Wednesday, August 01, 2012

NAACP Does Not Complain About Lack Of Diversity In Atlanta's Public Transport Network; 83 Percent Of MARTA Employees Are Black

On July 31st, 2012, voters in the Atlanta metro area rejected a proposed 10-year, 1 percent sales tax which would have been used to finance a $7.2 billion transportation plan involving 157 projects across the 10 counties in the metro Atlanta area to combat the region's chronic and growing traffic congestion problem. It would have added 29 miles of new track to MARTA, the area's rapid transit authority. Areawide, 65 percent of voters rejected the proposed tax, although a breakdown by county showed results varying from 79 percent No in the outer suburban counties to as low as 52 percent No in the inner urban counties.

The rejection was not a big surprise to local observers. In recent weeks, independent pollsters predicted an overwhelming loss, fueled by citizens' distrust of government and the metro area's splintered transportation desires. Debbie Dooley, a tea party leader who organized the opposition early in the campaign, said "Let this send a message. We the people, you have to earn our trust before asking for more money." On the other side, Ashley Robbins, president of Citizens for Progressive Transit, characterized the defeat as "heartbreaking", and predicted a loss of valuable young workers to the region's economy.

But what none of the local media outlets mentioned is the possibility that race may have entered the decision. There have been some highly publicized assaults aboard MARTA trains, the most notorious in April 2011 when roughly two dozen teens, chanting the name of a well-known Atlanta gang, boarded a MARTA train, overwhelming nervous passengers and assaulting two Delta flight attendants. A couple of other incidents are briefly described HERE. While MARTA is officially known as Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, it has been colloquially nicknamed "Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta". American Renaissance offers a further explanation:

Now, currently MARTA serves only DeKalb and Fulton County. (DeKalb is roughly 55 percent black and 35 percent white; Fulton is roughly 49 percent white and 47 percent black.) But...MARTA is currently plagued by a gross lack of diversity, with 83 percent of the 4,527 employees being black.

Of 50 employed dispatchers, only one is not black; 96 percent of the 1,227 operators are black; 100 percent of the recruiters are black; 85 percent of the 42 MARTA representatives are black; 94 percent of 295 people employed in services are black; 95 percent of the station agents are black; 84 percent of the superintendents are black; 88 percent of the 171 supervisors are black; and 82 percent of the transit police are black.

Why isn't this widely known outside the metro Atlanta area? Because the NAACP has not launched a public campaign for MARTA to become more "diverse". Then again, the NAACP has never called for the National Basketball Association to become more "diverse" either, although it was 77 percent black as of 2010. In fact, I know of NO occasion when the NAACP has called for a predominantly black venue to become more "diverse".

In the civil rights industry, anything can be labeled "too white" at anytime, but nothing can ever be labeled "too black". The civil rights racket is nothing more than a spoils system for non-whites. I have no doubt that some of those No votes on July 31st were racial votes.


Anonymous said...

Chairman Rocky Suhayda's latest ANPReport is up! He discusses the ONE BIG REASON that our movement continues to fail. And its not because of the naacp either. Check it out! 14/88

Anonymous said...

Yes, White people not wanting to use Public Transit is quite a common thing today.

Remember years ago when that White baseball player John Rocker (who went on to be a race mixer) got torched in the media and suspended from the league for an interview he gave?
Talked about what a garbage dump NYC is, riding the subway and seeing all the muds, freaks, weirdos etc.

Rocker expressed what a lot of White people think. No Virignia, New York is not the wonderful paradise where dreams come true like its portrayed in movies and on TV!

Funny, i bet a lot of the jews and liberal Whites who were so outraged at this "racist redneck" were taxi riders anyway.

Atlanta looks like its becoming the Detroit of the South. Ive been reading for years about large numbers of blacks leaving the north to go back down south where their great grandparents left during the great negro migration.
It doesnt seem to be as bad as Detroit yet, but give it time.

"valuable young workers" LOL. More niggers to idle around in government jobs.
Whether its city, state or federal, they just cant seem to get off the plantation.

Anonymous said...

10:59, I agree.

The latest ANP report does an excellent job of summing up the sorry state of the "movement" and why it has gotten nowhere for the last couple decades.

We can talk until the cows come home about what the jews, blacks, white traitors etc are doing. Get made about the latest outrage, so it goes.

But getting people who want to ge their hands dirty and do something, take this whole thing seriously, had proved to be a real challenge.

Anonymous said...

I think its the fact of aren't we being taxed enough? Here in Metro-Detroit, they have a campaign to "save the Detroit Institute of Arts" millage increase, otherwise it "MIGHT" close soon. Only thing IS - the DIA has 100 MILLION DOLLARS stuffed away in a bank account! ( for a rainy day lol )Can you believe their gall? Then, locally here in Westland, they have a "save the library" tax increase campaign going...WHERE does OUR tax monies go? This whole country is going down the tubes, and into default soon! Just wait until the COPS and other systemite employee's are given the pink-slip, EVERYONE is going to being looking for an ALTERNATIVE to "save them". It will be a real opportunity for ALTERNATIVE political forces to gain credability and influence. I suggest that the White Resistance, drops it "labels" while campaigning - NOT ITS BELIEFS - and GET ENGAGED! Afterall, its NOT so important that some "symbol" flys from the flagpole at this time, as it is that we make SERIOUS and POSITIVE gains towards achieving some political clout - with the RIGHT people, getting elected into local offices across America. Once we had a "BASE" of POWER and SUPPORT at the grass roots, THEN we could more forward, towards higher things. It COULD be done, IF we put all this effort that goes into the "circus", currently engaged in by the movement, and instead channeled it into REAL, POLITICAL ORGANIZING. INSTEAD of "demonstrations", "rallies", marches", "concerts", "fun-fests", etc et al - get off your butt and get your name on the ballot! Some of these offices are being UN-OPPOSED! You could get elected, simply because voters simply want to vote out the encumbants, and would vote for Bozo! The SPLC "claims" that there are over a THOUSAND WN groups out there. What IF every one of these organizations/individuals strove to engage in ONE political campaign? Or, is THAT "too much to ask"? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah, Rocky, go away you fake. The name and symbols of the ANP does not belong to a fraud like you. You can ramble on and rant about the world all you want but it is obvious that the movement is demanding that you abandoned the proud symbols of America's NS heritage, of which you were never a part of. The ANP is a cartoon image of Rockwell's life's work, drawn by a team of Jewish cartoonists. Sally Hess