Sunday, August 19, 2012

National Alliance Distributes Flyers Decrying Attack On Pat Mahaney By Six Black Thugs, Proposes White Solidarity Rally In North College Hill

Update August 24th: Five National Alliance members showed up at white solidarity rally described in this post.

Pat Mahaney, victim of diversity
On August 17th, 2012, WLWT Channel 5 aired a very sketchy and slanted report about the distribution of flyers in North College Hill by the Cincinnati Unit of the National Alliance which decried the attack on a white man, Pat Mahaney, by a group of six black teenage thugs. However, the report focused mostly upon a couple of people who were supposedly "aghast" at the flyers.

Fortunately, Robert Ransdell, the Cincinnati Unit Coordinator, provides much more information on Natallnews. Ransdell not only reports receiving positive responses from White citizens via their unit’s 1-800 contact line, but also disclosed his intent to hold a White solidarity rally at the North College Hill city hall building on Friday August 24th from noon until 2pm. The rally is intended to be a forum for White citizens to be able to express their feelings not only about Black-on-White crime, but also its minimization by police and its censorship by the media.

The Issue: On Saturday August 11th, Pat Mahaney was walking home with a six-pack of beer when he felt something hit him in the back of the head. When he regained consciousness, he was on his neighbor’s front step and the life squad was treating him. Mahaney was taken to Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, where he was treated for four days before being released on Tuesday August 14th. He suffered so many internal injuries that doctors had to insert a tube down his throat to remove all the blood from his stomach. A tube remained in his right nostril Wednesday August 15th and blood continued to seep out of his head. His left eye was heavily blackened.

Six teenagers had ambushed and attacked him, because they were allegedly bored and looking for something to do. All six have since been arrested and face felony charges of aggravated riot and felonious assault. The first five arrestees were: twin brothers Tyree and Terrell Mizzell, Lamont Champion and Daquan Cain, all 13-year-olds; and Michael E. James, 14. The sixth and final suspect was arrested Tuesday August 14th. Police admit it was a heinous crime but are tamping down speculation that it was a hate crime.

However, a number of people commenting to the WLWT story are convinced it was a hate crime:

Bob Moody: True regardless or the messenger the message is true. this incident had to be a hate crime, and you know what that alone makes me mad. so am I going to come across as if I hate, dam right-I am mad as hell. AND to add insult to injury the media and the "community" gloss over that and deny it even happened. Double Standards are not fair and need to be corrected.

chriskm95: If this was a black guy getting beat up by a group of white kids, the NAACP would be here already. How come when a white person gets beat up by black people its considered a random beating, but when a white person beats up a black person it is a hate crime? F'n stupid if you ask me.

pkz59: Sounds like a race crime to me. Black teens beating a white kid. If it was the other way around it would be all over the news but if your a white victim it isn't which is discriminatory to white people. That is also racist.

Cameron Boland: (Goes to the same school as the thugs) Honestly. I dont hang with them. I dont really know if their racist or not.. But ive been made fun of because im white plenty of times. Im not sure if race has anything to do with it but that group of kids aren't even the worst group of kids., I Try to stay quiet at nch because I know how bad it is.. I dont wanna end up like these kids. Somebody in that group ive seen him brake some kids arm in a fight.. So im pretty sure he has a history.


Advanced White Society said...

I for one am glad to see these issues being brought to the attention of the general public by this activism. I know we continue to do literature handouts and get a positive response with them.
Jason Hiecke

Kristen L said...

Teenagers do foolish things period. I don't see this as a Hate Crime. I live in North College hill ,and I have never had a problem. I am Afriacan American & just can't feel comfortable with a hate rally goin on across from the School. I will make sure to pass this along to all the parents I know on top of not voting for the Mayor this term.

Mary said...

I agree with Kristen. I have lived here since 1994 in North Collge Hill and have not had much of a problem. The think that you people from the Advanced white society cant understand is that when you leave from the rally all of us that live here have to pick up the peices that you have left behind. You dont live here and it makes no sense for you to come here and make an issue out of something that has nothing to do with you. I am a white person in north college hill and your views are foolish, empty and without meaning. Antagonizing people here is not going to help it is just going to leave our neighborhood more broken.

Anonymous said...

@kristen l.... Your black and live in NCH, hmmm wonder why you havnt had a problem... Bet if the naacp marched through nch you would feel great, bet you'd even hold a sign and march with them...the double standards have to stop.... And your comment about voting for the mayor is ignorant... No mayor can stop a groups right to peacefully assemble... Its a protected right... More white people need to stand up and be proud of thier race and quit succumbing to the whoa me entitlement and bullying of blacks.... WHITE PRIDE...!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous poster. I am white lived here all my life this neifhborhood has gone down hill. I can't even walk down the street with out people making some kinda of racial comment about me being a white girl. Nch school is prodominately black and I have a 1 yr old who I refuse to send there because I know how bad it was when I graduated in 04. Best believe I will be there Friday standing up for our rights that go unnoticed all the time. I see it all the time in my work place, stores etc... We r the minority now. I feel like us white people get treated how black folks did back in the segregation days it must stop.

Anonymous said...

So whats new? Is he joining the Racial Struggle now? His friends and family? NO? Yawn. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

fighting fire with fire only leaves a bigger blaze.. if everyone really wanted this all to go away, All of the bigotry, prejudice, racism and hat, the ANP would come together with the NAACP to show the rest of the world, peace is the greater answer. but all i see is hate. It wont be long before we kill eachother off. and thats a much bigger shame than fighting for your right. You dont fight for freedom, or rights.. there can never be anything negative that begets anything positive. but our childrens children will have to suffer because no one wants to think like me.. im ashamed of the people on this post, that promote the betterment of one human over another. the HUMAN race, is the only RACE. but we let our eyes, decieve our hearts. i wish everyone on this earth, nothing but peace and love regardless of race color or creed, because im tired of the chaos and hate that makes us shed tears and bleed!! peace to you Pat Mahaney

Anonymous said...

This is simply unexceptable on both sides these boys are wrong and deserve jail time no matter there Color. This is not slave times this country has been a melting pot for centuries my personal opinion form what ever program u want but why near our children hello grow up! I have only live in NCH for a few years and have things I am ashamed of on both sides from the white/black prostitutes to the black and white drug dealers! Its all people who need real jobs because they have to much time on there hands....word of advice to both sides educate your children make sure they know the difference between right and wrong...FYI adding fuel to the race card helps no one hints this is the same conversation that we were having back in the fifties and sixties.

Anonymous said...

"Melting pot" was first used to unite White Europeans in America. Of course, it has since been hijacked as a tool of multi-cultural propaganda. KB...NYC