a report out now, stating that the NA has only around 70-75 members at present. Thats probaly way they only had five people at their rally. Sad really, the ANP had almost fifty associates at their July Conference, which I am sure wasn't every member they have. Probably less than half of the ANP membership attended, which is the usual for WN organizations. So, it looks like the ANP has grown to the point where they are getting to be not only America's Nazi Party, but close to the top amongst all the various WN groups out there. What impresses me, is that they accomplished this growth, not by doing what others have been doing, street-walks, caged-rallies, etc. but by utilizing other means, outside the box. These methods have clearly worked. Also, their standards of quality-control, have kept the ANP from being spotlighted in the jewish controlled media as the 'usual suspects' for criminal and other stupid activities. As a former NA member, I'm seriously considering committing to the ANP. To be honest, while being a confirmed National Socialist, I just don't like that 'nazi' label in their name, but perhaps they'll eventually wean that off into National Socialist something or other. What counts is the substance in the ANP, which I see far beyond any other attempt out there. Its too bad that Eric Gliebe took over the NA after Dr. Pierces death, he totally destroyed a wonderful organization. Him constantly squaring off with his stripper wife, until it bled into the organization itself, decided me into finally giving up hope and leaving. Chairman Suhayda has been around a long time, and I have yet to see any negative, factual problems associated with his name or leadership. Quite the contrary really. Eric took a million dollar effort and ran it into the ground. Chairman Suhayda has apparently on the other hand, built a successful operation, with little real funding, and no constant media exposure. Thats impressive. I'm truly sorry to see whats happened to the NA, but the struggle goes on, it must. I and too many others have put too much into this over our lifetimes, to give it up now. Alvin Jeffords

Anonymous said...

It was kind of dumb of them to hold this event on a work day anyways. The organizer must be well meaning, but very inexperienced. Where in hell was the NA leadership in helping him do it right? Eric Gliebe was probably too busy to make the trip? After all, he lives in Ohio too. Probably hanging out at his favorite strip joint, looking for the next Mrs. Gliebe, on NA funds. God, old Pierce was a piss poor judge of character to make Gliebe his heir, or maybe he didn't care since he was passing on?

Anonymous said...

The ANP has never had 50 people at anything and I highly doubt there are 50 ANP members in the entire country. Rocky takes a lot of photos when he is able to raise just a dozen people for a national rally. That is a major accomplishment for someone who is known for being all talk.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, please photograph your people, nice and clear, so that we can make files on all of them! All the other dumbasses do it, why don't you? Thax, the ADL, SPLC, ARA, FBI, ZOG/INC

Anonymous said...

Rocky and the ANP are smart, not allowing their members to be photographed. I've noticed that everytime one of these stumblebums gets busted, the system immediately is able to pull a picture or two, out of their ass, identifying the individual. Either these people are pretty dumb, or their not serious about the seriousness of what their involved in. Why don't all you posers for pictures, simply send in a complete dossier on yourselves, and have it over with? Same with all you scrapbook freaks, zog busts YOU and they go through your stuff and find a well documented photo-spread of everyone you ever took a picture of, and no doubt where as well. Think about it...

Anonymous said...

Yes, we'll done Mr. Suhayda and the ANP for eclipsing the size and presence of the NA. I thought the NA was ok at first but they never really had a "goal" except for making money.
The ANP recently held a very successful rally and they are obviously very goal oriented with their push into real politics.

Anonymous said...

For all you critics of Rocky and the ANP, at least he created and leads a high quality, respectable organization. What do any of you claim comparable? I thought so.